Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Urm, hi!

Yes, I am still alive! I’m surprised too, after this summer! I feel like I haven’t had a moment to myself, which, to be honest, is an improvement over the boredom (laziness?) of last year. but I’m looking forward to getting back to Uni so that I can (hopefully, at any rate…) have some time to relax. Ahh, who am I kidding? No-one I expect. *sighs*. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I want to :(.

So, what’ve I been up to? Well, I had to frog and reknit the legs on the socks, because after I finished them I figured they were too tight, as the person they’re knitted for has a habit of stretching socks around the leg so much they fall down. So, they were duly frogged, and ribbed in a larger needle :). Not quite so pretty, but much better, since they fit her wonderfully, I am pleased to report. So, more pictures?

Friend was very pleased with them (so am I, tbh 😛 )

Umm, that can’t have been all I’ve been working on…. *thinks hard*. *thinks some more*. *gives in and checks the photos* Oh yeah, there were several pairs of ‘nunchuck warmers’ I made for a friend. They were fairly easy- plain ribbing, then decreasing on the top to finish. Unfortunately, because they’re ribbed, they stretch, which means they don’t grip the nunchuck firmly enough- in plain English, they fall off too much :(. But, the friend doesn’t mind, he just sticks them in place with masking tape, and the rainbow stripyness of the yarn is much more interesting than the plain boring blackness they are naturally.

Rainbow awesomeness 😀

The rainbow stripes on this almost match the width of it, but not quite 😦 Which means that when I get around to making me a pair of socks out of this yarn, they aren’t going to be properly rainbowy at all, but oh well, they’ll still be pretty awesome, I think. (And why isn’t rainbowy a word? I think it should be). Originally, I wasn’t going to making a pair of socks out of these, but with this yarn, how can I not????

I’ve also started work on people’s Christmas presents. For that, I had to buy a load of floss and beads, and the *squeeeee* moments when they arrived. The colourfulness is amazing 🙂


So much colourful potential 🙂

Even more colourfulness


What has happened to my titles :/Ahh well, the colourfulness speaks for itself really, doesn’t it? How can anybody not like them?!?

And the beads:

Can’t really see them very well, but they were much worse with the flash on :/ Imagine them, I’m sure you’ll do fine 😉

As well as ordering those bits, and getting top excited to work for the day (seriously, I was vibrating with glee 😀 ), I’ve started knitting some people’s bits, namely one set of aunt/uncles 😛

My aunt is getting some green hand-warmers, for when she walks her dogs every day

This pattern gets a little bit repetitive, but it’s still great fun 🙂

These were made out of some spare Rowan Summerspun I had lying around, which was nice (no mother having a go at you for spending money). Isn’t knitting things for other people such fun? You get all the excitement about buying yarn/using it out of your stash, all the excitement of making and finishing it, and then you don’t need to figure out where to keep it. It’s a win-win situation, I feel 🙂 And because I couldn’t really give my aunt something, without getting something for my Uncle, I went out and bought another ball of Summerspun to make him some too 🙂

Lagging a bit because of the repetitiveness of the pattern, and my butterfly 🙂

These ones are and dark blue rather than green, and I think I prefer this colour. But hey ho, these aren’t destined for me either. Maybe I’ll make myself a pair, after Christmas, or something :P. If I have the time…maybe.

I’ve also been working on my butterfly (I don’t think it’s going to be done by Uni, even though it’s more than half done now 🙂 ). And no, you’re not getting any more photos till it’s done :). It took my 8 weeks to do the 1st half, I (at the time of starting the second half) had 4 weeks before Uni starts again properly… may have to use a backpack, especially as I have to start Christmas presents properly soon… *sighs*. Why do I do this to myself? 😛

Does anyone actually know a way of getting more crafting time every day? I never seem to have enough :(. Or is it just something that we have to put up with?

Okay, my hands are really quite sore now after all that typing, so I’m going to go now, and get back to my butterfly :). If I forgot anything, I’ll mention it the next time I get the urge to splurge out all my craftiness/I feel bad about not updating 😛



Comments on: "Urm, hi!" (4)

  1. I love the nunchuck warmers! I find that college gets in the way of craft time, too. I like to knit while I watch tv and also take my knitting to school for breaks and down-time.

    • Glad you like the nunchuck warmers, they were fun to knit. Nice and easy so I could rest my brain lol.
      Yeah, When I was at college, I boarded so it was easy enough for me to go back to the boarding house and craft in my bedroom. But I don’t really get any spare time at Uni- we have breaks between lectures, but we’re expected to work during them!!!! I’ll just have to do all my work at Uni, and then have the evenings free to craft. Or learn how to not sleep.

  2. Your knitting looks great — that’s something I never learned to do. But I do love looking at and buying yarns to make cording …. and to (sometimes) stitch with.

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    • Interesting idea- sewing with yarn. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t know how to knit- it would save so much time that I could then use to cross stitch/maybe learn to crochet…but then I knit something and remember why I love it! Gets rather hard to organise how much time to spend on all my crafts though… Thanks for dropping by too 🙂

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