Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

I currently have 4 things on-going, all of which involve needles in some way.

Firstly, my scrappy blanket. I’ve added about another row now (I’m averaging about 1 square each evening which my mum and I watch various TV things from about 4pm to bedtime with a break for dinner), and it’s coming along well. I’ve nearly finished my bag of scraps and will then move onto the new bag.

Yes, this is the same pic as last time. I haven’t quite finished the next row and trying to take a photo of it is even worse than this pic. Better pics to come when it’s cool enough to work on this again!I’m not prepared to sit under a blanket with this temperature!

I also got around to starting a new cardigan. I’m making a v-neck thing in pieces and seaming it. Except the sleeves. They’re still getting done in the round.

This is just the first sleeve 🙂

The whole body of the cardigan would be done like that but the row count on gauge is different so I’ll have to seam it. Lucky me… BUT- it’s rainbows and sparkly!!!!! Very exciting. This seems to be knitting itself, which is good because I also just started a new cross stitch project…*whistles innocently* But this has now become my evening knitting, so it hasn’t stopped altogether 🙂

So yes, the third project is a large cross stitch piece. It’s a cross stitch HAED(charted for 14-count rather than 25-count), which hasonly just been started. I put the fabric on the cross bars (so much hassle, I dislike doing that by hand…), and I’ve worked out where to start, and acknowledged the fact that I put the fabric on sideways (by accident, but it’s also too wide to go on ‘properly’, so I’m calling that a win). Although this looks like the top left corner, it’s actually the top right. And yes, that does make it rather interesting to stitch! Every time I want a new colour I have to check carefully against the key!

And finally, some Christmas cards. Readers who’ve been here for a while will recall the form-a-lines cards I made a while ago for a Christmas present. Well, this year I’m making them to give as Christmas cards. So far the first 6 cards have been pierced (except for a little bit I seem to have missed), and one design (2 cards)has been completely finished, including gluing a ribbon bow on it. I haven’t stuck the tri-fold-y bit down yet- I’ll do that when all 6 are done. These don’t get worked on all that much- they’re up in my bedroom and I feel kinda awkward staying there during the day in case my mum thinks I’m being anti-social, so usually they get done if I wake up unreasonably early!

There are also two projects which are finished, but not finished-finished. I completed this elephant stamped emboidery in 2 days for my aunt’s birthday in July. All that I need to do now is glue the fabric to the hoop and then some felt over the back to hide all the knots and things. I just forgot to get the felt when I was in town yesterday… oops!

The other is the OUAT monthly SAL. Anyone here remember this?

I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it *lesigh*. I guess that’s what happens when you stitch something because it’s fun, rather than because you want it on your wall. I don’t really know what to do with it…my mum says I should get it framed, but even then, I don’t really have anywhere to put it *lesigh*. I also have this vague plan to sew the individual months as birthday cards, but I have far too many plans for the time I have…what a wonderful problem to have!

Then I suppose there are all the other projects (stained glass, socks, scrappy sock yarn pillow cover…), but they’re not really getting worked on at the moment, so they don’t really count in my mind. At some point I should create a folder or something of all my abandoned projects so I can go back and work on them when I want something but don’t want to start anything new! I would love to finished stained glass, now I’ve remembered I have it…oops!

I’m alive!

Ok, so somewhere along the line I’ve lost a blog post. Oops! It was a funny little thing about the stress of choosing a suitable project to take to the Hay book festival, but that’s now completely over and I’ve (finally!) recovered from it all, including the con-crud I was hit by after the event when I got home again (this is normal for me).

I somehow thought that completing my PhD would give me MORE free time to make things??? But I have (finally) managed to find the time to come back online and see all your pretties AND work on some of my own things! Knock me down with a feather!

One of the projects I have been working on is a scrappy entrelac blanket in Special DK. Easy to pick up and put down (miles and miles of knitting and purlng garter stitch!) and the only decision is what colour to use next. Very nice and easy when I’m exhausted from doing so many things during the day!

Today we get to craft all day!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! I have no idea what to make, so I’ll probably just pick the embroidery planned for my aunt’s birthday present.

Also, not exactly craft related, but useful: my mum had finally had enough of me laying my socks out on the outside table to dry in the sunshine, and ordered me this:

It’s a drying rack to lay over the bath (or wherever you want it really, if you’re drying something heavy then you might want a towel underneath for any drips), so air can circulate all the way around and everything dries really quickly. It’s amazing, and I love it loads. She also ordered me a three-tiered one to hang on the washing line, and that can hold 9 pairs of socks!!! Each rack is large enough for a (small) jumper! I’ve used it to dry one of my summer tops, but no picture of that at the moment.

Well, that’s all from me for now. Here’s hoping that I manage to get back on here again sooner rather than later!

Well, firstly the Rohan scarf. It was finished just in time for my dad’s birthday, so yay for that! Not just-just, it was finished and wrapped up on Sunday, and given to him on Monday, but still!

I stopped keeping track of how many hours I sunk into this project, but wow it’s a lot! At the half way point it was 28.5 hours work. So about 60 all together probably (maybe more, when I got home I wasn’t speeding along as fast as I could on it, but then again I’d mastered the double knitting part of it, so that was probably quicker, but then again the finishing…). This is slightly more than I expected (I think I was expecting about 50 hours,) but useful for future refernce!

Finishing double knitting involves kitchener stitch. *lesigh* If I’d known that from the beginning…well, I probably would’e procrastinated more about knitting the last few bits, resulting in finishing it after the deadline, so probably a good thing I guess! But because kitchener stitch adds a row of whatever colour you’re using, I was a bit sneaky. You have to split the stitches up into front and back, so I knitted another row (of the cream) while I did that, and then did the kitchener stich in the brown, so there are three plain rows of each colour at both ends. Yay for logic!

I really want one for myself now, which is slightly problematic since I’ve started cincentrating of Christmas presents (and the one more birthday present I need to do…) I’ll probably get over it, I don’t really wear scarves all that much. And I have some pretty yarn earmarked for a cowl, so hopefully that will scratch that itch!

And I also finished my bluetit socks 😀

These are really cosy (and my mum really likes the colourscheme, so now I need to see whether I have enough left to do her a pair of similar socks, or whether I’d need to get another ball of yarn…).

Well, they’re all my finished objects 🙂 Better get back to crafting I guess!

Freedom at last…

…how strange the taste.

(This is a rambling post without many pictures. Scroll to the end to get my current sock WIP)

Yesterday I submitted my PhD thesis. It was rather anti-climatic in the end, just pay however much money to get it printed at the University, then the printers will give it to the SAB where it will be registered as submitted. So that’s it. I’m done.

This morning I woke up (early, but there we go, no chance for a lie in really…) not really knowing what to do. I picked up my sock to knit a bit on that, and that felt good. But what do I do when I’m not frantically writing, or making lists for my writing, or trying to remember who that referene is that I want to use here, or what is that command I want in LaTeX, or why is that error message popping up there of all places??? (LaTeX does try, but sometimes it tries too hard and so throws the error message quite a long time after the actual error).

I glance to my right. Two bookcases, stuffed with books. Looking over them, I see two I haven’t read, three I want to reread because I didn’t pick everything up the first time, and 14 I want to reread because they’re nice books and I haven’t read them in a while.

To my left (hidden by the cupboard doors), is a large volume of crafting stash. Two cardigans and a blanket are ear-marked, several cross stitch projects have been started, there’s a crate of form-a-line cards, and my spinning. I should also check my Christmas present plan, maybe make a start on those.

I also have two to-do lists… somewhere. I’m not sure how much of what’s on there I actually want to do, I just kept writing stuff on them so I could get it out of my head. And all the job applications I guess. There are quite a few of those, including one due tomorrow…

I feel sortof…floaty. Nothing really matters all that much (I guess the job applications do, or at least should…) I’ve been living with this thesis over my head for so long I’ve forgotten what I do when I have free time. While working on it, I joked about having the luxury of being bored… now it’s finished? I’d rather stilll be working on my thesis. *facepalm*. What’s the next big challenge I can find to do?

And here, as promised, have a random picture of my sock 🙂

Normal service should resume soon!

Sock Sunday

I am, quite frankly, amazed that I’ve managed to do any knitting at all this week. Deciding to blow my Friday evening and knit at KnitSoc was a major contributor to this, although I am kinda regretting it now…ahh well. The maths is nearly finished…

The bluetit socks have been my main focus (easy, portable and technically a deadline before the scarf (oh my word don’t ask me about the scarf…)), although I have slowed down quite significantly on them due to stress related neck/right shoulder pain. I’m assuming stress related because otherwise I’ve done something really bad to to my neck/shoulder muscles and I really don’t want that. Either way, the best course of action is probably less stress and try not to use the muscles too much, especially when they get really sore. So less knitting. Hey ho.

But anyway, the first of the bluetit socks is nearly finished.

The heel is eye of the partridge, which I actaully really like the look of (although knitting it was really awkward- any tips on keeping tracking of which row it is???). There are small holes on either side of the heel flap though, which is somewhat annoying, but that’s the teething problems of being a test knitter I guess! I have a potential solution to try on the next sock. 🙂

Sock, err, Monday

So I had this amazing idea to have a Sock Sunday post, where I talk about the socks I’m currently knitting, but then yesterday I got sidetracked with a picnic which only ended at half 9, so you’re getting a Sock Monday post instead!

I currently have 2 pairs of socks on the needles…*whistles innocently*. It was completely accidental, I swear!

So I’ve had these socks started for a while

I’m using a pattern from ‘Socktopus’, a book with 17 patterns in (well, 16 and a vanilla pattern). The pattern is technically top down, but I’m just following the pattern toe up instead. I’m using an afterthought heel as well. It took a while to figure out what the chart was telling me about the leg chart (no written instructions, just a chart…), but I managed to figure it, so it’s full steam ahead now.

Then the other day I agreed to test knit a sock pattern with contrasting toe/heel ribbing, so I have a second sock on a different needle. Meet my blue-tit socks:

These are temprarily on hold while the designer works out some kinks about the heel, but so far it’s been fun knitting a different pattern.

I clearly need to get more sock knitting needles (and project bags…)! Having multiple pairs of socks on the go is such fun!

Ok, this scarf is getting really annoying really quickly. It’s brown and brown. *lesigh*. But I’m officially at the halfway point now- it’s just over 36 inches, and my dad likes 6 foot scarves. So I have just as much to do as I’ve done.

This is 28 and a half hours work. And I have to do the same amount again. Why did I think this would be a good idea??? I’m putting stitch markers at this point now so I can see my progress. Ok, what’s on BBC that I can marathon?

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