Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Ok, so I didn’t quite plan on having this large a break, but it has been productive…but very few photos.

I finished my housemates Christmas present…and promptly wrapped it up.

I’ve done some more Christmas presents, but I can’t show you those until Christmas (and I keep forgetting to take pictures until after I’ve wrapped them up…oops!)

I went to London at the weekend to the stitching/Christmas show, but didn’t take my camera. My mum bought me lots of lovelies though, which I’ll get for Christmas (and a stupidly expensive cross stitch kit which I *think* I might get when I finish my PhD).

So all I can show you is the latest make from the DIYSoc here at York, which is a decopaged box.

IMGP0431 IMGP0432 IMGP0433

I finished something!

So, while I didn’t finish my cardigan last night, I did finish it this morning (and consequently had better lighting for photos!)


This cardigan has been in the works for quite a while. I started it over a year ago (June 28th, according to ravelry!). The first blog post about it was July 5th. I’ve had ups and downs with it (remember when my sleeves were different sizes?). But it all came out right in the wash (and block). I asked peoples opinion on the number of buttons (and then promptly changed my mind and decided on 8 :P). And…now it’s finished.

It’s been a long road. The blog doesn’t really show all the sweat and tears that went into it, I think. I don’t want to start the next cardigan yet (which will involve steeks). Although this project has been picked up and put down quite a lot (lesson learnt- you can hide a multitude of sins with a good block), it’s still the end of an era. This was the first cardigan I started (and then ignored for NaNo last year…), and it’s taught me a lot. And now it needs to let me spread my wings and knit another :)

So, what have I learnt?

  • Blocking solves everything
  • I prefer my sleeves and body slightly longer than (this pattern, at least) calls for. At Christmas I’m going to get a complete set of body measurements for future reference
  • Next time I’m knitting the sleeves in the round, although they weren’t that bad to seam
  • Knitting all the body in 1 was an excellent idea :)
  • Sewing sleeves into shoulders isn’t that bad, just put in lots of stitch markers to line everything up nicely
  • The number of buttons the pattern calls for it probably the best number to go with
  • When going on a yarn crawl, take the thing you need buttons for!
  • I detest twisted rib, but the effect is *sigh* worth it
  • Holy wowsas I look good in fitted cardigans!
  • Knit the buttonholes closer to the body next time

I think I need to have a lie down now while I figure out what to do with the rest of my life!

Cardigan: the home stretch

I finally feel like this cardigan is nearly finished (after more than a year!)

I had to pick up for the button band on Sunday, and picking up 95 stitches evening is rather difficult! I make it slightly easier for myself, by adding stitch markers and even intervals:

cardigan13Instead of picking up 95 stitches, it became a case of picking up 12 (and one part of 11) stitches between each of the stitch markers!

I also went and got some buttons, what do you think?

IMGP0420 IMGP0421

I got 7 (without reading how many the pattern suggested), and having tried 6 and 7, I decided that 8 would be a good number. So I went out and got another 2 (so I have a spare). I can’t believe how nearly finished it is now!

Stash acquisition

So, a few days ago KnitSoc had a yarn crawl (side note: when my housemate first saw it on fb, he thought it said pub crawl and was rather confused!). Unfortunately, because of the weather, only a few people turned up, which meant we didn’t crowd the stores, so I guess it was a good thing. We went around 5 craft shops (4 had yarn), and in the end I only bought stuff from the third. I was very good!

Firstly, I got 100g of something (chunky I think) in purple. This will become a Christmas present (hand warmers) for my housemate. He deserves more ( he would totally get socks from me,but he doesn’t want them. I don’t understand).


Then I got sock yarn (for me). This is totally justified, since I recently darned a weak spot in a pair of socks (I saw an end on one of the plies, so I reinforced 3 rows…) :)

IMGP0412When I’m actually going to get around to knitting socks again, I don’t know. Probably after Christmas, but then I have several cardigans I want to start…*sigh*


Happy Halloween everyone!

And to celebrate, here are some photos of Fang, with his new Bat wings

IMGP0413 IMGP0414 IMGP0416

…is that the sleeves are actually fine!

I finally got around to blocking the damn thing today, and the sleeves block out to the right size!!!

cardigan11 cardigan12Next step: ribbing the buttonbands and collar, and sewing it all together. Woot!

Another blanket!

So, now I’ve finished one stripe of my blanket, I decided it was an excellent time to get out another one I have the yarn for. It’s a Dick Bruna pattern (so very bright!), for my cousin, who had a baby this summer (I cross stitched the ‘love is‘ for her, remember?). Unfortunately, this pattern was photocopied in black and white, and so the whole ‘use the colours shown in the charts’ thing kinda doesn’t work… I found a picture of it online though, so this is pretty much what it’s going to look like

DickBrunaThe pattern calls for you to knit the thing in squares and sew it together…however, I know me! Instead, I’m knitting it in stripes, and then I’ll sew the stripes together. So far I’ve finished up to and including the ‘k’ from the first column, but it doesn’t look particularly impressive yet (it hasn’t been backstitched!), but I’ll try and get a photo of it for the next blog post. I’m kinda hoping this will get done by Christmas…but we’ll have to wait and see I think for that!

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