Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

Hello 2017!

So, who’s looking forward to 2017? Can we say it starts tomorrow in order to protect David Attenbrough???

I have compiled a list of goals for next year, a variety of crafting/learning new skills/personal development. I’m really excited to start!

There are three crafting(ish) ones I’m aiming for:

1)Have birthday/Christmas presents planned by the end of February

This one is actually mostly done. I need to come up with something for my dad’s birthday, and I currently have a blanket down for my parents Christmas, but I’m not sure about that one… I’ve started a spreadsheet with everyone’s birthday/fav colour and what they’ve had from me previously to make this much easier, and it’s definitely working! I can do a larger post on this later if people are interested?

2) Stitch and finish my Christmas stockings.

I want 24/25 of them to become an advent calender for me, the others I’m not so sure on. Maybe Christmas tree decorations? So far I think I have about 3 done (but they’re currently up in York so I can’t check!)

3) Complete the November crafting challenge. Either NaKniSweMo, or NaCrossStitchMo.

I have a couple of options for this. There’s a butterfly fairy cross stitch I’d like to do from a couple of issues of one of the cross stitch magazines I’ve got. Alternatively, I still have Cockatoo Brae to do (because doing NaKni with a 4ply yarn is such a great idea…). Or I could figure out how many hexagons on my scrappy blanket that would be and do that (this would be the easiest to keep track of whether I’m on track…). Or just a generic blanket, as I totally want a proper blanket for myself!


So what do you think? Any thoughts will be gratefully read! Are any of you planning on anything similar???

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  1. I generally do a planning session as well; I go through my stash and match up yarn with patterns, and usually a recipient (though not always). This has the added bonus of getting me to tidy up my craft room.
    I am really crushing on the Harlot’s advent calendars, with all the wee knitted items… I’m trying to decide if I could stick with i

    • The Harlot’s advent calenders are something special! I know I couldn’t stick with it all, but you totally should give it a go! Maybe do something like one item a week (on a set day???) It would take you about half the year, but that might be easier to pull off than 25 little things in a month!

  2. fancystitch said:

    There’s a craft version of NaNo?! Why did I not know this! Good luck with your goals. I can’t wait for 2017, 2016 was mean ;-;

    • Oh yes, there are several crafting versions of NaNo! The cross stitch one is to just cross stitch 50,000 stitches/a whole piece about that size. The knitting one is to knit a jumper (can you really imagine trying to count 50,000 knit stitches??? I don’t know of a crochet one, but I haven’t been crocheting long, so I might have just not come across one

      • fancystitch said:

        I’ll have to see if I can hunt it down. 50,000 stitches, wow! I’ve done a little cross stitching and I know how much time it takes so that’s a real challenge. Sounds super fun though!

      • Yes, I’m leaning towards the cross stitch one, just because I did the knitting one a few years ago. It was great fun to constantly have to work on it- no hard decisions about what to work on!

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Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

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