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G is for…



Told you I’d get to it this week :)

I’m hoping to keep doing 1 a day during the week, and hopefully more over the weekend.

Crafting withdrawal

So, on Friday night, I realised that I hadn’t done any crafting since last Sunday. Which was because my week had been crazy busy, but that’s still completely unacceptable! Then, I realised how late it was, and went to bed…

Saturday I got up, and really didn’t want to get on with the blanket (yes, I am well aware that it’ll hang over me until it’s done, but still… I’ll get to it this week. Scouts honour), so instead I started some Dorset button brooches I’m making as presents this year.

buttonThe first one wasn’t great, so I undid it and tried again

button1A smidge wonky, but good enough for this :) After that, I figured I’d done enough on presents, and moved onto my scrap blanket.

scrappy1I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve done so far. I’m thinking another two stripes (so the overall thing will be about twice the length) and it will be an excellent lap blanket for when I’m watching TV. One thing I’m now thinking of is the edging. I don’t want an icord edging, but it definitely needs something…hmm…maybe something crocheted? I’ll have a look at what’s on ravelry I guess. Any ideas?


And so far so good…


A is for appleblanket3

B is for bear

blanket4C is for castle

blanket5D is for duck

blanket6E is for (really bad) elephant

blanket7and F is for fish. Now there’s the rest of the alphabet do go…yipee!

Improve: seaming

I really don’t like seaming. To the point where I knitted the body of my cardigan all together, so I didn’t need to seam the sides. Why I didn’t do the sleeves in the round I will never know…

But I also couldn’t knit this blanket all in one piece, there are just too many colours going on. So it had to be seamed. *sigh*. I also couldn’t figure out what colour to use- it would show when darning in, and I didn’t want to drag that much yarn all the way down if I was using the mattress stitch. So I figured I’d try the crochet method, which I love!

blanketSame idea as the mattress stitch, but using a crochet hook, rather than a darning needle. For some reason I find it so much easier, and I think it looks pretty neat too :)

blanket1I still have to finish knitting the last stripe (which I’m massively procrastinating over because it really doesn’t seem to have been designed with knitters in mind- I’m very tempted to knit it plain and duplicate stitch over it, it’s that bad). And then finish darning in the ends, and do all the embroidery. And then block it- and I guess washing it would be a good idea, but I’m not sure that I trust the washing machine, even though it’s acrylic!

But I think most of the letters are obvious- which ones can you guess? Any ones you don’t have a clue about?

The scarf is finished!

And currently blocking :)

IMGP0465(Note to self: get blocking wires)

Whew. This was an Advent MKAL, which I mainly managed to keep up with. I missed a few of the pattern days because I didn’t like the pattern, but I’m loving the overall size. It’s slightly taller than I am, and 10 inches wide, and I *think* I have enough of this yarn left over to make Frost at Midnight. Hmm, we’ll see.

This scarf was originally intended for my aunt, for Christmas this year. However, when my mum and I met her before Christmas, she mention that she doesn’t like mohair, because of how it gets up her nose. Right. New plan: I keep this scarf (woot!), and make her another one, in non-mohair yarn. Until my mum thought that I was really sad about this, and commented that she’d like it. Fine, my mum gets this one, my aunt gets another (I have enough beads), and I either make myself one, or that cardigan. We’ll see, I’ve got lots to do before then!

Either way, this is one present finished this year, so yay about that!

2 knitting projects

The first knitting project is the Dick Bruna blanket I’m making. I’m onto the last stripe, so I decided it was time to start cutting off all the yarn tails, and sewing the stripes together. And since they’re still curing up (I’m blocking them after I sew it all together), I figured that a picture of the scraps would be nice :)


The second project is my scrappy blanket. I think it’s coming along really very well :) This is the second panel, and it’s about half-way done :)

scrappyAnd, as a bonus, I finished the scarf :) However, it’s still awaiting my ministrations to block and darn in ends, so there’ll be a proper finishing post about that at some point, when I get around to sorting that out :)

Improve- time management

(no pictures, so if you’re here for those, see you later! I intend to do a project post this weekend, so not too long to wait :) )

Time management has always been something I’ve struggled with, mostly because I was a clever kid. Not needing to spend ages on homework doesn’t exactly prepare you for having to spend ages on work… Having fun crafting projects around doesn’t exactly make it easy to choose the work.

So this year I’m going to try and spice things up. Work has to come first- I’m graduating this year, after all. But I’m also going to try to be a one-project girl. Well, two sometimes. One main project, and then theĀ  sock yarn blanket if it isn’t portable. Christmas presents before anything else. When they’re all done, I’ll figure out what I want to finish, and have at it.

At the moment, my currently project is this blanket. I’m on the last stripe, and then I need to block it all, sew it together, darn in ends and do the embroidery. When that’s finished, I’ll find my list of Christmas presents, and see what I want to do next.

I’m also hoping to get a handle on how long crafting projects take. So, to that end I’m going to start keeping a record as to how long projects take. I’ll write down the time I start and stop working on something, and while it won’t be perfect, I think I’ll find it interesting. And maybe the fact that that’s going to be rather annoying all the time, it might encourage me to choose maths work over crafting sometimes!

So, my lovely followers, who among you keep track of the time it takes you to finish a project? Any tips about it for me? Any other comments about this? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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