Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Cute blanket piles

So, I was going to write a cute blog post about how my granny squares grow, but then I got rather caught up making them, so I’ve finished that part of the blanket. So have a photo of them all together instead🙂

sami2I think I need a break from crochet before I crochet them all together, but I’m not really sure what else to do…the other Christmas presents with an early deadline are also crochet…note to self: next time organise it so you have a choice of things. Hmm, I’m knitting one of my aunt’s an advent scarf (the aunt who didn’t get the first iteration of the advent scarf because she doesn’t like mohair). I may as well make a start on that, I suppose.

How is everyone else’s Christmas presents coming along?

More blanket work

So, this isn’t exactly the most interesting to posts, given that I’m still just crocheting squares, but I’m more than half way there now! So have a photo of pretty piles of squares!

imgp0556I’m also thinking about all the other presents I need to make, but I’ll work on that some more before finialising the list and letting you all know.🙂

So, first up are the socks that I didn’t get around to photographing the first time🙂 They’re more Hermione every day socks, done toe up because I like it that way, and although I haven’t yet darned the ends in…(I couldn’t at the time because my darning needle was in storage for the summer because I am a muppet…), but they’ve very comfy. One is just a tad too short (that’s what comes of having appreciably different sized feet and forgetting about it at the crucial point!), but I fully expect that they will stretch enough to fit nicely🙂

socksI’ve also now started crocheting the blanket for my friend. I am loving it so very much- when I make things for other people, I try to make a point of thinking of all the things that make me think of them, and going back through old memories is great- there’s this one memory of us sitting in the library at the school we went to together, and then a teacher comes in and starts a conversation about exams, and my friend suddenly apologises for swearing, because she considers exams and essays and homework to be swear words. Still does as a matter of fact🙂 So here is what I have done so far


There’s still a long way to go- each of those piles is 9 squares, and in total I need to make 14 piles, and then crochet them all together, but I’ve got a routine down fairly well now- I make the first one following the pattern instructions for the colours, then I can make the other 8 without looking at the pattern, just looking at the finished square🙂 My bag is slightly too small to comfortably fit 5 balls of yarn in, but they all get in squashed, and when I finish with any colour I throw it back in the mesh bag (the yarn came from wool warehouse🙂 ). The blanket is the Harmony blanket, from attic24, and I just love her stuff🙂 I want to do most of her blankets at some point, they’re all so lovely🙂

Right, I’m off to crochet until a suitable time to get the hoover out…

Christmas Present the First

Hey guys, I’ve finished a Christmas present!!! (About time too, apparently we only have 91 days until Christmas…). Now all I need to do is find a frame for it somewhere… any suggestions? And convince myself that I can give it away…imgp0548Now, onto the crochet blanket I need to make🙂

I am back!

After spending the summer with my aunt (sho doesn’t have unlimited internets, so I was restricted to just using the web for my work), I am now back and busily crafting away. How is it September already?!? Christmas is just around the corner, and I have nothing finished… (excpet my to-do list!). One of my friends is going to Japan at the end of November, and so her present (a crochet attic24 blanket) needs to be done by around about the middle of November, so I can postit to her before she goes. However, I don’t have the yarn for that yet (I ordered it on Tuesday), and so I’ve been getting on with another Christmas present, this one for the aunt I went to stay with. It’s so pretty! Naturally, I want to keep it to myself, but I’m sure my aunt will like it🙂


I have also been crafting over the summer, and have a bit to show you all! There is a finished pair of socks (of course!), and a nearly finished other sock, using the longitudonal pattern. It’s so fun! It produces a completely different pooling effect, which is why I’m using it- I didn’t like how it pooled when knitting normally, but this garter stitch is lovely🙂 I haven’t taken any photos of them yet, so I’ll show them off later.

There has also been some cross stitching- not very much as there was a 5 year old around as well, which meant I didn’t want to get into the technicalities of a pattern and threads etc etc etc, but I have done a few stockings.




Firstly, I have finished (and washed!) my housemate’s blanket. I absolutely love it, and don’t really want to give it away. *sigh* But I’m sure he’ll enjoy it, which is the important thing. And I think I have enough yarn left over to make me a scrappy crochet blanket. I’m thinking hexagon, because apparently my brain really likes hexagons. Ooh, I could do that mathematical half-hexagon thing. Hmm, that would involve quite a lot of sewing up, I think. I will think on that some more…

Tom5But now this has been finished, I really should get back to the alphabet blanket. *sigh*. It’s nearly finished, so it really could be quite a lot worse, but I don’t want to. I really want to start knitting Cockatoo Brae, but the blanket really should get done first…and if I save it, it would be a rather fun (and slightly stupid, given that it’s 4ply yarn) option for NaNo this year.

So at the moment ~I’m being fairly good, and I plan to continue embroidering the last few letters on the Dick Bruna blanket.

blanket12Not too much left to go! I’ll get there eventually…

I was asked a curious question today (don’t worry, crafts will come soon enough, and I promise to not drown this blog in maths stuff!). I was asked whether or not I was still happy that I’d decided to do a PhD, and was I still happy that I’d decided to do it at York. The answer to both of these is unequivocally yes, and while my future is still scary and un-defined (job applications are really awkward!), getting to this point is amazing, and I love it.


Anyway, on to the crafting! Most of the time, I’ve been working on my housemate’s birthday present, and I have 9 squares finished

Tom2and a 10th nearly finished. I have also decided on my next blanket (when all the other presents planned so far are finished!).

One of my friends recently got a job, which is amazing, and so naturally I decided that she deserves the next blanket I make🙂 I sent her attic24s washing line of colour palettes to see what she liked, and then narrowed it down to the Harmony blanket, which I sent her a pic of to confirm that she likes it. She does, and I can’t figure whether she’s oblivious about the fact I’m going to make her one, or whether she realises I’m going to make it, but is playing dumb, so I get to feel amazing about it all😀

Either way, I can’t wait to get on with it😀 However, my shoulder has really started playing up, so I’m trying to limit the amount of time I spent crocheting:/ This is rather difficult to do, since it takes less than a row to upset it on the longer rows. *sigh* I’m going to start yoga again to try and deal with it, but it feels different to the crunchiness which was sorted by yoga last time. Any tips, lovely people???

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