Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Annnnnnd crash

It seems so long ago that I had any free time! (Well, the summer holidays did finish about a month ago for me, so I suppose it has been a while!) I feel as though I’m going to bed too late, and getting up too early! But I must be doing something right- I’m managing to do a semi-decent amount of crafting (I’d like to be doing more, but then, who wouldn’t?).

I did manage to get some crafting done last week, but by the time Saturday came around, I was too exhausted to write about it all, so I just pootled off to bed. So, what’s been happening?

I did try to do a bit more on my aunt’s elephant, but I got a knot in the floss which I have to cut out, and I don’t really want to get around to it :/ So no photos there, I’m afraid.

I have, however, sorted out my grandpa’s bookmark problem. Well, I found another bookmark kit I thought he’d like, and have started on that (since the elephant isn’t getting worked on, I figured I might as well be doing something!).

Here’s what I’ve done so far on it:

The bottom bit is going to be a fox. A rather childish one, but a fox 🙂

You can’t really see it in this picture (and if you get any closer it’s too blurry to see anything), but the mushroom on the left looks as though it’s got a really evil expression! Hopefully my granddad won’t notice. This seems like it’s really slow going, but I expect that’s just because I haven’t been working on it much…maybe? Anyway, it’s coming along.

I’m amazing myself with the bookmark, by actually backstitching as I go! This may be part of why it’s coming along so slowly- I’m not that great a fan of backstitch (although I don’t hate it as much as I did!), so I generally can’t be bothered to pick it up if it’s for just a few minutes! but I’m getting on with it 🙂

I also finished the cowl I was knitting. I haven’t blocked it yet (not sure that I will…it seems ok like this, and I don’t have any blocking supplies…something to ask for for Christmas, maybe?).

I think it looks alright like this, what does everyone else think?

That’s a close-up of the edging, which was great fun to do. And guess what- I get to do it all again (twice) for the handwarmers :). Yay! I have done some work on one of them already, too

All that needs doing now is the edging and thumb. And all the loose strands need sewing in too, I suppose

Well, that’s everything I’ve been up to. Not much really, especially for 2 weeks work (especially with Christmas starting to loom rather impressively less than 2 months in front of us all…).

Having read several blogs which have a monthly list of aims, I thought it would be a good idea to start, just so I have more of an idea how much I can feasibly get done in a month in between everything else happening 🙂

So, this month(it’s essentially finishing the Christmas stuff, but broken down):

1) Finish Grandpa’s bookmark (as in finish the sewing and back it)

2) Finish the elephant for the cushion (it will be made up when I go home for Christmas, so that doesn’t need doing now)

3) Finish the handwarmers

4) Cross stitch another keyring for my (now ex) next door neighbours.

I suppose that at the start of December, I need to start thinking about posting everything to everyone… especially the over-seas things. *sighs*.
On the other hand, next week is consolidations week at Uni, so I may get slightly more crafting done! (Who’m I kidding here, I’m going in more than usual…)

Hope that everyone is well and happily crafting 🙂



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