Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about optimisation, my little work for the year. But it has been hard at work behind the scenes.

This time, I’m going to be talking about time management. I suck at it, so I’m hoping by getting it out here, other people might have some good ideas about it all.

The problem is that I have too many hobbies, and not enough time to do them all *sigh*. It’s a wonderful problem to have!

I currently (or at least want to) knit, crochet, make Dorset buttons, cross stitch, take up embroidery, read, play computer games, sew, and spin. (Yes, spinning is decidedly new! I learnt the basics yesterday, and I’m definitely looking into getting a drop spindle soon!)

And then, on top of these hobbies of mine, I have a PhD to complete, and next academic year I’ll also be working towards a teaching qualification, which will also be fairly time-expensive.

So, something has to give. And I really don’t want anything to give (except the sleep, which isn’t exactly optional!).

For a while, a while ago, I used to have a little time-table for my day. Just something quick and dirty, like this:

10:00 work

12:00 lunch

13:00 work

15:00 break (knitting)

16:00 work

18:00 finish (cross stitch)

19:00 dinner

20:00 free time (generally knitting and watching tv)

Unfortunately, it stopped because it was too awkward keeping track of the teaching I had on different days, and that’s going to start again in September. But maybe next time, if I’m used to this routine I’ll be able to think of something to help it work.

Also, I think I need to stop trying to bury my product side of crafter- I want to see results dammit! So, in future, I’ll take more pictures of what I’ve done in a day. Even if I don’t post them (and I probably won’t!) it will let me see that I’ve made progress every day, even if it doesn’t seem particularly visible.

So, how do you stay on track? Any other tips you can think of for me?

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  1. I started blogging simply to keep track of the stuff I was making. Next thing I was travelling half way across the world to meet up with my new friends and now seem to have no time for making anything 🙂 Life, it seems, has a way of taking our organisational plans and running away with them. Good Luck!

  2. oh my, you do a lot!! good for you. I have three tips for you (that you might already apply, you seem pretty well organized!). 1: stick to two projects and do not start a new before you have finsihed one. 2: do not go to craft stores etc unless you have a new project to start. Yarn stacks and unfinished projects can really weigh you down. And the most important: 3: enjoy the process. See the knitting and embroidery itself as your yoga. Especially since you are so busy with study and all. Your crafts are your safe and relaxing cocoons. No grading, time schedules or due dates there! Good luck! Happy knitting, Johanna

    • I’m not sure that I could just stick to 2 projects (but I certainly could do with whittling them down a bit!) but I like your other suggestions, thanks!

  3. I have the same problem. No solution yet. The only thing to do seems to be to choose some projects and work on them as possible. It’s important, I think, to prioritise.

    • I tend more to work on whatever is yelling loudest when I want to work on something, rather than having a plan, but maybe that would work. I’ll give it another try 🙂

  4. Johanna gives good advice! I count art time as art time, whether it’s weaving, quilting, drawing, whatever. I try to fit some sort of art time in every day but don’t try to do it all everyday. Then it would simply become one more burden or chore.

  5. i use to only work one project at a time.. but i see the result are slow.. but I had high satisfaction on it.. now i had too many projects happening at the same time that my end-result is suffering.. I’ve not thought about what’s best yet.. emmm.. maybe really doing one thing at a time?

  6. I also struggle with having enough time to do it all. But one sentence you wrote really resonated with me: ” I want to see results dammit!” It seems like the best way to see results is to stick to two projects like Johanna suggested. I know it’s hard if you are used to having multiple things going but it would seem then that it would take forever for anything to be finished. Right now I am not allowing myself to work on anything else except a cross stitch piece I started in 2002. I am motivated to work on it just so I can finally finish it to be able to move on to something else. It’s my own restriction but it is giving me motivation.Good luck.

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Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

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