Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

I’ve always felt like I have many labels. Knitter, embroiderer, mathematician, cyclist, harpist, crocheter, spinner, ok fine poly-crafter, reader, author, AAA team, queer, bipolar. Most of my labels give me Purpose, the define Me in a way I can understand (autistic). (I’m also looking at adding designer to that list, but that’s a post for another day…)

There are many things I want to make. One of the sticky notes I have on my laptop has a list of 11 quilts/blankets I want to crochet/knit/machine sew/EPP. I’m not going to do all of them in my lifetime- I can’t, this is just a list to inspire me, and it means I don’t have to choose, I don’t have to have a serious look at it and decide ok, you’re not going to make the cut. It gives me options, it gives me potential.

Another area of my life where there is a LOT of potential, a lot of options is my music tastes. Classical music, easy listening, harp music in particular, Andrew Lloyd Webber, most musicals, Bat Outta Hell, Celtic Woman, Gabrielle Aplin, Gregorian, Nightwish. I forget that I like a singer/a group, and then am reminded of it months down the line. It’s fascinating. I can explore and have that 2ooh, new thing2 without actually leaving my safe space of what I know and like.

And most of the time potential is good. It’s the new green shoots of flowers after a Winter of depression. But. I was reading a blog (as you do), and it mentioned an EPP quilt, so naturally I go off to have a look. And there’s. Too much choice. This designer has 10 designs and a LOT of options to go with her e-book. I can’t decide whether I’m stressing out bc the thought of a new hobby is too much, or bc I want to find a nice easier route into the hobby. Oh nope, apparently it’s definitely the second. Great. Part of the problem (I suspect) is that I don’t have the space for a fabric stash. IF I do do this thing, I need to buy specifically the fabric for ths quilt one at a time, and not have any left over. Which is a ridiculous thing to aim for. Precut fabric in a kit would be amazing. Especially if it’s pre-cut *into the EPP shapes I need* Then I don’t even have the stress of cutting the fabric wrong and not having enough.

I need a new hobby like I need a shot in the foot. *sigh* A quick look on etsy suggests there isn’t enough interest in general cut fabric for EPP to warrent people having the bright idea of making quilt kits with the fabric cut. Phew. Now, nobody fill the hole in the market until I’m ready to start a new hobby… And no-body suggest I look at block of the month clubs…


So, wayyyyyyyy back (before I actually went on medical leave, so early April…) I finished another square on the wedding ABC. And here it is in all it’s finished glory.

(In fact, this is so outdated that I’ve finished B and moved on to D, but let’s ignore that for now…)

Some of you may remember my first/second cardigan (it depends on how you count projects…)

It was getting rather old, and I had replaced the neckband, and then fixed the hem a few times. I evetnually decided it was just about to die of old age, and basically stopped wearing it. So what to do with it to give it another lease of life??? Eventually one of my spinning group recomended I turn it into a cushion, so off I pop to hobbycraft to buy the smallest cushion they have available. It was really a smidge too big…

The bit at the bottom is a sleeve turned sideways to add some extra length, but I really wasn’t a fan. Then I remembered that it’s a cushion, and therefore emminently squishable. Just push it into the cardigan, and it would be fineeeeeeeeee (right?)

So I borrowed my mother’s overlocker (since she was too nervous to sew this thing…), and had at it!

I had to keep the button band! I was going to sew it shut, but forgot to pack the spare yarn to do so. It’s pulling a bit, but nothing (I hope) too bad.

And the back. It’s very squishable, and a lovely cushion. Here’s hoping it lasts quite a bit longer!

So, umm, yeah. Hi?

Ok, so life has been somewhat crazy (surgery, recovery, etc). I’m better now, but so far behind on my to-do list I’m running in circles. Clearly I need a better to-do list, with things such as ‘eat breakfast’ on it. Sigh. NExt week…nah, next week is also going to be insane.(Side note, I really really really miss my bike right now. How do people cope catching the bus everywhere???????????)

Anyway, enough about that. Whilst on recovery, I had a friend come stay with me. And so naturally that meant I had to make her a blanket (She had to ditch the old one I made her due to an extremely bad personal set of circumstances, so a replacement was doubly necessary). She liked the harmony blanket by attic24, but wanted different colours this time, so I sent her colour samples for all of the attic24 blankets, and she went with the coastal ones. Over recovery I made all the squares:

(Note that of course I’m not being sensible and darning in the ends as I go….)

And start joining them up with the yellow

It worked so much better than I was expecting πŸ™‚ Here it is with 4 stripes joined

Unfortunately, it’s also a lot slower than I was expecting, so I had to cart it back to my place after recoery (I went to stay with the parents)

These are the colours I chose for the border

Unfortunately, it’s kinda fallen onto the back burner as I have a few urgent projects on the go which I can’t stop doing for the length of time it’ll take me to finish the blanket 😦

Must dash to the bus, back later with a cross stitch I did over recovery (after I finish-finish it!)

(And some of the swears one utters while dealing with all the backstitching and heart confetti of this rectangle!)

If you’ll excuse me, I’d better get on with the A!

So, most of you will remember a while ago I wrote a blog post about a super secret thing I couldn’t show some people who read this blog…well, it’s now ready for the big reveal. So, everyone settle down while I lead Florian and Jacob through all this πŸ˜€ (Yes Florian and Jacob, this is deliberately set up so you’re reading this after I’ve gone to sleep. )

In the baby room there is a present that looks like this πŸ˜‰ (There aren’t any gift tags bc I have no idea what to write on the damn things most of the time)

…Yes, I want you to open it. For those of you who don’t have such a present in the baby room, this is what they’ll see.

Baby quilt!!!!! It’s (still) brighter in person, but that’s probably bc I’m using my phone camera at 7 in the morning πŸ˜›

The back shows off the quilting gorgeously!!!!

Most of you will remember that I had to send it off to be quilted. The quilter supplied everything else, including the binding, so all I had to do when it came back to me was hand stitch the binding down at the back (Oh, Jacob and Florian, if it starts unravelling let me know and I’ll fix it πŸ˜‰ ). I learnt several things while doing that

-hand sewing isn’t as bad as I keep thinking it is

-using a thimble is really fiddly. Not using a thimble is painful. I think I need more practice at hand sewing…

-hand sewing is so slowwwwwwww. Put something fun on tv and just mooch through it. Don’t time yourself, you’ll just get irritated that it isn’t going faster…

-keeping secrets is haaaaaard! There were so many times I nearly sent them pictures of the WIP to exclaim over how pretty the whole thing is. It’s sooo pretty!!!!!!!

-I now want to make All The Quilts. Send help. (Or fabric…)

So, over a year ago I knitted a cardigan for a friend, with the plan of knitting a matching (but smaller) one for me. And I finally started it!!!!

The problem with the large balls of yarn is that they’re not particularly portable…any suggestions anyone???

I also started some new spinning for a friend

Excuse the quick post, I’m off to do some more knitting now I have the time again! Catch you all later

I finished a thing!!!!!

Finally, I managed to limp this cardigan over the finish line! Last week I:

Sewed the buttons on

Sewed the underarms shut and darmed those ends in (no picture, also I was a muppet and didn’t sew the ends of the button band in at the same time for some weird reason)


Steeked it! No idea why everyone thinks this is terrifying, (maybe because I used a very sticky yarn, my stitches weren’t going anywhere!)

And worn it!

(Yes, I still have 4 ends to weave in. So?)

So, I finally got around to picking up the Wedding ABC I started for a friend’s wedding in August (probably. It’s still being planned).

I currently have 6 (and a bit) letters filled in, which means I have 18 (and most of the 19th) still to do, along with the couple’s names and date of the wedding (when it’s been decided), along with all the beading (not too much) and framing (*nervous laughter*). At one square a week (yeah right!), that would take me to 29 June. That gives me a lead time of 5 weeks, plus then July to get it framed etc. I’m thinking that is unlikely in the best, especially given there are other things I also want to make at the same time. Ahh well. I will breathe (or at least try to remember to breahte!) and work on this, and finish it when it gets finished. My friend will understand πŸ™‚

I have recently made….2.5 gauge swatches for jumpers. And then a little thing that’s alsmost a gauge swatch but I don’t care about gauge (so just a swatch???). And I finally got around to washing and blocking this gorgeous shawl.


Shawl first!

This is a Manos del Uruguay something (it’s in my ravelry but eh). It was very smooshy when it’s finished and I’m *really* hoping its wash didn’t stop that, but it really needed blocking so I’m kinda on tenterhooks here. It’s white and purple and green and I love it.


Double knitting! One of the members of my spinning group said that she wanted to learn double knitting, so I (foolishly?) piped up to say that I knew and I’d happily teach a class on it. So then I had to relearn how to double knit bc it was a while ago (ravelry says May 2017). It’s an amazing technique and now I’ve done some again I regret having abandoned it for so long (but not that much because I have no immediate plans to do something crazy like a double knit blanket.)


2.5 gauge swatches! The one on the left is for a 4ply jumper (full disclosure- the *pattern* is for a 4ply jumper. The yarn I got is 5 ply according to ravelry, so we shall see…). I swatched on 3.5mm and 3mm needles and I really hope one of them is good for gauge because the idea of knittingΒ  sportweight yarn on 2.5mm needles when the pattern says gauge on 3.5mm needles is slightly insane, however much I’m getting sued to the idea that I knit *very* loosely!

The top right swatch is actually this really nice green for a cabled aran weight jumper. That swatch is on 4.5mm, 4mm and 3.5mm needles and I think (measuring the pre-washed swatch) the 3.5mm needles are on gauge.

The bottom is half a swatch- I want to see how this chunky yarn behaves after washing before I continue the swatch. There’s no point carrying on with these needles if I’m wildly out, but it’s currently on 5.5mm needles which is one size down from the suggested needle size so I’m hoping I get gauge on this (or close enough to justify continuing this swatch).


I currently don’t have anything (interesting) on the needles because I only have one set of 3mm needles and I don’t want to tie them up in a project at the moment because so many of them will likely need it (the next shawl I want to do, a different other shawl I want to do, hopefully that 5ply jumper….). Lets cast on a pair of socks, that seems like a good idea πŸ™‚

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