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WIP Thursday- cardigan edition

And  a question.

But first, about the cardigan. I’ve been getting on well with it (it’s too hot to knit the main project in the sitting room, so this has been getting some love).

I’ve nearly finished the left side, so I figured that finding buttons would be good before the project stalls as I can’t knit the buttonholes before I know what buttons I’ve got. That combined with heading into town made an excellent excuse to pop into Franklins. Lovely shop 🙂

So I settled on these buttons (so bright and colourful!)

The problem is that they are a bit too big for the button band. While I was there, my mum suggested that I just knit the button band on the other side a bit bigger, since this buttonband would be hidden…which it will be, but I’ve also knitted up the neckline and that won’t be hidden. *facepalm*. So now what I’m thinking (and the question is: does this plan make sense???) is that I have three options.

Option 1. IF the buttons fit on a 3 stitch buttonhole (I’m planning a straightforward cast-off/cast-on buttonhole), then I can increase the buttonband to 4 stitches (it’s 3 on the pattern), and then use 2 of those stitches and 1 from the main body to make the buttonhole, and then on the first decrease at the neck edge get rid of the extra stitch in the buttonband.

Option 2. Knit vertical buttonholes. I’ve never tried this before, but I can’t imagine it being too bad- actually, this might be a right pain because of the colourings of the yarn. Maybe not this one then…

Option 3. My mum has to go to Southampton soon(ish) to find an outfit for my sister’s wedding. If I go with her, I can look through a bigger button selection in the John Lewis there. Alternatively, when I go back to York for my viva (very excited!!!!!!), I can have a trawl through the button shop up there.

So, what does everyone else think? Any other options I should think about?

Cardigan: the home stretch

I finally feel like this cardigan is nearly finished (after more than a year!)

I had to pick up for the button band on Sunday, and picking up 95 stitches evening is rather difficult! I make it slightly easier for myself, by adding stitch markers and even intervals:

cardigan13Instead of picking up 95 stitches, it became a case of picking up 12 (and one part of 11) stitches between each of the stitch markers!

I also went and got some buttons, what do you think?

IMGP0420 IMGP0421

I got 7 (without reading how many the pattern suggested), and having tried 6 and 7, I decided that 8 would be a good number. So I went out and got another 2 (so I have a spare). I can’t believe how nearly finished it is now!

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