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FO Friday- blanket edition

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and non-binary peeps. The epic blanket of scrappy awesomeness is officially done. (I say officially because I intend to keep adding random hexagons to it, it just isn’t going to be steadily worked on any more).

This blanket has been more than a year and a half in the making, and I am ridiculously proud of myself for finishing the thing. I’m not quite sure how much it weighs (the bathroom scales say ~400g, the kitchen scales say 450+g). It has 161 hexagons and I’m going to have to list all the yarns it uses…

purple (solid) (used up)



Lorian Quinn (used up)

Silvanis Wrenn (used up)


Lia (used up)


the other Hermione sock yarn

hand warmers (used up)

sea stripes (used up)

dark purple bright

orange and red bright

high viz (used up)

zombie(used up)

stripes (used up)

green cameo (used up)

sunshine (used up)


the other purple one (used up)

light purple

red mixed

dark and bright (used up)

Ok, I think that’s all of them. 23 yarns used, 13 used up. Wow. I’m impressed with that. (Btw, if anyone wants more detail on any of the yarns I mentioned here, let me know and I can give you the proper info on them! Most are listed on my ravelry projects).

And my favourite hexagon? One from yarn that I haven’t actually mentioned here. I used Regia hand-spun effect for a single hexagon, and so didn’t really think that I should mention it as yarn used up.

I just love that gradient. The perfect little hexi 😀

More details about this blanket: I used 1.5mm needles (big mistake. Won’t do that again. Those things HURT!) I sat on the needles twice while making this, both times at KnitSoc. The needles I used are Karbonz, and tbh I won’t get them again. The idea behind karbonz, for those who don’t know, is that the main part of the needle is rough, so your stitches stick to it and don’t slide off, but the tip is metal so the stitches do slide easily and so you can knit faster with less effort. Great idea, but not so great in practice. The tips have a habit of coming loose (some of my needles I had to re-glue several times), and the carbon part splits and small flecks break away, resulting in a needle with a jump in size from the middle to the edge which is really awkward to slide the stitches to knit. But hey ho, lesson learnt I guess!

I do also have plans for future scrap work: my next project is going to be a garter stitch entrelac rectangle to sew to one side of a pillow case. I want to do it sideways so there aren’t any triangles, and it’s going to be on 2mm needles. Excellent excuse to buy another 2mm circ 🙂

The scarf is finished!

And currently blocking 🙂

IMGP0465(Note to self: get blocking wires)

Whew. This was an Advent MKAL, which I mainly managed to keep up with. I missed a few of the pattern days because I didn’t like the pattern, but I’m loving the overall size. It’s slightly taller than I am, and 10 inches wide, and I *think* I have enough of this yarn left over to make Frost at Midnight. Hmm, we’ll see.

This scarf was originally intended for my aunt, for Christmas this year. However, when my mum and I met her before Christmas, she mention that she doesn’t like mohair, because of how it gets up her nose. Right. New plan: I keep this scarf (woot!), and make her another one, in non-mohair yarn. Until my mum thought that I was really sad about this, and commented that she’d like it. Fine, my mum gets this one, my aunt gets another (I have enough beads), and I either make myself one, or that cardigan. We’ll see, I’ve got lots to do before then!

Either way, this is one present finished this year, so yay about that!

Friday Flurry of Finishes

The first is just my sister’s graduation card, finally put onto a card!


I’ve also finished socks


and more socks!


I also knitted myself a cover for my earphones


That was very annoying, and I hope that I don’t break these earphones any time soon!

And finally, a set of pyjamas ready for Winter. They’ll be living in Salisbury, and so next time I’ll be going home is for Christmas, so I needed to finish them. Ta-da!


Since these pyjamas are a big thing, I’ll be continuing my habit of discussing what I learnt from this project.

  • Sewing machines don’t like sewing over 4 layers of fleece!
  • If something doesn’t seem to be running right, stop and figure it out. Don’t keep going until it becomes a big problem!
  • Gathers aren’t so bad. Sewing them is a right pain, however!
  • If a gather seems rather large, stick a finger in the middle of it and scrunch it down into a few smaller ones
  • Fleece doesn’t fray. Which is wonderful when the machine decides it’s tasty and makes a hole 😦
  • Mums are magic! I can’t remember what mine fixed for me this time around, but still, it’s always worth mentioning!
  • Pins don’t hurt, so stop moaning about it!
  • Don’t sew Winter clothes in the Summer, when it’s a right pain trying them on!

I think that’s everything this time!

I totally blame creative pixie for this… :)

After finishing my butterfly, she suggested I start a new craft. Well, how could I refuse? Exactly, I couldn’t 🙂

A while ago, I got a kit showing me how to make Dorset buttons, along with three rings and some thread (DMC perle cotton) to make some. I’d actually forgotten all about them, until I was digging through my fabric stash, and found the kit (yeah, my stash is all over the place 🙂 )

So, naturally, I had to make them. The first one was a bit too crowded

DorestI used 12 spokes, because that was how many there were on the front cover picture. It’s way too crowded, so for the next two rings, I used 8 instead. Here they are all together

Dorset2Unfortunately, there are only 3 rings in a pack, but I’m totally hooked on this new craft. I’m going to get some more, when I can get to a crafting shop which sell rings.

And now? I’m again stuck on what to do *sigh*. I guess I need to get on with figuring out my mum’s birthday present before I go home next week and can actually get around to making them!

Woot! I did it!

I finished my butterfly!!!! Woot!!!!! I’m ridiculously happy with it- I think it’s great, and since I’m going home soon, I’ll be able to find a nice frame and frame it soon 🙂

Here it is in all it’s un-ironed glory:


In case you can’t read the writing, it says ‘The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough’ … ‘Just like the butterfly, I too will awake in my own time!’

I’m ridiculously happy that it is now finished, and soon I have have it up on my wall 🙂

What to do now…what to do now? What do you do immediately after finishing a (relatively!) large project? I don’t feel like starting anything big again right now, I think I’ll stick to cards for a while 🙂

FO Friday- finally I manage it!

So for once I actually manage to both have something finished and post about it on Friday!

I finished my juggling balls!!!


Yes, I can juggle. No, you’re not going to get a video of me juggling on here. Yes, those are some Karbonz knitting needles in the top corner. Yes, they will be showing up later, along with some other lovelies 😀

I am pretty darn impressed with my balls:) Some of the corners are pretty damn good, even if I do say so myself


but some leave something to be desired. Ahh well, I clearly need lots more practice!!

juggle4Lots and lots more practice! So, naturally I’m already digging through my limited fabric stash for some more to make some awesome juggling balls with. I’ve got some gorgeous Christmassy fabric I think will be used next 🙂

But that’s something for another post. I’m off to do some juggling 🙂

Finished Object Saturday… Getting there?

So maybe next time will be posted on Friday?

This could’ve been posted on Friday, but I wanted to wait until I gave the recipient her gift before showing it off here 🙂


I actually managed to knit the entire cozy (including a gauge swatch!!!) in one day. Actually, I cheated a little on the swatch- the swatch is doubling up as the bit that holds the bow in place, so yay for double duty! This was knit in DK yarn (no idea on needle size, other than ‘quite small’) flat, and seamed afterwards. The seam is then hidden in the bow bit.

I’ve also been hard at work knitting my cardigan with lots of cables (which was put on hold a while back *cough* July *cough* ) and have just finished my first sleeve 🙂

cable1The actual purple colour is more red than this, but it’s quite difficult to photo accurately. But anyway, I have finished some of it 🙂 Onto the other sleeve now 🙂

Well, that’s all I’ve been working on so far. I’m planning on starting something for a swap, so there won’t be any photos of that while it’s going on *waves to squarebird*.

Also, just a quick note to say that I haven’t forgotten that I’ve got a knitmeter which is saying that I haven’t knit anything this year, I’m waiting on an electric scales so I can get accurate measurements 🙂


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