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Alex, in all her finished glory!


This is Alex. Originally, for some bizarre reason, she was a ‘Bruno’. At least, that’s what the box says. Her name change is a bit of a funny one really; as soon as I saw the box, I knew that she couldn’t be that masculine. Alex was the first gender-neutral name I came up with, as from the pictures on the box, I figured she could be a guy, just not one masculine enough to be called Bruno. She’s got a neck-tie with flowers on it, for one thing! Then I finished crocheting her, and last weekend I finally got around to sewing her up. And then I realized that she couldn’t ever be male, and so she is a female Alex! I hope that the woman who will be getting her as a Christmas present likes her, she has a lot of teddies so I’m sure Alex will fit right in!

Have another picture of her, just because I love her

Alex2She’s a bit lopsided, but I think she’s not bad at all, for my first attempt at a teddy bear! She also has a blue tail, but I didn’t think to take a photo of that, so you only get the front view.

She’s also my first attempt at crochet, which I have decided is absolutely wonderful. I’ve already started something else in crochet; I’m making a set of jug covers for my parents for Christmas, some of which will be crocheted, and others will be knitted. More on them later on, when I finish one!

All moved in and ready to craft

Hey everyone,

So I’m moved in up at York. I’ve started crocheting (finally!), so here’s a photo of my progress so far

lovely colourful stripes :)

lovely colourful stripes 🙂

It’s from a crochet kit called Bruno. However, I think he looks more like an Alex, so that’s what I’m calling mine 🙂 I’m hoping it will be finished in time for Christmas, as the plan is to give him away as a Christmas present. Fingers crossed it gets done in time!

Speaking of Christmas presents, here’s an up to date photo of Frederick:

Fred5He’s soooo close to being finished. Well, cross stitch ways anyway. I think I’m procrastinating over this because of all that backstitching! I really need to knuckle down and do him one weekend, I think. What’s you’re method of dealing with back stitching? Usually I do it as I go along in bits and pieces, but because it uses even more blends, and different strands of thread I decided to leave it all until all the stitching was done. Which of course I now regret! I have decided to leave off the top shelf, so that means I have less to do. Anything for an easy life, eh? 😛

I also recently ordered some more threads, and they arrived this afternoon (in my new house, no less 🙂 ) Looking at this photo now, they’re all rather boring, with the exception of that red!

threadsSee? They were quickly wound into bobbins (another job which really must get done ASAP, before it gets shunted onto the back burner!)

Hope you’re all being productively crafty 🙂

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