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So, crafting

I went to the Romsey Show on Saturday. Did anyone else go? Originally, I agreed to go so that I could look at the heavy horses, but then got slightly side-tracked and just wandered around with my parents and my aunt. It was really very lovely, with all the stalls selling lots of gorgeous things, and my mum bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t buy me anything there as there was nothing I really wanted.

My favourite tent was the crafting one. The Hampshire Guild of Spinners, Dyers and Weavers (I think it was them, anyway…) were there, showing people how to make braids. It looked like fun to do, and the lady who asked me if I wanted to have a go was a bit surprised when I said no (I think my entire family was too…). But my logic was: that I already have so much crafting that I want to do, that adding another one to the list would be rather irresponsible.

What I already do:


cross stitch

maths (not really a craft, but it takes up a large chunk of my time, and it’s great fun!)

What I want to start doing/restart doing:

embossing (Christmas cards and gift tags)



I sold my spinning wheel a while back too, because with the limited time I had to work on it, I just wasn’t improving enough for me to enjoy it. This way, I get to spend more time on what I like, without the hassle of thinking that I should be spending some time on it, because it’s around!

Does anyone else think this way, or do you all manage to keep your lives organised enough to work on everything you want to?

On a fairly unrelated note, look what I finished recently:

Everyone with me now: awwwww

This was sewn in about 3 hours while watching tv- I didn’t want to work on my butterfly while trying to watch tv as well, I figured that was probably a recipe for disaster! It was a kit from Hobbycraft, and I didn’t really like the threads they gave me. They just seemed rather rough and plain, especially as I use DMC threads for all my cross stitch now. I have several other keyring kits to use, which I’m not particularly looking forward to, and I know the lns (really the lcs(local craft store!)) sells keyrings this size, so when I’ve done all the kits I may do some more with DMC threads, to see how that turns out.

I’ve put my butterfly on hiatus for a while, so I can get on with my granddad’s birthday card, and then some Christmas things for everyone. I would put up some pics (having realised how much blogs rely on pics, and how much of an idiot I was for saying that WIP pics aren’t that good), but I’ve jsut moved into my new digs for my final year at Uni, and my camera and bits are lost in the realm of ‘stuff that still needs unpacking’. Dw- I know there in there somewhere, but finding them may take some time!

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