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Hiiiiiiiii *shoos the dust bunnies away*

So yeah, long time no see. Life has been crazy, and is definitely not planning on slowing down until August at the earliest.


Anyway, I inherited my mother’s old sewing machine, and pulled it out to shorten some jeans. No pictures because I am focussed, but have some timings:

I had 4 pairs of jeans to shorten. Because I am a muppet very enthusiastic I didn’t note what time I started, so the first jeans took more than 15 minutes to do. I then did the other three pairs all together, which took an hour to cut and pin, and then an unknown amount of time to hem them all. (I know, I really rock this timing thing…). I think had to support the thighs in one of the pairs (thinking back I should’ve done all of them…), for which I used the offcut from the hems. It took an hour to hem and support the thighs, so in total maybe 2 and a half hours??

In future, I hope to have more accurate timings for things (I’m recording time spent knitting etc as well, it’s a bit of a learning curve to get used to it, but I think it will be useful and eye opening to learn how long things take me!)

Paris jumper: FO edition

I’m really pleased with how this came out

It fits almost perfectly, I’m very happy with the legnth (no better picture bc my lap is now owned by the cat…). Trying it on so many times definitely helped, and it ended up being a smidge longer than I thought I wanted. Lol!

After the kerfuffle with my last jumper, I wasn’t at all confidant about my shoulders fitting properly, and so I left the balls of yarn attached to more easily frog (I don’t think this yarn would like being frogged at all!), but in the end it all fitted perfectly up there. I think I really like this saddle shoulder idea, it’s quite novel to have the sleeves come up and over! And I think it was easier to sew than trying to fit a sleeve into a body more ‘normally’. Definitely one to try again at some point!

The only thing I’m not too happy with is the sleeves.

The inside of the sleeve is considerably baggier than the outside. I was thinking this while knitting them and now I’m kicking myself for not quickly washing them to check, rather than doing the ‘oh, it’ll come out in the blocking’ nonsense. *sigh* If I’d’ve checked I could’ve thrown in some short rows to deal with some of the excess, particularly around the elbow. Oh well, I guess time will tell on whether it will eventually just stretch out…

Now that it’s done, I kinda miss having it around to knit on. After not being at all sure of the cables in the beginning, they rather grew on me. Oh well, onto the next knitting project I guess!

What I’ve been up to (infodump edition)

So, in between working, having a few mental breakdowns, losing my sleep schedule, I’ve also been crafting up a storm. More detailed posts will follow, but this is just an infodump to get it out of my head!


I finished the Paris sweater(this is the most recent picture I have of it, it will get its own photo shoot when I work out logistics)

I started knitting with my handspun!!!

(Again, old most recent pic!)

I’m doing a massive amount of spinning!

Some crochet

and I’m still cross stitching the 50 shades of blue

Longer posts to come on most of these!

More spinninggggggg

I’m having a whale of a time with the spinning at the moment, even though it’s decidedly not my favourite spindle. I finished the blue

It’s very smooshy and warm and I pet it routinely. (it’s sat next to me right now). It’s a very gently 2ply, which I love after the chunkyness of the 4ply I ended up with.

I’ve hit 10 WPI (which apparently makes it thicker than DK, which I’m not sure I believe at all). And I’ve got about 220 yards, which is hard to measure without a niddy noddy, so I may be off. I think it wants to either be a hat or a scarf/shawl thing, but it’s going to have a few days more to decide before I cast on.

And I was going to have a break and finish the jumper, but then I tripped and started this. Spinning from rolags wasn’t my favourite at the start but I think I’ve got the hang of it now. I’m thinking I’ll knit a scarf diagonally- I want to keep the width the same for the stripes, but slightly more interesting than just knitting. Suggestions happily taken!

The previous spinning is now knitting!

Quite how I got the stripes I have no idea! But hey ho. Turns out I need more of the fluff. Luckily they had one more braid of it in the shop (it’s not at home with me!). Along with quite a lot of other fibre! Hopefully soon it will be spun and I can get on with this! In the meantime, I’m having fun with other fluff!

Stay sane, everyone!

And some other knitting to spice things up

So, many many moons ago (ok according to ravelry I started them 2 years ago yesterday!), I started some socks. I decided that now would be a good time to drag them back out and have another stab at finishing them.It’s rather strange knitting a sock from the cuff down after doing so many toe up, but I think I’m liking the challenge!

Jumper weather

One of the projects while on lockdown is this really nice green cabled jumper. I finished the sleeves before lockdown started, and I’ve been getting on quite well with It fits! I tried it on for the first time yesterday, and it fits pretty well. I’m very happy with this, and am carrying on with it at a rate of knots. It helps that the pattern is really easy when it’s been set up, and there aren’t any fiddly increasing/decreasing so it really does count as almost mindless knitting.

Have another picture of the main cables slightly more close-up

Back to the knitting now I guess!


So, on Saturday I got my first new bit of squishy mail

So, naturally I had to stop the cross stitch I was doing and make a start spinning it. I did originally aim for a fractal spin but then realised I wanted more than 2 plies so I gave up trying that and just went for it.

The brown is magical. It doesn’t look that pretty by itself (or maybe I’m just biased against brown), but paired with the pink it turns into rubarb and custard, and paired with the turquoise it gives jade and amber. *sigh* It is so smooshy too- it’s jsut spinning a cloud.

And then very quickly I had 4 turtles. Two of them go pink/green/pink/green/pink and the other two go green/pink/green/pink/green so I *really* thought those colours through. Oops! I may have ordered some more to have more fun with it, so I’ll try something else next time (if I can wait!)

Then I made a plying ball, which was a massive new experience for me. The turtles look so cute on their back!

Next step is to ply it all. I’m making a bigger spindle to hopefully get all 100g on it…wish me luck!

Alllllllllll the projects

I somewhat suspect that I’m the opposite of alone in starting all the craft projects right now…at least I won’t be bored (I’m also now working from home, so it’s not all insane free time!)

So, let’s have a bit of a WIPround up:

The Paris jumper. I finished the sleeves and have started the body. That’s coming along at a rate of knots.

I’m knitting it in the round because I’m not a complete idiot this time, which means I won’t have to sew up so much. Woot!

I have the green fluff to knit a scarf with. I’m wildly procrastinating on this one, I want the finished object but I don’t want the terror of knitting with my handspun. Which, now I say that is slightly insane, so there we go… will do a longer post on this later I think!

I started a SAL, which I’ve got with me but I’m not feeling the love atm, so I don’t know how much I’ll get done on it

There’s another cross stitch of a fairy with a unicorn, but I haven’t started it yet.

It’s mosylt blues and greys and white so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stand working on it, but I’m hoping to start it later today.

I’m crocheting this ( but again, no picture. I’m going down a hook size to get gauge (story of my life!).

The half hexies are continuing (well, I brought them with me to do, I don’t yet know whether they will get done!)

Spinning has also been brought.

Oh, and a sock!

(It’s very lacy and stretchy)

I may have also gone slightly wild with buying things online last night (no pictures of those, obvs yet!). I was going to go to wonderwool, but that was cancelled, so naturally the only thing to do was trawl through the exhibitors list and see what I wanted. I might have a second trawl…who knows at this stage!

February/March goals

Oh hai! We’re only a few days into March so I’ll chalk this one up as on time!

So, February’s plans (probably out of order bc I can’t be bothered to go check…)

-Finish OLAS. Done! In my skin of my teeth (I sewed the second sleeve back on on Feb 29th). I’m really pleased with this thing, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to wear (I have to keep adjusting the shawl collar).

-Do half of cross stitching z. Umm, I kinda blew this one out of the water!

I finished all of z!!!!!! All that’s left now is names, date and beads. And then find a framer. There are some options when I googled so I’ll have a more serious search and see what’s what.

-Pacman ghosts. Blah. I knew this one would be a struggle, and I’m pleased with how far I got. I cut out the shapes, glued them, and I’ve stitched around one. If I were to do this again I wouldn’t glue, but rather pin and stuff when I finished most of the sewing. Turns out sewing through glue is really hard (and now I have to work out how to attach eyes on…). But hey, live and learn. This will (theoretically) be getting it’s own blog post at some point.

-Organise my craft gifts this year. Yes! They’re now written down in my phone. Socks for the mother, maybe a hat for the dad, a couple of secrets for the people I know read this blog 😉 I’m trying to keep it relatively low key!


So, March goals!

-Finish the dragon socks. This should be easy, I’m about halfway up the leg (toe up) on the second sock.

-4 stage two half hexies. This is wildly underestimating things, I’ve done 2 this month already! Bonus ones would be wonderful!

-Finish sewing the ghosts and make eyes. Bonus points if I attach the eyes somehow, but I’m gonna try to not sweat it…

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