Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Again, apologies for the lateness of this post. I now have a monitor, so I am now back as usual. At some point, I shall need to send my laptop away for repairs, but I’ll worry about that later!

So, back to socks. This week I’m explaining how I wash and generally care for my socks on a day to day basis.

I wash socks in batches of 5 pairs (usually. I can fit 6 pairs on a towel, so sometimes if I’ve been lazy and they’re really piling up I do a batch of 6.). How many you do a time will depend on personal preference, and how many socks you have.

So, after all the socks are piled up ready to be washed,IMGP0223I first of all make sure I have complete pairs, and there aren’t any odd socks missing. Then I carefully go over every sock to check for weak patches, either to fix or to make a note of to watch of more wear. I’ll talk about weal points and repairs in a later post. Also, because I have long hair and I’d rather not wash it with the socks, I pull off and throw away all my hair off them. It’s amazing how much can accumulate on them!

So now the socks look like this

IMGP0224The next step is to actually wash them. If necessary, wash the sink you’ll be using, then fill it with warm water and some form of cleaning agent (I use cheap shampoo, but there are some detergents designed to be used with knitting). Then lay your socks on the bubbles, and leave them to sink down into the water.

IMGP0225Because I don’t want to leave my socks unattended for long periods of time (and it’s a shared bathroom I don’t want to put out of commission for so long!) I gently push them down and stir around. Don’t be too harsh on the socks, otherwise they’re in danger of felting.

After washing them for a bit, I rinse in the same manner- fill the sink with warm water (you don’t want to shock the socks by having a vastly different temperature here) and soak the socks. When you think they’re bubble-free, drain the sick and squeeze as much water as you can out of the socks. DON’T wring them out, they’ll end up massively deformed. As I’m doing this step, I line them up on the edge of the sink in their pairs. Again, it helps make sure that random socks haven’t gone down the drain or anything crazy!

IMGP0226Now all that is left is drying them. I don’t own any sock blockers, and so I lay them out on a towel.

EDIT(Lisa, from a few spoons short, suggest rolling up and stepping on the towel first, to get rid of some of the moisture, then replacing the towel immediately! Genius idea!)

IMGP0227I lay them out on my bed, as I don’t have much floor space! When I go to bed, I replace the towel and roll it up, and then the next morning I roll it out again. In the Winter, they can take 4 days to dry, but when it gets warmer it takes closer to 2!

When they are dry, all that is left to do is fold them up and put them away ready to be used next time!


Comments on: "Sock Saturday- washing and general care" (7)

  1. I put mine in little laundry nets and put them in the machine with other laundry…but I only have socks that can be put in the machine. When they’re done, I hang them over 2 bars of my airer and they dry quite quickly. My aim is to have a whole airer’s worth of socks!

  2. wow.. this is really cute.. just seeing all the hardwork being washed and ta-dah.. you’ll be able to wear them soon.. well done!

  3. I discovered the drawback of having hand-knitted socks after I’d made about 20 pairs for a KAL a few years back. I hate having to wash the little boogers. One thing you might try to shorten the dry time: Lay the socks on your towel, the roll it up and step on it gently a few times. It won’t hurt them, and it squishes out a lot of water. Then lay the socks out on a dry towel.

  4. I have a student (I’m a part time knitting instructor) who just finished her first pair of socks! I directed her here to see how simple washing her new favorite socks can be! I have feeling she’s going to be a sock knitter for life, her first question after weaving all her ends was ‘how do I wash them?’ I was pretty excited about that ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Brilliant – I was just wondering how to wash them as my first pair have just come off the needles:)

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