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TRANSfiguration Tuesday: OLAS cardigan episode 2

OLAS is now officially finished!!!!!!!! The mods my spinning group gave me worked beautifully, and now I’m all snazzily dressed up in a nice warm cabled cardigan. So, want to see a before and after?

Have a bonus one because I’m in love with the length on this thing!!!!

So, what mods did I make???

  • Took out another 6 stitches in the shoulders. Apparently I have thinner shoulders than most cis guys (this is probably a combination of afab and short(ish) 😛
  • Removed *12 rows* in the shoulder shaping in the sleeves. I’m ridiculously impressed with this. This involved decreasing a lot faster, so I had another 2 rows of cast off 3, then decreased every row instead of every other row, and had 2 rows of cast off 4 before the final cast off. Like, this seems insane. But now it fits and it was so much easier to sew in (yay for practice!)
  • Goofed up a cable but we’re not talking about that because I don’t think it’s that noticeable when it’s on. I just wanted to point out that this thing isn’t perfect (even though I don’t care because I love it that much).


Until this cardigan, I was purely basing which size I make off the bust measurement (tbf, this is my first cardigan after top surgery, it makes more sense than it sounds now!). In future, I’m definitely going to look at more of the sizes on the schematic. And measure all of me at some point. I’m still looking for a decent record sheet for that, and I’ll be sure to link it here when I find a good one!

FO Friday- blanket edition

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and non-binary peeps. The epic blanket of scrappy awesomeness is officially done. (I say officially because I intend to keep adding random hexagons to it, it just isn’t going to be steadily worked on any more).

This blanket has been more than a year and a half in the making, and I am ridiculously proud of myself for finishing the thing. I’m not quite sure how much it weighs (the bathroom scales say ~400g, the kitchen scales say 450+g). It has 161 hexagons and I’m going to have to list all the yarns it uses…

purple (solid) (used up)



Lorian Quinn (used up)

Silvanis Wrenn (used up)


Lia (used up)


the other Hermione sock yarn

hand warmers (used up)

sea stripes (used up)

dark purple bright

orange and red bright

high viz (used up)

zombie(used up)

stripes (used up)

green cameo (used up)

sunshine (used up)


the other purple one (used up)

light purple

red mixed

dark and bright (used up)

Ok, I think that’s all of them. 23 yarns used, 13 used up. Wow. I’m impressed with that. (Btw, if anyone wants more detail on any of the yarns I mentioned here, let me know and I can give you the proper info on them! Most are listed on my ravelry projects).

And my favourite hexagon? One from yarn that I haven’t actually mentioned here. I used Regia hand-spun effect for a single hexagon, and so didn’t really think that I should mention it as yarn used up.

I just love that gradient. The perfect little hexi 😀

More details about this blanket: I used 1.5mm needles (big mistake. Won’t do that again. Those things HURT!) I sat on the needles twice while making this, both times at KnitSoc. The needles I used are Karbonz, and tbh I won’t get them again. The idea behind karbonz, for those who don’t know, is that the main part of the needle is rough, so your stitches stick to it and don’t slide off, but the tip is metal so the stitches do slide easily and so you can knit faster with less effort. Great idea, but not so great in practice. The tips have a habit of coming loose (some of my needles I had to re-glue several times), and the carbon part splits and small flecks break away, resulting in a needle with a jump in size from the middle to the edge which is really awkward to slide the stitches to knit. But hey ho, lesson learnt I guess!

I do also have plans for future scrap work: my next project is going to be a garter stitch entrelac rectangle to sew to one side of a pillow case. I want to do it sideways so there aren’t any triangles, and it’s going to be on 2mm needles. Excellent excuse to buy another 2mm circ 🙂

Two FOs from last week!

Well, I clearly have been busy this last week (the internet was out so it was really difficult to do my work 😦 )

First off, I (nearly) finished the cross stitch Stained Glass, or at least p.1!

page1finishThere are still a couple of stitches in the bottom left corner which I haven’t done, this is because I don’t want to miscount (no grid lines? I too like to live dangerously!), so I’ll do them when we get to the page underneath.


I also finished the pile of shawl from the last post, and here it is in all it’s blacking glory

GlitzyThe sparkly bits are beads (and yes, there were a lot of them!) The knitting pattern for it is here. It’s a very lovely knit, the main shawl body is easy enough to remember while you get your head around the beads, and the edging is just gorgeous (there are better pics through the link!)

So, that’s what’s been finished. Immediately after finishing the shawl, I cast on for a blanket. But rather than be sensible, and working from the bottom up, or whatever, I decided to be different, and cast on 285 stitches, to make one giant mitred square… yeah,this is so far beyond the line between bravery and stupidity that it’s just a very faint shadow on the horizon, as not only am I dealing with a frankly ridiculous number of stitches, I’m doing colourwork. Yeah. So I have 5 balls of coloured yarn, each with both ends attached to a different section of the blanket, and then 11 little balls of black yarn between them. The only good thing about this blanket (other than the fact it’s going to be totally epic when it’s finished) is that it’s basically being knit in chunky (well, DK held double) yarn on 6mm needles, so each row (which takes about half an hour, at the moment!), actually gives noticeable progress! No pic yet, unfortunately, I haven’t dug it out from under the blanket it sleeps under- I daren’t move it off the bed!- and it’s a little bit scary, even for me! I’ll try to remember to take a photo of it when I bring it out to work on it one day, but it might not be this work- I’m off to Warwick for a conference, which should be really good fun, but I won’t get back until late on Thursday!

Testing, testing, can I get pictures to work now?

So, I know, I completely didn’t post last week. I tried to, but the internet here refused to let me upload pictures, so I left it, and completely forgot to try again later. Oops! So I scrapped that post, and then wrote this one. Let’s see if pictures work now!

So, remember the last time we met, I kinda gave up on the idea of knitting both the mittens for my dad (he loves the idea, which is great 🙂 )? Well, it turns out that that was a good idea, as even the larger size was too small! So I now have to knit another pair of mittens, this time with some more stitches and rows of ribbing. Which is great and everything, as it’ll mean he has a pair of handknit mittens which he’ll actually wear! But I’ve massively had enough of that patten and yarn right now! So what I’m thinking is to give myself a bit of a break, work on what I want to, and then maybe in the beginning of July start the pair properly. And hopefully by them figure out what to do for everyone for Christmas!

I also haven’t done anything else for the OUAT SAL, which is really annoying, as soon I’ll be three designs down, having done just a small part of May’s chart! However, this isn’t because I’ve lost interest, but rather I started another SAL, and have been enjoying that. Here is my progress so far on Stained Glass:


I’m stitching it up on 20-count aida, since I have decided that I don’t particularly like even-weave. When it’s done, I’m thinking of spending the following year colouring it in brightly, using blending filament to add some sparkle 🙂

I have managed to finish my other housemates card, as well. This was giving me kittens, for some bizarre reason, as she isn’t leaving till the end of July! But I am now glad that it’s done, even though it was lovely to stitch.


My aunts birthday is the last one I’m making anything for, and so I decided to carry on the elephant scheme! This is Suzie, the elephant-kangaroo hybrid, and Nelly(well, one of them had to be Nelly!) her finger puppet daughter! I think that they are utterly cute and adorable, even though Suzie’s legs were really awkward to stitch- my advice? Just go for it!


I have also been doing some knitting- I finished another pair of socks! Yay! I now have 8 pairs with (you guessed it!) another one on the needles! I did these two at a time, as I wanted them to completely match! Pretty successful plan, even if I do say so myself!Liasocks3

Naturally, I’ve already started another pair, which are probably going to be exclusively knitted on trains- I’m going to be travelling around a bit in the next few weeks, and I’ve been to Manchester yesterday for a conference. Very interesting.

I’ve also started (ad nearly finished) a shawl- Glitz at the Ritz. I’m doing it in a nice purple colour, with silver beads. It’s gotten so big that there isn’t any point me showing you a picture- all it look like is a puddle of knitting! I can’t wait to finish this and see what it looks like properly!

Well, that’s all from me that I can think of (yay for pictures working again!)

Second top I’ve ever knitted finished!

And rather strangely, it’s the first to be photographed. I just never got around to photographing Sea Breeze, and since she is currently in Salisbury (along with my camera charger, I hope….)you will just have to wait for a bit to see her.
But here is Susan!

Me looking a trifle self-conscious in that photo...

Me looking a trifle self-conscious in that photo…

Hmm, seems a bit far away there. Let’s have one with a bit more zoom, shall we?

Susan4I’m rather glad that it’s over, although it was great fun to knit 🙂 It was blocking (I just prodded it into shape- I don’t think there’s any point using pins since it’s going to get out of shape anyway as soon as it gets washed!) for about 2 days, before I got bored and used a hair dryer to finish it! Not that there’s much point, I need to wait until summer to wear it anyway! Bring on the sunshine!

So, what have you all finished recently? It really is a brilliant feeling, isn’t it?

Alex, in all her finished glory!


This is Alex. Originally, for some bizarre reason, she was a ‘Bruno’. At least, that’s what the box says. Her name change is a bit of a funny one really; as soon as I saw the box, I knew that she couldn’t be that masculine. Alex was the first gender-neutral name I came up with, as from the pictures on the box, I figured she could be a guy, just not one masculine enough to be called Bruno. She’s got a neck-tie with flowers on it, for one thing! Then I finished crocheting her, and last weekend I finally got around to sewing her up. And then I realized that she couldn’t ever be male, and so she is a female Alex! I hope that the woman who will be getting her as a Christmas present likes her, she has a lot of teddies so I’m sure Alex will fit right in!

Have another picture of her, just because I love her

Alex2She’s a bit lopsided, but I think she’s not bad at all, for my first attempt at a teddy bear! She also has a blue tail, but I didn’t think to take a photo of that, so you only get the front view.

She’s also my first attempt at crochet, which I have decided is absolutely wonderful. I’ve already started something else in crochet; I’m making a set of jug covers for my parents for Christmas, some of which will be crocheted, and others will be knitted. More on them later on, when I finish one!

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