Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Since I’m now about 2 rows short of 30 inches. That means that in a weekend I can knit approximately 14 inches of stocking stitch. And spend 5.5 hours cross stitching. And do my weekly food shop. And apply for a job. And spend several hours playing a game. And…and…and. Anyway, you get my point. No pic, I’m just too impressed with myslef to not share this! Pics will come on Wednesday!


I hit 20 inches!!!!

So, I finally got to move the stitch marker up 10 inches because I finished knitting those 10 inches. So now there’s 17 inches left to go, in slightly under two weeks (it needs blocking before two weeks Monday…). How much can I knit this weekend????

This is it folded in thirds (and the edges have rolled in too because stocking stitch).

P.s.- I didn’t get gauge on the cockatoo brae cardigan. I hope it can sit in time out until after I’ve finished knitting this. I really don’t need to start another project right now…

P.p.s.- I just ordered a new set of knitting needles (the addi clicks) from wool warehouse, as well as some more sock yarn. I hope I finish this shawl before I have to use them…

Hi all, so I realised that there is less than three weeks till Christmas, which is something of a problem since I haven’t started the satsuma costumes yet. That’s this weekend plan…Work is also somewhat hectic right now (I got hit with a massive pile of ~400 scripts to mark…), so this is going to be a splurdge and go.

Firstly: wolf cross stitch! Another 4 hours added, bringing the total to 20.5 hours. This is quite a bit less than 1/4 of the whole design, so my last estimate of 80-100 hours might be slightly optmistic. But then most of the surrounding is half cross stitch, so that should be faster…I’ll leave that as my official estimate for now, I think.

Second: sleeves. Still going strong. I think I’ve pretty much got the hang of the cables now, so that’s good 🙂 I am still checking the charts, but much less than I was. So yay for that!

Third: mitred square blanket. This is so easy to pick up and put down, it now has 7 squares. Lovely garter stitch squishyness 🙂

Fourth: umm…yeah…so I saw the abandoned cockatoo brae, and decided that I had to sort that out there and then (I was procrastinating on doing the hoovering). So I re-swatched, and have decided I need to move to 2.75mm needles. Which is what the pattern calls for. Using the suggested needle size for a project feels really weird, but ok. (This is why you need to gauge swatch people. Even if you usually knit so loosely you have to go down a size, sometimes you don’t. Just go with the flow…) (Full disclaimer: I haven’t actually measured this yet. But pre-washing, I was hitting the 7 stitches an inch (I know, I really shouldn’t measured a larger part, but oh well)). Needles are 2.25 and then 2.75 (I think??? It’s either 2.5 or 2.75, whichever I have).

Fifth: the Christmas shawl. Well, I got last week’s 10 inches done, but not really this week…ok fine, I managed 6 of the required 10 inches. Which I’m trying to not stress over, because I have quite enough other things to stress over! And I should be able to easily make up the time (assuming I stop knitting on other things…)

6 inches is a lot!!!!! So now I have 10 inches and then 11 in the next two weeks…riiiiight. Completely believeable…

Start it Sunday…oops?

So, umm, I might’ve started more than one new project this week…

But first, the cardigan sleeves! I did indeed cast on the first sleeve of Kita’s cardigan, and promptly got swallowed in the black hole of 2×2 ribbing for 7 inches…

Part way through I came to my senses, and remembered that I can’t be trusted knitting one sleeve at a time, so I cast on for the second sleeve and caught it up to the same point…knitting two sleeves somehow doesn’t make the ribbing go any faster unfortunately.

But then it was finished, and I got to start the main body of the sleeves. This was also not great, since the two sleeves have opposite cable patterns (and some matching cables too, to keep things spicy). And the main cable body started two rows after the little cables, so the row count is off whichever way I look at it. I’m happily pottling along though, and of course aran yarn always knits up really fast 🙂

At least, I thought I was happy, but then I got this in the post, and so I really can’t be held accountable for my actions…

This is 22 of the 24 miniskeins I got myself as an advent calender. I sort of sneezed, and lost track of myself, and came up with this.

Which, fortunately, isn’t square. (Half way through I remembered that I wanted to do mitred squares- knitting the blanket from the inside out, rather than bottom to top as normal, so the fact that this wasn’t square meant that I could figure out how large I should make the mitred squares. And so voila, a finished mitred square!

This had a cast on of 55 stitches (2*27+1). I decrease on the first row, because that makes the decreases on the wrong side as I prefer the look of the other side. It worked perfectly, and I used up pretty much all of the 20 yards I was given. 🙂 This might grow rather quickly, because it’s addictive. Such pretty little garter stitch squishiness!!!! Or I might actually go and do some work on the wolf cross stitch…

WIP Wednesday- shawl edition

Aren’t you all happy it’s not the wolf any more? Well, the shawl has come on quite a way now- in fact, I’ve finished all the lace. Apparently, despite all my grumbling about it, it was intersting enough to keep my attention.

Very pretty 🙂 So, now all that is left is miles and miles of (mostly) stocking stitch, with some faggot stich to keep things vaguely interesting. So far I’ve done 22 inches, which is actually quite a lot since the pattern in total calls for 59. Much better than I was expecting 🙂

So, another 37 inches to go (I take that back, that is quite a lot…) in just under 5 weeks. (Including blocking. I’ve learnt my lesson where that is concerned). So, say 4 weeks to do all the knitting, that puts me at 10 inches a week. *slightly nervous giggle*. Ok, that’s totally do-able, right? There’s a train ride back to Salisbury in there, and I don’t need to hide this project from my mum, so I don’t need to worry about secret knitting. Ok, I’ve got this. (Excuse me while I nervously procrastinate and cast on a new cardigan…)

Ok, so this is the third week in a row I’m talking about the wolf…next week I’ll probably move onto something else (barring any major surprises!) But some good news: I’ve found the bottom right corner! And I’ve done some back stitch (enough to put me off it again, however much it’s worth it in the end!)

So, we were here, at 12.5 hours

You can’t really tell, but the bottom right brown bit is very nearly the bottom corner(I think it’s like 2 stitches off). The brown bits are branches, and the white snow is actually a combination of two shades of grey. Awkward much…

Anyway, 2 more hours of work put us to here:

Having reached the bottom right, I’m now swinging up and then around. I may change my mind and move off in a different direction, but for now that’s the plan.

Another thing about me and cross stitching- I park (leave the threads there to come back and stitch in later), but only after a while, and I can’t plan to park right from the off. It has to happen naturally. And it doesn’t always happen. *shrugs*. Just one of life’s strange things I guess!

After those two hours, I decided I should probably do some of the backstitching, in a bid to not leave it all to the end.

So I spent an hour and a half filling in some of the bottom right backstitching.

Ok, so I didn’t spend the whole time back stitching, but I think I did a decent amount before I got distracted- and I pretty much did all of it that I could do, given where the gaps are. So in total so far, I’ve done 16.5 hours. Pretty good really, even if I do say so myself. My new guesstimate for how long it’s going to take me is 80-100 hours. Let’s see how we go!

So, those of you who were here last weekend will remember the 400g of white DK(n/b: I previously called it 4ply for some very strange reason) my mother bought for me to knit a shawl for her with.

Firstly, a comment about the pattern. This is NOT an easy pattern to read. It has lace on both sides (rather than on one side, which is much preferable), and it doesn’t have a chart. 96 rows of lace typed out. Great… Good thing I have many stitch markers… And one other thing. Three of the instructions are yfwrd (yarn forward), yrn (yarn around needle) and yon(yarn over needle). These do not all mean ‘create one stitch by wrapping the yarn around the needle in the conventional manner. The yon means to create a stitch between a purl stitch and a knit stitch in the usual manner. Yfwd means to create a stitch between two knit stitches or two purl stitches (the only one of these I would call a standard instruction). Yrn apparently means to bring the yarn from the back to the front by going under the needle (as in, you do this all the time between purl and knit stitches, why does this need an instruction???). So between a knit and purl stitch, you need to do a yfwd yrn. Maybe this is just me, but it seems like a lot of overkill. Ok, rant over now. Onto the pretty pictures 🙂

Have a pretty picture of a lovely pile of my stitch markers because I had to move them around and they looked amazing 🙂

Now onto the shawl itself. I have finally managed to work out what is going on with the pattern in general, which has sped things up some 🙂 This is after 49 rows, (and I don’t know how many tinkings…)

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