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And another one bites the dust

Another Christmas present has been finished! I’m getting slightly fidgety at how well it’s all going… I’m completely on track, which I think I think is less like me than it actually is. Although I can’t be bothered to go through the blog to see if everything was done on time last year or the year before, so I’ll leave it all there.

tomchristmas1Tom’s Advent calender is completely finished, which is good because my self-impsoed deadline for posting it is tomorrow 🙂 I already have plans about how to improve this (next year I’ll try to embroider numbers on it, in some sort of glittery thread), and however Tom thinks it could be improved upon 🙂

I also got my piece of embroidery back from the framers on Monday, so yay for that! I’m visiting my aunt at the begnning of December, so I’ll give it to her then, rather than post it, but it’s good to have it ready here.

wendy2Now on to the next present- a cushion for my American pen-pal. I have a week and a half to finish this is, as we agreed to post presents to each other at the start of December, to make sure they arrive on time. This gives me a week to make a number of squares(I’m doing pansies as she said that her favourite colours are green, yellow and purple), then next weekend I can get a cushion pad and make the back and sew it all together.

I hope that all your Christmas preparations are going as well as mine seem to be right now 🙂


Christmas Present the First

Hey guys, I’ve finished a Christmas present!!! (About time too, apparently we only have 91 days until Christmas…). Now all I need to do is find a frame for it somewhere… any suggestions? And convince myself that I can give it away…imgp0548Now, onto the crochet blanket I need to make 🙂

I am back!

After spending the summer with my aunt (sho doesn’t have unlimited internets, so I was restricted to just using the web for my work), I am now back and busily crafting away. How is it September already?!? Christmas is just around the corner, and I have nothing finished… (excpet my to-do list!). One of my friends is going to Japan at the end of November, and so her present (a crochet attic24 blanket) needs to be done by around about the middle of November, so I can postit to her before she goes. However, I don’t have the yarn for that yet (I ordered it on Tuesday), and so I’ve been getting on with another Christmas present, this one for the aunt I went to stay with. It’s so pretty! Naturally, I want to keep it to myself, but I’m sure my aunt will like it 🙂


I have also been crafting over the summer, and have a bit to show you all! There is a finished pair of socks (of course!), and a nearly finished other sock, using the longitudonal pattern. It’s so fun! It produces a completely different pooling effect, which is why I’m using it- I didn’t like how it pooled when knitting normally, but this garter stitch is lovely 🙂 I haven’t taken any photos of them yet, so I’ll show them off later.

There has also been some cross stitching- not very much as there was a 5 year old around as well, which meant I didn’t want to get into the technicalities of a pattern and threads etc etc etc, but I have done a few stockings.




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