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The scarf is finished!

And currently blocking 🙂

IMGP0465(Note to self: get blocking wires)

Whew. This was an Advent MKAL, which I mainly managed to keep up with. I missed a few of the pattern days because I didn’t like the pattern, but I’m loving the overall size. It’s slightly taller than I am, and 10 inches wide, and I *think* I have enough of this yarn left over to make Frost at Midnight. Hmm, we’ll see.

This scarf was originally intended for my aunt, for Christmas this year. However, when my mum and I met her before Christmas, she mention that she doesn’t like mohair, because of how it gets up her nose. Right. New plan: I keep this scarf (woot!), and make her another one, in non-mohair yarn. Until my mum thought that I was really sad about this, and commented that she’d like it. Fine, my mum gets this one, my aunt gets another (I have enough beads), and I either make myself one, or that cardigan. We’ll see, I’ve got lots to do before then!

Either way, this is one present finished this year, so yay about that!

MKAL parts 10 & 11

So, the astute among you may have noticed that I’ve skipped part 9. This was an intentional move on my part, as I decided that it didn’t fit with the other pattern pieces.

Instead, I skipped ahead to part 10(including a yarn change which I think it very well hidden)

scarf11and part 11

scarf12I’m still currently a day behind, thanks to some rather annoying deadlines at Uni, but I hope to do 2 again tomorrow and get caught up. So very nearly the holidays!


So my schedule has been slightly insane this last week, but term is now over! Woot!

So, I’ve been keeping up with the MKAL, but I’ve been out of the house all hours of daylight, and so today was my first chance to take photos of it in natural light. They still don’t show the yarn to it’s prettiest, but it’s better than the artificial alternative. So, we have:

part 5

scarf7part 6

scarf8part 7 (this one is definitely my favorite)

scarf9and part 8. This one uses twisted stitches which don’t show up especially well because of the fluffiness of the yarn I’m using. It’s still very pretty though 🙂

scarf10It’s also getting too long to take a picture of the whole length 🙂 Blocking it will be interesting too! But I guess I don’t need to worry about that for quite a while yet.

Advent MKAL part 4

So, I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of this, as it’s going to be pretty much everything you see till Christmas…

part 4 has now been finished 🙂 I think it looks like peacocks, what do you think?

scarf5And so far- I think it’s coming along nicely 🙂 It’ll be much bigger when it’s finished


Advent MKAL parts 2 and 3

So parts 2 and 3 have also come out for this KAL, which I duly knitted up. Unfortunately no more beads, but hopefully the next pattern will have some.

scarf2Parts 1 and 2, also showing the gorgeous colour changes a bit better. My camera still doesn’t particularly like photographing shinies though…

scarf4Part 3 is going to block out wonderfully, I think! It’s so pretty 🙂

scarf3And all of it, again showing the colour changes 🙂 I want the next clue already! Ahh well, I guess I’d better do some more Christmas presents, so I can knit this up guilt-free!

Advent MKAL

So the first clue was released for the MKAL I’m doing. I’m knitting it in lace, and replacing the nupps with beads. I didn’t really want to start, the ball looked so diddy as it was! Such a cute handful of sparkly!

scarfBut start I did, and I have now completed the first part.

scarf1The picture is fairly accurate of the yarn, and I really need to loosen the cable of the needle before too long, it’s very annoying! But the yarn is gorgeous! This was originally going to be next year’s Christmas present for my aunt, but I’m really rethinking that! I want it for myself 🙂

I’m very glad to have started this, it gives me something to talk about regularly with you guys, rather than doing the recent ‘I’ve done stuff, but haven’t photographed it’ cliche! (But yes, the Christmas presents are coming along well 🙂 )

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