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…And the deadlines start piling up!

I have pretty much a week left to finish my dad’s Cthulhu mittens- I’ve decided in the interest of my sanity that I won’t attempt to also make him a card- I’ll save that for Father’s Day! However, I started them a week ago (after buying more yarn) and so, I would’ve liked to have one finished by now…nope. However, I am more than half way through, and I’m about to start the decreases, so the rest shouldn’t take too long (yeah, I know- famous last words!)

Digital StillCamera

(I’m showing the palm of this one because I showed the back the other week, and thought that another one might be a bit boring, since I haven’t changed anything!)

It probably would be finished by now, except that one of my housemates is leaving soon, and so I wanted to make her a card, for everyone to sign. So that has been taking up most of my free time. But now all the cross stitching has been finished, so I just need to finish off the backstitching (wohoo!)

Digital StillCameraWell, back to the cross stitching station for me! Does anyone have any good tips about finishing things a decent amount of time before they’re needed? 😛


Too-small mittens

So, for the most part this week I have been concentrating solely on a pair of Cthulhu mittens, as part of my dad’s birthday. Yesterday, I finished the first one… and it’s too small 😦  However, I still think that the design I modified looks totally awesome 🙂

So, all I need to do now is redo it, this time in a larger needle. I have a couple of other modifications I want to make (about the design on the palm) so this attempt wasn’t a complete waste of time. I think that I want to do a pair for me as well, so that’s something to think about after my dad’s pair are finished.

After realising that that one was too small, I didn’t really want to think about it, but I still wanted to do something, so I pulled out my colourful socks again. I’ve now nearly finished the increases for the foot 🙂

Digital StillCamera

Some crafting, and a quandry

So, I finished January’s block (in the end I had to frog everything which was out… *sigh*)

So here is January’s block, and what I’ve started of April’s. Hopefully I’ll do some more on this this weekend.

Digital StillCamera

And here is everything I’ve done so far. I’m still hoping (maybe a little naively…) that I can finish the whole thing this year, including the border. But every time I’ve caught up so far, they go and release another block! Although I did start in February, so the fact I’ve caught up means I should be able to finish it…clearly I need to spend some more time with it!

Digital StillCamera

I’ve also cast on my dad’s mittens. I’m making him a few small nerdy bits- the Don’t Panic post it cover from a previous post, and a pair of mittens. I was also going to knit him a lotr inspired kindle cover, but I don’t think that he would use it, as he already has a commercial kindle cover *mutter mutter*. There will also be a hand-stitched card related to the Hunger Games, which should be fun 🙂

Digital StillCamera

And now for the quandary- I was cross stitching the pokemon for a friend of mine, only it seems that he is…I don’t really know what. It seems like he doesn’t want to come see me over the summer, which *shrugs* I’m a bit upset about, but it’s the way he refused- he can’t come see me because he’s busy moving, and he doesn’t want me to come down and help him move because he won’t be moving all the time… way to massively insult my intelligence, I think. So I’m kinda thinking of just posting what I’ve done of it to him, so he can finish it up. After all, I’ve got better things to do than spend most of my free time for the next four years cross stitching something for someone who can do that. Do you guys think I’m over-reacting? Or what? Suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated!

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