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A new rabbit hole: EPP adventures

The adventure begins: I have now constructed a large( it’s not really, I very rough website gives approx 2,000 half hexies needed(this is for a king sized quilt, I don’t yet know what size I want to make…), I have 36). But anyway, they look really cute here in their box 🙂

I can get this many again in this box I think, so I’ll do that with some other fabric, and then start putting some together. I’ve got a bigger box which will store the next size hexagon up flat (I’ll need 500 of those, roughly…), but after that I’m not sure what I’ll do.

I made 33 of those half hexies yesterday morning, which is a useful idea as to how quickly I can make them, and also allowed me to get into a pretty good rhythm about it all. I like everything in my set up, although I do need a pincushion for the needle I’m using when I’m not sewing with it… Something to make when I finish my current bottle of drink next to me (I need the lid).

What do you call someone who wears non-matching socks?


Ahem. Anyway, more socks have been finished! And, somehow, despite all my usual attempts to the contrary, they match! *mutter mutter*

This is a 5 stitch *pkpkp* spiral pattern stuck onto the heel from Triticum (a pattern from a friend of mine I testknitted). It’s very cute and I’ll proabbly do it again, it’s surprisingly easy to remember, even going from needle to needle.

So pretty 🙂 And now they’re finished, my needles were free (for the grand total of about 24 hours bc I was busy), before I started these

There are Hermione’s every day socks and it’ll have the same heel as Triticum (bc I really like a short row heel with some increases apparenty 🙂 ) It took me a while to get into the Hermione pattern, but that’s usual for me (anyone else need a few inches to like it???). For reference, I definitely prefer it to the sole side:

Yarn is from a local indie dyer, I got it last year (iirc, it’s been in my stash for a while). Anyway, I’m off to cut up some lovely fabric I got at the weekend 🙂

FO Friday- double edition

Because I have finished two things!!!!!1

The baby hat is finished! Turns out I can knit an entire baby hat in a week (including time needed to finish spinning the fluff) Aside from one slight hiccup where papa tried putting the hat on upside-down (I think it’s called that? Maybe back to front???), it seems to be well received.

(Picture posted with both parents permission). And as you can see, there’s plenty of room for growing, something I planned for then thought I’d messed up so there wouldn’t be any. Phew!

I alsooooooooooooo, finally finished breathe!!!!!!!!

Not that you can really tell on that picture, but I’m really relieved it’s done! For those new people, this is a thing where every year I come up with a word/phrase of the year and create a hoop of it in some way, so that when I’m a ‘proper’ adult I can hang them all up on a wall. Last year was preparation, and now I’ve got less than 2 months to come up with next year. I’m thinking maybe Ravenclaw, since that’s my Hogwarts house and I’m thinking I want to try a word which I can aim for, if that makes sense. We’ll see…


A new craft!

So after my brain vomit a long while back here, I did in the end fall down into the EPP rabbit hole (at this point, is nyone really surprised??). It’s slow going (bc it’s not a priority, not bc it’s a massive time sink!). But I’ve now cut up some half hexagons and have started basting the first few. Ad then naturally I had to get a little pouch to keep it all in! Im still waiting on the puch, but it’s hella cute and you’ll see it in the future!


I’m not doing anything typical with the half hexies I’m making (although I do have a cool idea for a second quilt, when I’ve finished this first one). Instead, I’m piecing them together like this:

The yellow hexies are smaller because they’ve been pieced, while the red and blue ones haven’t been yet.

It’s a very mathematical design which Im really thrilled to be doing. Because it’s made recursively (you’re building larger half hexagons from smaller ones, rather than adding small hexagons all the time), I will probably reach a stage where I get heartily bored of wrangling larger and larger half hexies about an chart the damn thing, and then follow a very irritating chart with lots of room for error. We’ll see! I’m not in any rush 🙂

A different finished project

Soooo, who remembers the blanket I was putting together?

It’s all done now!!!

About half the ends are now darned in; the other half should get done next weekend at my spinning group meeting. Then it should get washed but probably won’t bother before taking it to work to use as a lap blanket when it gets cold (like now! It snowed this morning!)

I’ve got a lot of partial balls of yarn left…any suggestions? I’m thinking crochet hexagons but nothing’s decided yet.

From spindle to hat

So, after spinning a lot of the fluff from the last post, I decided the time had come. It was time to actually start knitting with my handspun.

So I grabbed a cute pattern, 3mm needles (that was a mistake, apparently I can’t eyeball my yarn thickness yet…) and started. Turns out I don’t have a picture of the ball of yarn I made before knitting, so don’t forget that step! I didn’t however wash the yarn before knitting it (who’s got time for that???)

…and then stop because you run out of yarn. *sigh*

I’m at the last stage of decreases before the icord tie. Grr. Luckily, I still had more fluff to spin! (So much for getting three hats out of this stuff. I would do much better to have gone up one or two needle sizes. I’ll know for the next hat…)

It’s so pretty! And much nicer in person- the problems of taking pictures in Winter. To give you some idea as to how mcuh pre-drafting is needed, have some pictures- one before, one after

Twice the length! And then I’m still stopping to pre-draft more while spinning (does it still get called that then?? It’s different to drafting while spinning, so I guess so?).


Knitting with my handspun is a fascinating experience of what I thought was really obvious thick and thin bits aren’t registering, but there are some times I’m having to draft lumps out and coax twist around. I can see that continuing to do so will really enhance my spinning (who’d’ve thunk really???). I’m excited to do more now!


Anyway, I’ve got to get back to this spinning! I’m hoping to finish this batt before I finish the baby hat, otherwise it’ll never get done! There’s so much other stuff to tell you about, I just need to find the time…

On the drop spindle

Last Saturday was my spinning group meeting. I still have that merino getting slowly spun (I lie, it’s not being touched really. One day I’ll get back to it), but I didn’t feel like that, I wanted something fast and fun.

So I grabbed this batt and a large spindle.

It’s a mix of merino, corredale (I think), bamboo and sari silk and oh boy is it not at all easy to spin. The silk has a ridiculously short staple length compared to everything else, so it needs predrafting to high heaven (and back)

And even then I find myself having to stop and predraft some more. It’s a challenge at a time I would uite like to not have a challenge bc work has just started and it’s like I had to go from stationary to 60mph in hours only to crash into a glass wall.

Anyway, I am persevering, and nearly have a spindleful already

The silk gives pops of yellow and green where it all gets spun together thanks to the staple length, which is nice. I’m currently thinking keep it as a single and knit a baby hat (or three). Any nice patterns I should know about?

Aaaaaaaand a month later

Oh boy it’s been a while. But that’s ok. It’s ok for priorities to change, for ‘life’ to happen. My bipolar blew up (or I’m just become more aware of it). So, no guilt (they said…I’m trying, kay?). Instead, what has been happening?

The banket was finished and sent off to Sami, and she loves it.

Rather a lot has been done on the wedding sampler (oh yeah, and the wedding happened :D). Rather than show you each square, here is the whole thing so far:

Ok, that’s it almost so far. I’ve also done T. So now there’s only 6 more letters to go, then the name, date and beads. I’m a bit annoyed that after N I still had to keep going down to do T, rather than head over to the other side of the fabric, but oh well! Hardly a big problem!

And the blanket I’m doing at my friends place is nearly finished- here’s the start of it

There’s going to be a lot of sraps left over from this project. I’m thinking a scrappy hexagon blanket, but we’ll see. Other ideas gratefully accepted!

Umm, I think that’s all the big things!

Sami’s blanket is nearly doneeeee

The ends have been darned in (that was a very long session at my local crafting group!), and the border has been started.

The border will be these colours, in this order.

and so far I’ve done the yellow, the pale blue and half of the next one alone. Here’s hoping it can get finished today!

long overdue update on the wedding sampler

Life is as crazy as ever, so have a post about a month after the last one (this is probably my life now, I’m too busy doing things to write about them. Oh well, I can survive with very sporadic posts 😛 )

I finished F…

procastinated for a while on G… (so much green!)

raced through H in about 3 days

and then did J in aout the same amount of time! (I was done earlier)

Onto K! This isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing, but I haven’t taken pictures of the other things so they will have to wait a bit longer!

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