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Second top I’ve ever knitted finished!

And rather strangely, it’s the first to be photographed. I just never got around to photographing Sea Breeze, and since she is currently in Salisbury (along with my camera charger, I hope….)you will just have to wait for a bit to see her.
But here is Susan!

Me looking a trifle self-conscious in that photo...

Me looking a trifle self-conscious in that photo…

Hmm, seems a bit far away there. Let’s have one with a bit more zoom, shall we?

Susan4I’m rather glad that it’s over, although it was great fun to knit 🙂 It was blocking (I just prodded it into shape- I don’t think there’s any point using pins since it’s going to get out of shape anyway as soon as it gets washed!) for about 2 days, before I got bored and used a hair dryer to finish it! Not that there’s much point, I need to wait until summer to wear it anyway! Bring on the sunshine!

So, what have you all finished recently? It really is a brilliant feeling, isn’t it?

Colourful floss bobbins

I went through a phase of looking at pretty boxes of floss (such lovely colours!). While I was doing that, I came across this post from Wild Olive, which had a printable of decorated bobbins. Not needing any more bobbins, I ignored it.

Fast forward a bit…maybe a year? My lovely sister found a box of random (really old Anchor) flosses in a charity shop, and brought them home for me to play around with.  Rather than wind them all around floss bobbins, I decided to leave them in their starting skeins as long as possible. However, now it has gotten to the stage where some of them are rather tatty, and could do with sorting out. Rather than using the boring spare bobbins I have, I decided to jazz them up a little. Using that post as inspiration, and some spare colourful pens I got for revision, this is the result

Lovely colourfullness :)

Lovely colourfullness 🙂

I especially like the one with the eye-patch :). They’re a bit difficult to see here, so here are some individual shots

Cheeky Bobbin

Cheeky Bobbin

Pirate Bobbin

Pirate Bobbin

Happy Bobbin

Happy Bobbin

Sad Bobbin

Sad Bobbin

Shocked Bobbin

Shocked Bobbin

I think they’ll be very happy when they’re all flossed up and ready to work 🙂

Speaking of which, I’m off to go and do just that. And then maybe some cross stitch for good measure


Well, that’s the first week of my final year at Uni finished with. I’m sure that I was supposed to spend more time actually working on the maths than I was, but meh. If the lecturers aren’t going to teach new stuff, I’m not going to waste my time revising stuff that I’ve seen so many times it’s written in indelible ink in my brain. I CAN’T forget this stuff, so obviously, I can’t see how anyone else can. *sighs*. But, that does mean that I’ve been busy crafting 🙂

So, I finished all the cards:

They don’t seem to fit in with the other cards, but hey, they were great fun to make 🙂

Soooooooo cute 🙂 And great fun to sew

And of course, you have to see the complete set

Really lovely set to sew, may do these again for any other cat lovers in my life

So, they were the first lot to get finished. I did 7 cards in a week. Not including the weekend- some people may have been shouted at on Friday evening, but I wanted them finished dammit! And they were finished 🙂

So, on Saturday, I wanted something small. After all, I’d just spent two weeks on those cats, I wanted something fast. So I got out one of my other keyrings, started it…and promptly remembered why I hadn’t done a second one before now. But, I persevered with the remarkably knotty yarn, the unlikely orange rather than red , and the tiny holes involved in 18 count aida, and got this:

The stitches are *really* squished in this 😦

I mean, seriously, who uses orange for a robin RED-breast??? Ahh well, all in all not the best cross stitching I’ve done *sighs*. This is likely to get sent to my grand-dad’s new girlfriend, just so it gets out of my life fairly permanently :P. Or maybe my mum. We shall see.

I only had a very little bit left on my Uncle’s hand warmers, so they were finished then (since I’d actually been to the yarn shop for the rest of the yarn I needed…)

Yay, finished too!

So they are ready to be packaged up with my aunt’s and sent off (nearer Christmas, obviously!).

So, having decided that that was enough IG crafting for a while, I started my Granddad’s bookmark, which is going to be very colourful. I haven’t really gotten anywhere with it yet (just the gold border), so no pic of that for you this week. However, this is a taste of how colourful it’s going to be, here’s my box of colour

All the colourfulness needed for my Granddad’s bookmark 🙂

Phew! A rather hectic week for crafting, hopefully next week will be too :). And hopefully next week I’ll remember to post on Saturday evening! See ya, and happy crafting

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