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Going on Hiatus

I fully intend on coming back to this, but I need some breathing room and seeing everyone make awesome stuff is somehow messing with my headspace. So, I’ll pop by to see everyone’s work from time to time, but it’s going to be a while before I come back properly. Also, I might just read peoples posts and not reply, but I’ll be lurking around the place

Blanket progress

Christmas presents? What Christmas presents?

I’ve been doing loads on my blanket, although when you look at how much more I need to go, it’s nowhere near done!

blanket4I really like the size of the blanket under my knitting, so I’m trying to replicate it! Here’s a close up of all the hexagons I’ve done so far

blanket5All of these hexagons but 1 have come from sock yarn scraps. Recognise any?

But, uh, Christmas presents… kinda fell by the wayside. The blanket is just so much easier to pick up and work on…*sigh* So as of today it’s getting hidden, and I’ll be doing nothing but Christmas presents until I catch up…

Organisation: meal planning

A while ago (or so I thought, I can’t find it now!) I wrote a blog post where I was discussing what I wanted to get out of a meal planner. As like many things, it ground to a halt and I forgot all about it until I moved house, earlier this year.

My mum came up to help me move, and bought me some tiny pegs (from Paperchase), and, well, I couldn’t just leave them in their bag now, could I?

So out they came, and I wrote the days of the week on them, and stuck them to magnets so they’d stick on the fridge (this was also so I’d remember to take dinner out the freezer when I got breakfast…)


After I’ve cooked the dinner, the slip of paper gets thrown away, and I move the peg over to the other side. Then, on Monday (usually) I figure out next week’s meals, and sort out what I need to buy etc. The whiteboard in the middle is used to keep a track of what meals I have in the fridge/freezer (it’s a bit out of date now though :/)

IMGP0389(Yes, this photo was taken a few days ago!) I’m still thinking about the scraps of paper with the meals on. I’m kinda thinking of maybe writing several of each meal down and laminating them or something, and then keeping all the meals I have in the freezer in one box, and all the rest in the other, so I can even more easily see what I have, but I’m still thinking about that part!

Hat update

So, in between working on my Christmas presents (currently on track, I did everything I was planning on doing in August), I’ve been knitting my hat. It’s a gorgeous wonderful knit which seems to knit itself. Very strange. But hey ho, it’s currently blocking before I pick up stitches to knit the ribbing.

Oxfordhat2I hadn’t ever tried blowing a balloon before, it’s surprisingly hard! Or at least, the tying part is! Hopefully it’ll dry soon so I can finish it!


Cabling without a needle

I’m a rather forgetful person, especially when it comes to small things that don’t immediately spring to mind. So, it was hardly surprising when I forgot to take a cabling needle with me to Knitsoc once, when I was working on my (heavily cabled) cardigan. And no-one else had one either. Solution? Learn to cable without a cabling needle. Now, this was a good project to learn with, because the yarn is so sticky. Seriously, I could probably take the needle out of my work, and it won’t budge an inch. (I’m trying not to think about how difficult it’s going to be to frog when I finally admit to myself that it needs doing, but that’s another post).

So, cabling without a needle. It isn’t for every yarn. So far I’ve done it on sticky wool, and llama, which is also quite sticky. If your yarn unravels if you look at it funny, then this technique probably isn’t suitable. Or if you get nervous about dropped stitches. The basic idea is that you drop some of the stitches, in order to rearrange them on the needle to knit in the correct order. So, in this example I managed to take photos of I’m cabling 3 front.

IMGP0375The first three stitches need to go in front of and to the right of the next three stitches. So, my right needle picks up the second lot of three stitches

IMGP0376and then I had to drop the six stitches off the left needle. (This was very annoying trying to photograph!)

IMGP0381It’s awkward trying to see the dropped three stitches, but they are there! Usually I use my right thumb and forefinger to keep them together to make it easier to pick them up, but I needed to use that hard to take the photograph! Now you pick up the dropped stitches

IMGP0382and then put the three unknitted stitches from the right needle back onto the left

IMGP0383Ta-da! Now all you need to do is contine knitting and purling as required for the pattern :)

Woot! Go me! It was great fun (talking maths non-stop for 4 days definitely counts as fun in my books!) but boy was it exhausting! But, I am now home, all the washing has been done, and I’m back into the daily grind again :)

I didn’t have as much time to knit as I wanted, *pout*. However, I did make a start on my hat (I had to do a normal cast on since I hadn’t realised it was supposed to be provisional…ahh well, it just means I need to sew it up, rather than kitchener stitch).

OxfordhatI hadn’t done all of this in Oxford, but I’ve been working on it since I came back too. I should stop, and do some more Christmas presents, but it’s just so much easier to pick up my knitting *sigh*. I’ll be good tomorrow.

I’ve also been working on a card for my friend, who recently moved house. I took a few elements from the SAL I did last year, and added my own lettering.

SamiI really like how it’s come out, but it’s a right pain to stick to the card-apparently, aida and double sided sticky tape don’t really mix. Any tips?

Well, that’s all I’ve been up to. I still need to get two more bits done this month to keep on track for Christmas, so I’d better get a move on!

A much lighter post!

So, after the rather introspective post of yesterday (wow, it feels like longer ago than that!) I thought you could all do with a lighter post from me. So, here are some finished socks! I know, predictable right?

socks4This will probably be my last pair of socks for a while- I want to make a pair out of hand-spun, so I need to get on with spinning that! Also, Christmas presents- so far I have two and most of a third sewn, out of the six for this month, so not too shabby! But I might as well get ahead with them if I can, so probably fewer posts from me for a while

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