Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Dorset buttons take 2

So apparently my buttons are a little tricky to see(oops, sorry!), so here’s another photo of them :)


Also, I was busy yesterday completely making the first (well, technically second, but one was finished a while ago) pin cushions for my mum. What do you all think of this one? I think it’s utterly adorable, if a little plain :)crownAnd here’s a sideways view of it

crown2This one is destined to go on my mum’s sewing machine (attached by velcro so when there are multiple pin cushions, she can swap and change as she wants to :) ) to remind her that even when it’s going wrong, she’s still the queen of it all :)

After finishing my butterfly, she suggested I start a new craft. Well, how could I refuse? Exactly, I couldn’t :)

A while ago, I got a kit showing me how to make Dorset buttons, along with three rings and some thread (DMC perle cotton) to make some. I’d actually forgotten all about them, until I was digging through my fabric stash, and found the kit (yeah, my stash is all over the place :) )

So, naturally, I had to make them. The first one was a bit too crowded

DorestI used 12 spokes, because that was how many there were on the front cover picture. It’s way too crowded, so for the next two rings, I used 8 instead. Here they are all together

Dorset2Unfortunately, there are only 3 rings in a pack, but I’m totally hooked on this new craft. I’m going to get some more, when I can get to a crafting shop which sell rings.

And now? I’m again stuck on what to do *sigh*. I guess I need to get on with figuring out my mum’s birthday present before I go home next week and can actually get around to making them!

Woot! I did it!

I finished my butterfly!!!! Woot!!!!! I’m ridiculously happy with it- I think it’s great, and since I’m going home soon, I’ll be able to find a nice frame and frame it soon :)

Here it is in all it’s un-ironed glory:


In case you can’t read the writing, it says ‘The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough’ … ‘Just like the butterfly, I too will awake in my own time!’

I’m ridiculously happy that it is now finished, and soon I have have it up on my wall :)

What to do now…what to do now? What do you do immediately after finishing a (relatively!) large project? I don’t feel like starting anything big again right now, I think I’ll stick to cards for a while :)

Last week, I got my order from Deramores *squeal*.

Naturally, I had to spend more than £25 in order to get the free shipping :)

One of the things I got was a set of 1.5mm Knitpro Karbonz dpns. Guys, these things are amazing! Seriously, I wasn’t convinced by the plan of having a rougher middle, to keep the stitches on, and a smoother tip, so they slide really easily over the end as you’re working the stitch. But now I’m convinced :)

I’ve even begun swatching to make a sock-yarn weight mitred square blanket. With 1.5mm needles. I’m insane :)


These are a couple of different styles- the middle one I did first. It’s a straightforward garter stitch with a decrease of slip 2 stitches as though to knit them together, slip the next stitch as though to knit, put the three stitches back on the left hand needle and knit through the back loop. It’s a fairly basic decrease, which puts the middle stitch on top. I wasn’t convinced about this one, as I quite like the ridge created by the decrease on stocking stitch. (Plus, this decrease is super-easy to do as long as I remember to stay on the slippy tip of the dpns :) )

So the square on the right is the same, but in stocking stitch. Having tried this one, I don’t like it. It’s not square, and rolls too much for me.

So then I tried the square on the left. This has the garter stitch which means I get a square, but I purl the decrease stitch on the wrong side, so I get the line of stocking stitch I like. I don’t really think it works for this, so I think I’ll go with the middle square. I am glad to have tried them all. :)

Now I need to decide how many stitches I should cast on for the squares. These were all started with 40 stitches, and they’re tiny! I’ll try 60, 80 and 100, and see what I think :) The 100 stitches might be too big for the needle (they’re only little dpns!)

Of course, I need to finish my other blanket before I start this one… *whistles innocently*. Seriously though, I really want to finish that other blanket.

I also got a 80cm 2mm Addi cable needle, for my socks :) It’s amazing (no photo of it, I’m currently knitting socks!). As soon as I got it, I swapped it in for my other cable needle. My first thought was that it was a bit big, but that was just because I’ve worn the ceramic off the really cheap knitting needle I had been using (I’d had it for more than 2 years, and knitted 13 pairs of socks on it!!!) My second thought was that the cable doesn’t twist and kink at all! Again, my other needle really did, again because it had been used so much! I know I could’ve dunked it in hot water to un-kink it, but effort :) I also love how much easier it is to pull and push the cable around by pulling and pushing the needle :) So here’s to many more socks :)

The main point of this was to mention how much I love these needles, and therefore needed to work on my socks :)

socks2I know they don’t match. This way I get to knit this pair again, and have two matching(ish) pairs, with the colour repeats going the same way :) Genius idea, even if I do say so myself :)

I’ve also been dabbling in some crochet


Guess what? This is a test juggling ball :) I’ve got some sparkly yarn, and some cotton, and you can never have too many juggling balls :) I’m loving it, although it is taking some getting used to to deal with two different yarns :) Totally worth it, they’re going to be some awesome juggling balls, I think :)

I’ve also cut out more fabric to make juggling balls. I’ve got some Christmassy fabric, so this is going to become 6 small(ish) balls

juggle6Each ball will have 8 triangles in it- one of each type. I’m not planning on controlling which fabrics go with which others so we’ll see :) Most of these fabrics have some kind of sparkly in them…I wonder how long that’ll stick around for :)

I’ve also cut out some fabric to make another 3 balls of the same size as what I already have

juggle5This is so I can start juggling more than 3 balls at a time :) I think that 6 should keep me out of trouble for a while :)

Once again, ISHW has been sprung upon us. This time, it corresponds with the clocks going forwards into BST for British stitchers, which means either an hour less stitching or an hour less sleeping (which might lead to visits from the frog…)

I’ve been busy knitting recently (more on that later), so there hasn’t been much progress on any of my cross stitch pieces. My main piece, the butterfly, looks like this

butterfly6I’m hoping that a weekend spent stitching (and watching The Mentalist, which might involve frog visits…) will re-awaken my desire to see it finished already!

And if I get bored of the butterfly, there are still lots of cards to stitch, including a Graduation card for my sister, who is graduating this year :)

so what will you all be stitching on this weekend?

So for once I actually manage to both have something finished and post about it on Friday!

I finished my juggling balls!!!


Yes, I can juggle. No, you’re not going to get a video of me juggling on here. Yes, those are some Karbonz knitting needles in the top corner. Yes, they will be showing up later, along with some other lovelies :D

I am pretty darn impressed with my balls:) Some of the corners are pretty damn good, even if I do say so myself


but some leave something to be desired. Ahh well, I clearly need lots more practice!!

juggle4Lots and lots more practice! So, naturally I’m already digging through my limited fabric stash for some more to make some awesome juggling balls with. I’ve got some gorgeous Christmassy fabric I think will be used next :)

But that’s something for another post. I’m off to do some juggling :)

This damn cardigan

Okay, so I mentioned in my last post that the cardigan has had some gauge issues. Well, more than that, it’s had a rather checkered history all over!

According to ravelry, I started this in June last year. Wow! I first mentioned it on here in July, when I was at a conference in Warwick. It then got put on hold, first for Christmas presents, and then my November sweater. (I figured that I would be hard pressed to get all the cables done in a month! And then the seaming…). And then it was Christmas, and I wasn’t going to knit it when I was around people, too complicated!

So then I picked it up again in January, when I posted about the finished sleeve, and started the other. Which got under-way fine. But then my little nagging voice at the back of my mind started saying something about how it felt a bit looser than the previous one… so I finished up the increases, and measured the cabled section against each other.


Yep, my gauge, somewhere, somewhen had changed. I was definitely looser than before. *sighs*.

At this point, I was prepared to start the sleeve again, but cooler heads at my knittng club prevailed, and I worked on my socks for a while, until I felt better prepared to actually look at what was going on.


It wasn’t the sleeve I was currently working on that had the faulty gauge… That sleeve had the same size for the cabled bit all the way through. So my first sleeve somehow got tighter part way through. No idea how that one happened, but ok. So, when I’ve finished this sleeve, I need to figure out where my tension changed, and frog back to there. Great.

But, on the other hand, this second sleeve is nearly finished!


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