Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Good news first: I now have a plan of attack for the Christmas presents. Make my mum’s tetris shapes(I want to fill the piece of plastic canvas) in July and August, design and stitch the design for my friend in September and October, make another friend a set of form-a-line cards in November (depending on when my dad next comes up here and can drop off a piece of foam for me to use to punch the designs), and then stitch the 5 little birds for my aunt’s Christmas present in December.

This (in my head) is completely reasonable, and even more than that, I think I can get it all done by just working on them during the week, so I even have the weekend free to work on my own stuff! So at the moment I’m concentrating on the OUAT sampler, as I would love to get it finished this year!

So while this is wonderful and means I have a plan of attack, which means I will actually (hopefully) get everything done on time this year…*fingers crossed* it does mean that everyone here is going to be getting very similar photos to these two every week:



OUAT10(Btw: Wohoo! I finished May, and hopefully I’ll finish June tomorrow, so I can do some more on the outline next weekend! I’ll worry about July in August)

I don’t really mind posting the same things each week (with maybe from time to time a little knitting when I’ve had enough of the cross stitch!), especially if I actually manage to keep up this much improvement from week to week! So I’m going to try and keep this interesting for everyone by trying to get as much done as possible each week… cue dramatic music! And there will probably be times when I get heartily sick of cross stitch and decide I need to do some knitting (nobody mention the Cthulhu mittens…) so hopefully no-one will get too bored before Christmas…

Hi guys! Sorry this post is a bit late (usually I post on Saturday…) but the internet has been playing up, and only seems to have got better today *fingers crossed it stays good!*

So, recently I looked at what i’m going to make people as Christmas presents this year- cross stitch, cross stitch, cross stitch (which I’m going to be designing) and a set of form-a-line cards, which is basically embroidery. So, I’m clearly going to have to get a move on with all this, given that I cross stitch rather slowly!

This week I’ve been working on my mum’s Christmas present – Tetris shaped fridge magnets :) I’ve actually gotten on surprisingly well with these, mostly because I’ve been too ill to work on my maths, so my rate of Tetris shapes is definitely about to drop off significantly! I’m doing 8×8 blocks of colour, with 2 rows of black all the way around. I’m not following original colours, but just using bright ones :)


After this much work on plastic canvas, by Saturday I really needed a break! And the OUAT SAL was crying at being ignored for so long- hopefully today I’ll finish May’s block, and get quite a way into June’s!


Also, as promised, I have taken a photo of the crazy blanket:



Because of how this is being knitted, by the time I’ve finished with the red, I’ll be about a third of the way through it! Please excuse the mess of the bed- at night it gets wrapped up in the duvet so I don’t mess it up (too much!)


Talking about knitting…my dad’s Cthulhu mittens *sigh* I started them (again) , only recently found out that I was using 2.5mm rather than 3mm, and unfortunately, it’s obvious. So they’ve been relegated to the moody pile, while I get over this. It’s really rather annoying!

I’m floored, really! When I (re)started this blog, I didn’t really expect to stick with it. And here I am now, just over 2 years later, getting nominated for an award!


So, first off, a very big thank you to fallfromgrace who nominated me, but also for dragging me out of my lurker shell and got me to actually start commenting on other peoples blogs!


Here’s the rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know that they are nominated.

5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger that nominated you.


So, 7 things about me…

1. I’m both a mathematician and a crafter. These two sides of me hate each other, and I find it near impossible to just ‘go with the flow’ because my mathematical side wants everything laid out before I start. It’s really annoying, but I wouldn’t get rid of either part for the world.

2. I have a really bad track record of finishing Christmas presents after Christmas… I think this stems from the fact we rarely do Christmas on Christmas any more, but I still need to sort it out, especially now it’s spread to birthday presents!

3. According to my maths mind, 3 is blue

4. And red is 4

5. One of my friends has written a book about a prostitute, which people keep comparing to me. I think it’s a brilliant book (The Red Mage), and I am planning on making some things inspired by it

6. I still sleep with a teddy bear (well, it’s more of a dog). Otherwise, I just feel that the double bed I’m in is too big

7. You know how 3+4=7. Well, since 3 is blue, and 4 is red, it makes sense for 7(my favorite number) is purple (my favorite colour!)

Phew, that was hard work!

Second part: nominate 15 other blogs…this might be beyond me, but I’ll give it a try (I’m going to stick to 10, I think! Finding the last 5 would take forever, and I want to get on with my cross stitch!)

1. I’m renominating fallfromgrace! This isn’t just a get out clause for me, I think it’s a brilliant blog (although I do very much doubt she’ll do another post!), and want to convince her that’s it’s totally deserved. (But yeah, I am being a bit cheeky!)

2. Hugs are fun. I just love everything about this blog, especially the wide range of crafts attempted- from crochet through EPP into cross stitch and embroidary

3.Wild Olive. Everything is so much cuter when it has a face, and everything at the Wild Olive gets a face. This is the site I got the inspiration for decorating some of my floss bobbins

4. Susan Anderson. This is one for the knitters, a blogger who seems to churn out new socks (singly, and in pairs) by the bucketload! As well as getting lots of yarny goodies to give away.

5. Carina’s craftblog. I know, she says on her blog that she generally doesn’t accept these, but still, it’s an amazing blog. She sells embroidery designs, as well as making her own mixed media hoop decorations. So brilliant! Whenever I see her blog, I really wish I didn’t need to sleep!

6. Attic24. Although predominantly a crochet blog, this blogger also has stunning photographs of the view out her window and other outdoorsy things, like their walks and flowers. So much colour, as well!

7. that bald guy knits. Another sock knitting blog, this guy creates his own patterns (there was recently one in knitty, which is how I found him) and is currently posting several really useful guides to modifying a chart so the sock fits you better. So very brilliant!

8. tryllacraft. A blogger who also manages several crafts, varying from knitting to (again) EPP. Some day I have got to try it, after seeing all the lovely things made with it!

For my last two, I’m also copying fallfromgrace again, and nominating

9. prettylittlethingsinabox. Never one to say no to a challenge, she recently finished a ‘shadow work’ centerpiece which looks like shed been doing this craft for years!

and finally

10. crosstichery.  A cross stitching blog, with some lovely designs. Also posts about other things, most recently about slowing down and enjoying the journey of making something, rather than wanting to reach the destination of a finished item so quickly.

Phew, that was hard work!

Ok, so the other part of that is easy enough to do, and the final one (to display the logo) is going to take some jiggery-pokery, so we’ll have to see how that goes! I’ll certainly do my best!

So, all that is left is to thank fallfromgrace again (really, I’m very honoured :) ) and sign off so I can try and figure out the logo thing!




Well, it wouldn’t have been anyway, given all the networking that got done, but it’s still nice to think that I’ve gotten some crafting done, at least!

My train socks, of course, got some loving. I’ve finished the first heel now :)


There was also some time I had to myself in the morning, before the conference started. So naturally, I put that time to good use on a slightly more complicated project, this cardigan. I started the right sleeve, mostly because sleeves are more transportable, and also because my long cable is currently in use with my insane blanket (still no photo of that- I will get one for next week, promise!)

cardiganThis pattern is really nice (albeit I did find a couple of issues, but they’ve been sorted now) and I’m really looking forward to finishing this! I have, however, decided that I really need to get onto my dads mittens… I know they aren’t really needed till Autumn, but I’d quite like them to y’know, be done by then! So I’ve decided that I need to finish one mitten before I finish this sleeve… wish me luck here, I think I’m going to need it!

And of course, it’s about the right time to start thinking about Christmas projects! I have most sorted, but I need to find several small bird charts for my aunt (she’s getting a set of coasters). So if anyone knows where I can get them free/cheap, that would be great :)

Two FOs from last week!

Well, I clearly have been busy this last week (the internet was out so it was really difficult to do my work :( )

First off, I (nearly) finished the cross stitch Stained Glass, or at least p.1!

page1finishThere are still a couple of stitches in the bottom left corner which I haven’t done, this is because I don’t want to miscount (no grid lines? I too like to live dangerously!), so I’ll do them when we get to the page underneath.


I also finished the pile of shawl from the last post, and here it is in all it’s blacking glory

GlitzyThe sparkly bits are beads (and yes, there were a lot of them!) The knitting pattern for it is here. It’s a very lovely knit, the main shawl body is easy enough to remember while you get your head around the beads, and the edging is just gorgeous (there are better pics through the link!)

So, that’s what’s been finished. Immediately after finishing the shawl, I cast on for a blanket. But rather than be sensible, and working from the bottom up, or whatever, I decided to be different, and cast on 285 stitches, to make one giant mitred square… yeah,this is so far beyond the line between bravery and stupidity that it’s just a very faint shadow on the horizon, as not only am I dealing with a frankly ridiculous number of stitches, I’m doing colourwork. Yeah. So I have 5 balls of coloured yarn, each with both ends attached to a different section of the blanket, and then 11 little balls of black yarn between them. The only good thing about this blanket (other than the fact it’s going to be totally epic when it’s finished) is that it’s basically being knit in chunky (well, DK held double) yarn on 6mm needles, so each row (which takes about half an hour, at the moment!), actually gives noticeable progress! No pic yet, unfortunately, I haven’t dug it out from under the blanket it sleeps under- I daren’t move it off the bed!- and it’s a little bit scary, even for me! I’ll try to remember to take a photo of it when I bring it out to work on it one day, but it might not be this work- I’m off to Warwick for a conference, which should be really good fun, but I won’t get back until late on Thursday!

So, I know, I completely didn’t post last week. I tried to, but the internet here refused to let me upload pictures, so I left it, and completely forgot to try again later. Oops! So I scrapped that post, and then wrote this one. Let’s see if pictures work now!

So, remember the last time we met, I kinda gave up on the idea of knitting both the mittens for my dad (he loves the idea, which is great :) )? Well, it turns out that that was a good idea, as even the larger size was too small! So I now have to knit another pair of mittens, this time with some more stitches and rows of ribbing. Which is great and everything, as it’ll mean he has a pair of handknit mittens which he’ll actually wear! But I’ve massively had enough of that patten and yarn right now! So what I’m thinking is to give myself a bit of a break, work on what I want to, and then maybe in the beginning of July start the pair properly. And hopefully by them figure out what to do for everyone for Christmas!

I also haven’t done anything else for the OUAT SAL, which is really annoying, as soon I’ll be three designs down, having done just a small part of May’s chart! However, this isn’t because I’ve lost interest, but rather I started another SAL, and have been enjoying that. Here is my progress so far on Stained Glass:


I’m stitching it up on 20-count aida, since I have decided that I don’t particularly like even-weave. When it’s done, I’m thinking of spending the following year colouring it in brightly, using blending filament to add some sparkle :)

I have managed to finish my other housemates card, as well. This was giving me kittens, for some bizarre reason, as she isn’t leaving till the end of July! But I am now glad that it’s done, even though it was lovely to stitch.


My aunts birthday is the last one I’m making anything for, and so I decided to carry on the elephant scheme! This is Suzie, the elephant-kangaroo hybrid, and Nelly(well, one of them had to be Nelly!) her finger puppet daughter! I think that they are utterly cute and adorable, even though Suzie’s legs were really awkward to stitch- my advice? Just go for it!


I have also been doing some knitting- I finished another pair of socks! Yay! I now have 8 pairs with (you guessed it!) another one on the needles! I did these two at a time, as I wanted them to completely match! Pretty successful plan, even if I do say so myself!Liasocks3

Naturally, I’ve already started another pair, which are probably going to be exclusively knitted on trains- I’m going to be travelling around a bit in the next few weeks, and I’ve been to Manchester yesterday for a conference. Very interesting.

I’ve also started (ad nearly finished) a shawl- Glitz at the Ritz. I’m doing it in a nice purple colour, with silver beads. It’s gotten so big that there isn’t any point me showing you a picture- all it look like is a puddle of knitting! I can’t wait to finish this and see what it looks like properly!

Well, that’s all from me that I can think of (yay for pictures working again!)

So, I managed to finish all the back stitching for my housemates-leaving card:

Digital StillCamera

Yay! She’s leaving today, so I must now remember to give it to her! I hope she likes it *fingers crossed*

I also was sorta on track for the mittens for my dad, but then I finished the first one, and it still seems rather small for my dad- it just fits my length of hands, and I will be very surprised if our hands are the same size. So, I’m going to give him the first one, and if it fits, I can easily whip out the next one this coming week and give it to him before I come back to York! Otherwise, I’ll have to get my big guns out and knit two new mittens in a week…(it’s packed, but there isn’t exactly a lot for you to see, anyway!)


And then last night, I suddenly realised that I had a half-finished pair of handwarmers to go with my mum’s cowl as a birthday present (not for over a month yet, but if they’re finished now they don’t need to go through the postal system!) so I pulled them out to finish. The plan was to just finish the thumb on one of the handwarmers, and then just start the ribbing so I have something easy but not mind-numbingly boring as socks to take on the train ride tomorrow… and then a few hours later I figured I might as well darn all the ends in! Oops…

Digital StillCameraI probably won’t get a chance to write a new post next Saturday, as I’m going back to Salisbury for my dad’s and my birthdays, so normal transmission should resume the week after :)


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