Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

June/July goals

Oh boy, we are now halfway through the year. Umm, yikes. It feels very strange to be writing that, but ok. Let’s ignore that bit for a second, and look through June’s goals.

  1. Knit another pair of bird socks. (This also involves choosing which pair to make, whcih I think will be the harder choice…)
    Haha, so nope. Different pattern chosen, let’s get this on the road this month!
  2. Finish Mildred’s second sock. It’s basically vanilla, with some striping. Easy peasy (And therefore I will totally procrastinate on it…)
    Umm, less nope, but still not done. I’m nearly at the cuff for this, so almost I guess!
  3. Crochet a flat preemie octopus to get the hang of it before I teach my aunt…That lesson will probably be happening on/around the 17th, so I should get a move on with this (when I go back to Salisbury and can get my crochet hooks…)
    Umm….well I crocheted enough of it to know what I was doing, but then my aunt was ill and so she didn’t turn up at the races, so I got the proverbial stay of execution. Next opportunity is probably Christmas
  4. Cross stitch Q-S of the wedding sampler (bonus: also start X)
    Nope (wow I failed at this this month!) I did Q, R and started S, but then came very close to burn out and so put it down. So a failure, but a deliberate one to make future months esaier on it…
  5. Do ‘some generic amount’ of cockatoo brae. Umm, I need a definite amount to knit, otherwise it won’t get done (it may not get done anyway, it’s just stocking stitch in the round now… Tedious much???) So…reach bust shaping? I’m knitting the third size, so that’s the set up round then 7 sets of 7 rows and the 9 lain rows between the waist shaping and the bust shaping. 59 rows. Hmm. Having had a very quick look at the other patterns, I don’t need to make it any longer. We shall see I guess…
    Well I blew this one out of the water. I did all this, and then started increasing for the bust.
  6. Bonus: Knit another 10 squares on my scrappy blanket. That will finish the complete ’round’
    I did 7 and a half, so not too shabby for a scrap project/bonus goal
  7. Bonus: blog posts about spinning, buttonbox mods and/or the afterthought pocket
    Well I did the one I planned to about spinning, so score for me!

Ok, and now we’re halfway through the year, let’s have another look at my yearly goals:

Still to do:

  1. 2 and a bit cardigans
    I’m on track for this, one is done and the current one is the sock yarn one which will take longer.
  2. Socks for the mother
    So I majorly scaled this plan back, rather than attempting to knit them all this year, it’s now three per gift-giving session. Hopefully I’ll hit this one, then I can work on building up a surpless of them (there’s a different present for Christmas)
  3. This wedding sampler
    It’s coming along slowly, and probably won’t get finished this year, but I currently have no deadline and I’d rather truck along slowly than risk burnout
  4. The pillow covers
    Kita’s *still* needs sewing onto her pillowcase… *whistles innocently*
  5. Blankets for me
    Umm, yeah….I bought the yarn for Persian Tiles, but I haven’t started it yet. I’m thinking that next year (or decade) will probably be the year/decade of blankets, so I’m not too fussed about ditching this goal

Ok, this doesn’t seem too bad. (Why is my life so on track rn????). So, with all this in mind, July’s goals:

  1. Knit a pair of socks before my mother’s birthday (they’re interesting so this should be doable)
  2. Get cockatoo brae to the yoke (the pattern is the other side of the room, but given how much zoomies I had on this last month, should be doable!)
  3. Finish the plastic canvas ‘Let it snow’ cross stitch ornament (probably the best way to stave off burnout on the wedding sampler is to finish something else…)
  4. Blog post about buttonbox mods (hopefully will start this after I finish cokcatoo brae, I need to be prepared!)
  5. Bonus: sew Kita’s pillowcase together…
  6. Bonus: crochet the octopus
  7. Bonus: Mildred’s socks

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