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FO Friday- Christmas cards

All the Christmas cards have bnow been finished (probably!) I need 13 (well, 12 if I get away with giving my parents a shared card), and I’ve made 12!

I showed the first 6 last week, and then I completed another 6 this week. Somehow I have lots of free time (despite feeling massively busy all the time???)

Anyway, onto the snowflake cards!

I’m not wildly keen on this design (I dissect everything, clearly. Why can’t I just smile, wave and move on???). I feel that there are too many lines in the innermost star, and I really didn’t like stitching the outer bits. Ahh well, pretty card, lesson learnt!

This one was great fun to stitch, although I’m less impressed with the final outcome. It also looks wildly different from the original hole punching, which I find very amusing!!!

And finally:I love this one! The hearts are cute, and the inner circle was great fun to stitch 🙂 I even think I prefer the snowflake this way around, rather than having the point on top 🙂


And so now these are finished, I can start a new project at my desk… check back on Sunday to see what it is (hint: it’s an old one I’m digging out of the UFO pile…)

FO Friday- Christmas cards the first edition

So, this post should come as very little surprise to most of you, but the first load of my Christmas cards are now finished! Woot! What do you think of them all???

The first pattern I did is a holly wreath. Looking at it now, I think it would be better with the ribbon at the bottom (can I just be happy with what I did, and not pick it apart already please???)!

The berries are gorgeous, and I love them!

Then I did some with candles. I like these, although punching the holes for the candle proved slightly awkward, and didn’t work on one of them. Fixed the problem though, and again, love the berries! This pattern didn’t have specific holes for the berries, but there we go. Still worked well.

Wow the candles look wonky in this picture! I assure you, in real life they are perfectly straight.

The final design (this one is definitely my fav, and also my mum’s) is a sort of flower. I especially love the spirally bit down the side, but the flower is also gorgeous 🙂

I almost would prefer this flower to be on the left, but it’s still very pretty (Why? Am? I? Never? Satisfied???)


So, everyone. Which is your favourite???

Start-it Sunday

Yes, I have just invented this. 😀 Just on the spur of the moment, since I have today started something new, so why not.

More form-a-line cards! This will be the second Christmas set this year, which is useful since I need 12 cards to give various people. And there are 6 cards in each set. I think I’m slightly rambling, I didn’t quite get enough sleep last night!

So, onto the cards. This is the first one I’ve started

This set is three different snowflakes, which is a change from the last set (they weren’t quite finished in time for this Friday, so I’ll schedule a FO Friday post for next Friday. That I hope to schedule today, since my next week is crazy busy. Scheduling posts is so fun and useful!)

This is the front of the form-a-lines book which tells you how to sew each of the cards. It gives a general idea of what the cards will look like, although eagle-eyed readers may notice that the snowflake I’m currenty stitching isn’t aligned the same way. Not quite sure what happened there, quality control missed a bit!

Right, I’m off then. Crazy busy! See you all later

Hey guys!

So, I’m back now. And despite not having any time to write last week (deadlines are a bitch!) I did find enough time to do quite a lot of my sweater. Here is where it’s at now:


I’m doing both the sleeves at the same time, as I need to decrease every inch and I don’t really want to count rows twice! So I’m fudging it, but both sides will be the same because I’m doing them together

I also found time to stitch up this cute Christmas Card- my laptop needed to upgrade to Windows 8.1, so while it was busy doing that I made this little thing! It’s a very quick stitch all in all 🙂


And… that’s about it for me! I’ve either been busy working, or busy knitting (or procrastinating, but let’s not go there!). Which, all in all makes for a rather boring blog post! So, some more hints for November’s block…hmm…

The main characters of this tale are:

the bad guy (a wolf. In some versions, a second wolf is also included)

the main characters (a little girl and her grandmother)

the supporting character (a huntsman on the hunt for the wolf)

Let’s see what people make of these!

Next week I’ll reveal the fairy tale, and hopefully the finished jumper. Wish me luck!


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