Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

December Aims

A quick recap of November’s Aims:

1) Finish Grandpa’s bookmark (as in finish the sewing and back it) Nope. I’ve started sewing the back together, but I’m really not happy about it. May do him a keyring instead- I can get that done in a evening, and send it off. Or give him my one (Yes. That is exactly how stressed I am about it right now :/ )

2) Finish the elephant for the cushion (it will be made up when I go home for Christmas, so that doesn’t need doing now) Nope. *sighs* I’m hopefulyl about half way there, it’s just as tedious as fuck and I’m starting to feel snowed under by Uni work again. I’m phoning home to see if it has to be sent home to be finished, or if it can be done when I go home for Christmas

3) Finish the handwarmers. Guess what? Nope :P. This doesn’t have to be done until I go home for Christmas, which is good

4) Cross stitch 2 keyrings for my (now ex) next door neighbours and one of my aunts. YES! And I even did another one for another aunt I forgot about (oops!)


So, December’s Aims?

1) Send off everyone’s Christmas presents that have to be sent. That should be do-able, even if it doesn’t happen until Uni finishes. As long as it’s before about the 14th, I think I’ll be ok.

2) Finish that damn beading. I know it’ll look awesome when it’s done, I just really don’t like doing the beading. Although, I have simplified it, just to speed things up. It’ll still look awesome

3) Finish the handwarmers by the time I go home.

4) Get caught up with Uni :P. Not exactly a crafting aim, but it needs to happen. Soon.

All the crafting things (with the exception of maybe the elephant) can wait until Uni is over, which is a Very Good Thing, since I’m getting snowed under again. Although, I only have one more week, so hopefully I won’t have (another) breakdown…

There may not be another update until after Uni finishes, so keep yourself busy crafting


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