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Crafting withdrawal

So, on Friday night, I realised that I hadn’t done any crafting since last Sunday. Which was because my week had been crazy busy, but that’s still completely unacceptable! Then, I realised how late it was, and went to bed…

Saturday I got up, and really didn’t want to get on with the blanket (yes, I am well aware that it’ll hang over me until it’s done, but still… I’ll get to it this week. Scouts honour), so instead I started some Dorset button brooches I’m making as presents this year.

buttonThe first one wasn’t great, so I undid it and tried again

button1A smidge wonky, but good enough for this 🙂 After that, I figured I’d done enough on presents, and moved onto my scrap blanket.

scrappy1I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve done so far. I’m thinking another two stripes (so the overall thing will be about twice the length) and it will be an excellent lap blanket for when I’m watching TV. One thing I’m now thinking of is the edging. I don’t want an icord edging, but it definitely needs something…hmm…maybe something crocheted? I’ll have a look at what’s on ravelry I guess. Any ideas?


Dorset buttons take 2

So apparently my buttons are a little tricky to see(oops, sorry!), so here’s another photo of them 🙂


Also, I was busy yesterday completely making the first (well, technically second, but one was finished a while ago) pin cushions for my mum. What do you all think of this one? I think it’s utterly adorable, if a little plain 🙂crownAnd here’s a sideways view of it

crown2This one is destined to go on my mum’s sewing machine (attached by velcro so when there are multiple pin cushions, she can swap and change as she wants to 🙂 ) to remind her that even when it’s going wrong, she’s still the queen of it all 🙂

I totally blame creative pixie for this… :)

After finishing my butterfly, she suggested I start a new craft. Well, how could I refuse? Exactly, I couldn’t 🙂

A while ago, I got a kit showing me how to make Dorset buttons, along with three rings and some thread (DMC perle cotton) to make some. I’d actually forgotten all about them, until I was digging through my fabric stash, and found the kit (yeah, my stash is all over the place 🙂 )

So, naturally, I had to make them. The first one was a bit too crowded

DorestI used 12 spokes, because that was how many there were on the front cover picture. It’s way too crowded, so for the next two rings, I used 8 instead. Here they are all together

Dorset2Unfortunately, there are only 3 rings in a pack, but I’m totally hooked on this new craft. I’m going to get some more, when I can get to a crafting shop which sell rings.

And now? I’m again stuck on what to do *sigh*. I guess I need to get on with figuring out my mum’s birthday present before I go home next week and can actually get around to making them!

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