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There’s confetti, and then there’s confetti confetti

As in, confetti stitching of actual confetti. It’s a right pain!


But it’s for a good cause…it’s going to be my sister’s graduation card. Now, while e and my sister don’t get on (she machine washes bed socks, what can I say?), graduation is a massive day, and so it totally deserves something special. So, I’m stitching her a card.

And this one makes particular sense for her- under the balloons is a teddy, and the caption ‘The sky’s the limit’. Once upon a time she wanted to be an astronaut, and so this card out of the set caught my eye, and so I started it without really looking at what was involved. *sigh*. Lesson learnt, that won’t be happening again! On the other hand, it’s going to be pretty awesome when done, even if I do say so myself! Let’s see how long it takes

ISHW weekend- what I did

So, this weekend just gone was ISHW so naturally I just battened down the hatches, and got to it.

On the Saturday, I decided to stitch a card for my friend, who is going through a bit of a rough time right now, and (amazingly enough) I finished it in 1 day! I’m pretty chuffed about that 🙂


The writing says ‘If friends were flowers, I’d pick you!’. It’s from the same chartbook as all the flower fairies I’ve been stitching. I used beads rather than all the confetti stitches that are supposed to be on there(the flower buds that are scattered throughout), I didn’t fancy starting and ending 3 colours for 4 stitches without having anywhere else close by to start/end threads. *Fingers crossed* that she likes it 🙂

Then, on the Sunday I picked up my butterfly piece. I’d been working on it throughout the week as well, so this is where I started.

butterflyThen… Mr Frog came to visit. It was a very dignified meeting, there were no tantrums, no tears, just me calmly unpicking the border, and telling him that he’d better not show his face here again for about a decade…

butterfly2After that, I couldn’t stand the sight of this piece any more, so away it went and out came a new piece- a ‘Love is’ kit from DMC. There isn’t enough of that to show you all yet (I can’t get a decent photo of pink on white!), so that’s going to have to wait until I’ve done more for a photo!

This week I think I’m going to concentrate some more on my knitting. I did a bit yesterday on a train to Sheffield and back, but again, not enough for a photo. Maybe this Saturday…?

…And the deadlines start piling up!

I have pretty much a week left to finish my dad’s Cthulhu mittens- I’ve decided in the interest of my sanity that I won’t attempt to also make him a card- I’ll save that for Father’s Day! However, I started them a week ago (after buying more yarn) and so, I would’ve liked to have one finished by now…nope. However, I am more than half way through, and I’m about to start the decreases, so the rest shouldn’t take too long (yeah, I know- famous last words!)

Digital StillCamera

(I’m showing the palm of this one because I showed the back the other week, and thought that another one might be a bit boring, since I haven’t changed anything!)

It probably would be finished by now, except that one of my housemates is leaving soon, and so I wanted to make her a card, for everyone to sign. So that has been taking up most of my free time. But now all the cross stitching has been finished, so I just need to finish off the backstitching (wohoo!)

Digital StillCameraWell, back to the cross stitching station for me! Does anyone have any good tips about finishing things a decent amount of time before they’re needed? 😛


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