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Start It Sunday- Shawl edition

So, those of you who were here last weekend will remember the 400g of white DK(n/b: I previously called it 4ply for some very strange reason) my mother bought for me to knit a shawl for her with.

Firstly, a comment about the pattern. This is NOT an easy pattern to read. It has lace on both sides (rather than on one side, which is much preferable), and it doesn’t have a chart. 96 rows of lace typed out. Great… Good thing I have many stitch markers… And one other thing. Three of the instructions are yfwrd (yarn forward), yrn (yarn around needle) and yon(yarn over needle). These do not all mean ‘create one stitch by wrapping the yarn around the needle in the conventional manner. The yon means to create a stitch between a purl stitch and a knit stitch in the usual manner. Yfwd means to create a stitch between two knit stitches or two purl stitches (the only one of these I would call a standard instruction). Yrn apparently means to bring the yarn from the back to the front by going under the needle (as in, you do this all the time between purl and knit stitches, why does this need an instruction???). So between a knit and purl stitch, you need to do a yfwd yrn. Maybe this is just me, but it seems like a lot of overkill. Ok, rant over now. Onto the pretty pictures 🙂

Have a pretty picture of a lovely pile of my stitch markers because I had to move them around and they looked amazing 🙂

Now onto the shawl itself. I have finally managed to work out what is going on with the pattern in general, which has sped things up some 🙂 This is after 49 rows, (and I don’t know how many tinkings…)


WIP Wednesday- giant socks edition

So, err, hi again! *waves awkwardly!* Radio silence for over a month! Wow. So much stuff has gone on here since then! I am now working for the University of Bristol, and have somewhere to live. The commute is somewhat annoying (have you seen how hilly Bristol is??? Scary.), but apart from that, life is pretty good. I’m still getting the hang of working life and everything, so I haven’t been doing much else. Although I have found a new knitting group that meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month (I’m writing this yesterday, on Tuesday), and a bike volunteering project starting next Tuesday to go to, so I’m starting to do more things.

I have still been working on Christmas presents, in particular a pair of very nice patterned socks, which I (naturally) paired with a far too busy yarn for the pattern.

Ahh well, it all looks good. My friend is a very happy Hufflepuff, so naturally I found the closest yarn to yellow and brown I could find. And then because she has giant feet (note to self: only befriend people with small feet from now on, they’re much easier to knit socks for!) I did the ribbing in blue (because I am totally a ravenclaw).

If I’d been thinking properly, I would’ve done the toes and heel in blue as well, but I didn’t think about that. So far one sock is done, and I’ve just finished past the heel on the second sock. Why do large socks have to take so long to knit?????

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