Somewhere I can let out my inner crafter without being labeled as even more insane.

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What I’ve been up to (infodump edition)

So, in between working, having a few mental breakdowns, losing my sleep schedule, I’ve also been crafting up a storm. More detailed posts will follow, but this is just an infodump to get it out of my head!


I finished the Paris sweater(this is the most recent picture I have of it, it will get its own photo shoot when I work out logistics)

I started knitting with my handspun!!!

(Again, old most recent pic!)

I’m doing a massive amount of spinning!

Some crochet

and I’m still cross stitching the 50 shades of blue

Longer posts to come on most of these!

Brain vomit- feel free to ignore!

I’ve always felt like I have many labels. Knitter, embroiderer, mathematician, cyclist, harpist, crocheter, spinner, ok fine poly-crafter, reader, author, AAA team, queer, bipolar. Most of my labels give me Purpose, the define Me in a way I can understand (autistic). (I’m also looking at adding designer to that list, but that’s a post for another day…)

There are many things I want to make. One of the sticky notes I have on my laptop has a list of 11 quilts/blankets I want to crochet/knit/machine sew/EPP. I’m not going to do all of them in my lifetime- I can’t, this is just a list to inspire me, and it means I don’t have to choose, I don’t have to have a serious look at it and decide ok, you’re not going to make the cut. It gives me options, it gives me potential.

Another area of my life where there is a LOT of potential, a lot of options is my music tastes. Classical music, easy listening, harp music in particular, Andrew Lloyd Webber, most musicals, Bat Outta Hell, Celtic Woman, Gabrielle Aplin, Gregorian, Nightwish. I forget that I like a singer/a group, and then am reminded of it months down the line. It’s fascinating. I can explore and have that 2ooh, new thing2 without actually leaving my safe space of what I know and like.

And most of the time potential is good. It’s the new green shoots of flowers after a Winter of depression. But. I was reading a blog (as you do), and it mentioned an EPP quilt, so naturally I go off to have a look. And there’s. Too much choice. This designer has 10 designs and a LOT of options to go with her e-book. I can’t decide whether I’m stressing out bc the thought of a new hobby is too much, or bc I want to find a nice easier route into the hobby. Oh nope, apparently it’s definitely the second. Great. Part of the problem (I suspect) is that I don’t have the space for a fabric stash. IF I do do this thing, I need to buy specifically the fabric for ths quilt one at a time, and not have any left over. Which is a ridiculous thing to aim for. Precut fabric in a kit would be amazing. Especially if it’s pre-cut *into the EPP shapes I need* Then I don’t even have the stress of cutting the fabric wrong and not having enough.

I need a new hobby like I need a shot in the foot. *sigh* A quick look on etsy suggests there isn’t enough interest in general cut fabric for EPP to warrent people having the bright idea of making quilt kits with the fabric cut. Phew. Now, nobody fill the hole in the market until I’m ready to start a new hobby… And no-body suggest I look at block of the month clubs…

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