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On my needles right now…

I currently have 4 things on-going, all of which involve needles in some way.

Firstly, my scrappy blanket. I’ve added about another row now (I’m averaging about 1 square each evening which my mum and I watch various TV things from about 4pm to bedtime with a break for dinner), and it’s coming along well. I’ve nearly finished my bag of scraps and will then move onto the new bag.

Yes, this is the same pic as last time. I haven’t quite finished the next row and trying to take a photo of it is even worse than this pic. Better pics to come when it’s cool enough to work on this again!I’m not prepared to sit under a blanket with this temperature!

I also got around to starting a new cardigan. I’m making a v-neck thing in pieces and seaming it. Except the sleeves. They’re still getting done in the round.

This is just the first sleeve 🙂

The whole body of the cardigan would be done like that but the row count on gauge is different so I’ll have to seam it. Lucky me… BUT- it’s rainbows and sparkly!!!!! Very exciting. This seems to be knitting itself, which is good because I also just started a new cross stitch project…*whistles innocently* But this has now become my evening knitting, so it hasn’t stopped altogether 🙂

So yes, the third project is a large cross stitch piece. It’s a cross stitch HAED(charted for 14-count rather than 25-count), which hasonly just been started. I put the fabric on the cross bars (so much hassle, I dislike doing that by hand…), and I’ve worked out where to start, and acknowledged the fact that I put the fabric on sideways (by accident, but it’s also too wide to go on ‘properly’, so I’m calling that a win). Although this looks like the top left corner, it’s actually the top right. And yes, that does make it rather interesting to stitch! Every time I want a new colour I have to check carefully against the key!

And finally, some Christmas cards. Readers who’ve been here for a while will recall the form-a-lines cards I made a while ago for a Christmas present. Well, this year I’m making them to give as Christmas cards. So far the first 6 cards have been pierced (except for a little bit I seem to have missed), and one design (2 cards)has been completely finished, including gluing a ribbon bow on it. I haven’t stuck the tri-fold-y bit down yet- I’ll do that when all 6 are done. These don’t get worked on all that much- they’re up in my bedroom and I feel kinda awkward staying there during the day in case my mum thinks I’m being anti-social, so usually they get done if I wake up unreasonably early!

There are also two projects which are finished, but not finished-finished. I completed this elephant stamped emboidery in 2 days for my aunt’s birthday in July. All that I need to do now is glue the fabric to the hoop and then some felt over the back to hide all the knots and things. I just forgot to get the felt when I was in town yesterday… oops!

The other is the OUAT monthly SAL. Anyone here remember this?

I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it *lesigh*. I guess that’s what happens when you stitch something because it’s fun, rather than because you want it on your wall. I don’t really know what to do with it…my mum says I should get it framed, but even then, I don’t really have anywhere to put it *lesigh*. I also have this vague plan to sew the individual months as birthday cards, but I have far too many plans for the time I have…what a wonderful problem to have!

Then I suppose there are all the other projects (stained glass, socks, scrappy sock yarn pillow cover…), but they’re not really getting worked on at the moment, so they don’t really count in my mind. At some point I should create a folder or something of all my abandoned projects so I can go back and work on them when I want something but don’t want to start anything new! I would love to finished stained glass, now I’ve remembered I have it…oops!

What a busy week!

So, I didn’t quite manage to finish the page on Stained Glass, but I think it’s fairly close! All that is left now is the bottom right corner, and most of that is blank space!pic8I think it’s coming along very well 🙂 I’m still fairly amazed at how quickly it’s coming together!

This week was also rather productive, and I’m now more than half-way finished with my last Christmas present!

christmasdorothy3This is the second of three designs I’m stitching onto cards for a friend’s Christmas present. This design actually threw me a bit- I don’t really like all the long lines on it, for the stairs, and after I’d done 3, I’d had enough, but apparently this is the design I liked the most and so had to sew it 4 times! Bit annoyed to see the fourth- I thought I’d miscounted the number I’d already done! So I’m now on the final sprint now, just need to finish 3 more, and then stick the backs down to cover the unsightly selotape!

I’ve also cut out the triangles for my juggling balls, but that’s it! I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to sew them up, I’ve got so many other plans (with a deadline!) They might end up getting done over Christmas!

I realised the other say that I don’t have a Christmas jumper, and this is a travesty which much be swiftly resolved! The solution: NaKniSweMo- I’m going to try and knit an entire sweater in November. I already have the yarn- remember my aunt gave me loads of stuff back in April? (Ok, I just looked through this and it turns out I didn’t record the sweater’s worth of red yarn in a wool/acrylic/nylon blend which feels quite nice. Doh!) But anyway, I now have a plan for my first sweater- a Christmassy Nordic one with white patterns on (I’ve got some white sparkly yarn for this, so we’re all set! Yes, this will be my third attempt at my first sweater! Ahh well, I’ll get one finished sooner or later!

Also, someone on here asked what I will start working on when OUAT is finished, and I gave a rather vague answer of ‘something crafty’! I thought that I would expand on that a bit. Recently, I’ve fallen into a routine which works really well- one thing during the week, and another thing over the weekend. So far, that has been Christmas stuff during the week, and OUAT/Stained Glass/a tiny bit of the butterfly over the weekend. Obviously, this is going to go out the window when November comes around and I start on my sweater, but ignoring that, soon I’m going to have fewer demands on my time, as Christmas stuff, and OUAT are nearly finished. I like cross stitching over the weekend- I don’t need to put it down to go into Uni etc, so that will carry on. I’ve got quite a few things I want to stitch, but I think the main things will be Stained Glass/Butterfly/Cat Alphabet (yeah, I got this for Christmas and had the brilliant plan to finish a cat every 2 weeks and have it finished by the end of the year! Ha!) with some smaller bits when I get the urge to finish something already! I also think that cross stitch all the time is going to drive me insane, but I’ve got some ideas for what to do during the week- I want to finish embroidering my  skirt, and I still want to finish my cardigan, and figure out what to do with the red yarn which was going to be a sweater and then didn’t (my gauge lied to me big time so I got annoyed and hid it!), and there’s always more socks to knit! And I’d quite like to learn how to quill, and embroider some designs in hoops as decoration, and, and, and (there’s always more I want to do!) But I do think that the first things to do are my cardigan, and to finished the skirt, so when I’ve finished those I’ll have another re-think!

Ok, so while I was just finding the links for those bits in the previous paragraph, I was forcibly reminded of the insane blanket I’m knitting, which I suppose I ought to do first! Ok, I’ll carry on with that after November, and just take my cardigan home to work on over Christmas! I love having this blog, it’s such a good reminder of what I’m working on! At least, I think that’s everything I’ve got going! (Yes, I am ignoring my yearly plan at the beginning of the year to have the same number of WIPs at the end of the year as when I started, that’s just not going to happen!

So, what do you guys think about this plan? Any massive flaws in it that I can’t see?


October’s Block and nearly finished Christmas presents

So, October’s Block. It’s another ‘classic’ fairy tale, published by the Grimm brothers, and one that I think will be obvious by just a few clues. so…

It starts with a lovely man marrying again, and his new wife and her two daughters bullying his rather more lovely daughter(the main character). She (the main character) meets the prince for a few hours, and leaves an item of clothing behind which prompts a massive search of the entire city to find her again, because naturally in a few hours you can fall totally in love with someone…gotta love those fairy tales!

I think that’s enough information to be getting on with, if it really is more obscure than that I’ll give out some more hints next week (or maybe a pic of the finished thing!) It’s quite awkward to know how much information to give from the side of knowing what the fairly tale is!

So, onto the other half of this post, yes, the Christmas presents are nearly finished! I finished all the coasters! Here’re the ones you didn’t see last time

christmasaunt5 christmasaunt6

I just love that tit in the bird bath!

So that makes two of the three Christmas presents I’m hand-making finished! And I even made a start on the last one- a set of form-a-line cards.

You make these by punching holes in the middle of a tri-fold card (so you can cover the back, which gets a bit messy with selotape!)

christmasdorothy1There are patterns you print off and tape over the card, then you use a pin to punch the hole (into a block of foam!). It gets a little painful after a while, that’s a lot of holes, especially when you decide to be completely insane and punch 10 cards in one day! They’re not all of this pattern, there are three patterns in total, and I did 3-3-4.

Then you follow the instructions for how to sew them, and get something like this

christmasdorothy2They really are loads of fun to do (when you’re finger stops hurting from sticking a pin through card so many times!)


Well, that’s the first week of my final year at Uni finished with. I’m sure that I was supposed to spend more time actually working on the maths than I was, but meh. If the lecturers aren’t going to teach new stuff, I’m not going to waste my time revising stuff that I’ve seen so many times it’s written in indelible ink in my brain. I CAN’T forget this stuff, so obviously, I can’t see how anyone else can. *sighs*. But, that does mean that I’ve been busy crafting 🙂

So, I finished all the cards:

They don’t seem to fit in with the other cards, but hey, they were great fun to make 🙂

Soooooooo cute 🙂 And great fun to sew

And of course, you have to see the complete set

Really lovely set to sew, may do these again for any other cat lovers in my life

So, they were the first lot to get finished. I did 7 cards in a week. Not including the weekend- some people may have been shouted at on Friday evening, but I wanted them finished dammit! And they were finished 🙂

So, on Saturday, I wanted something small. After all, I’d just spent two weeks on those cats, I wanted something fast. So I got out one of my other keyrings, started it…and promptly remembered why I hadn’t done a second one before now. But, I persevered with the remarkably knotty yarn, the unlikely orange rather than red , and the tiny holes involved in 18 count aida, and got this:

The stitches are *really* squished in this 😦

I mean, seriously, who uses orange for a robin RED-breast??? Ahh well, all in all not the best cross stitching I’ve done *sighs*. This is likely to get sent to my grand-dad’s new girlfriend, just so it gets out of my life fairly permanently :P. Or maybe my mum. We shall see.

I only had a very little bit left on my Uncle’s hand warmers, so they were finished then (since I’d actually been to the yarn shop for the rest of the yarn I needed…)

Yay, finished too!

So they are ready to be packaged up with my aunt’s and sent off (nearer Christmas, obviously!).

So, having decided that that was enough IG crafting for a while, I started my Granddad’s bookmark, which is going to be very colourful. I haven’t really gotten anywhere with it yet (just the gold border), so no pic of that for you this week. However, this is a taste of how colourful it’s going to be, here’s my box of colour

All the colourfulness needed for my Granddad’s bookmark 🙂

Phew! A rather hectic week for crafting, hopefully next week will be too :). And hopefully next week I’ll remember to post on Saturday evening! See ya, and happy crafting

The butterfly is done :D

I know, I didn’t think that I’d make it, and it would get hidden somewhere until all the Christmas presents are done, but it’s done. I think I finished it on Tuesday, heaved a massive sigh of relief, and got on with pulling out the waste (much easier with dry waste, as the wet strands split so easily). So, here it is, in all it’s washed, unwasteified glory:

Well, it was fun, but I’m glad it’s over!

Near the end, with the deadline of tomorrow(eek!) looming, it was getting more irritating than fun. But I’m glad I did it, and I really like working on long-term projects, I’ve found! Not that I don’t like the adrenaline rush of finishing an instant-gratification project, but there’s a balance to be had. Unfortunately, there won’t be another long-term thing until after all the Christmas presents are done. Not that I really want a long-term now that Uni is starting again on Monday, and I’ll have to keep picking up/putting down things.

I’m looking forward to Uni starting again, but I’ll miss all the crafting time. I keep being reminded that this year I’ll have to put in a LOT more time, so we’ll have to see how that goes, I certainly don’t want to stop crafting, but the degree must come first, especially as this is the last year…

I took a bit of a break after finishing this, which I really needed! But I started again today, on some more form-a-lines cards. I’m doing the Cats set for my next door neighbour back home. I’ve nearly finished the first design:

Does anyone else see the kitten as being really smug???

Just another two designs to do now, which isn’t going to happen tomorrow! I need to do some reading of maths for my single project, which is really good fun 🙂

So, not really much crafty going on this week- the butterfly was fairly big I suppose, and then I needed the break, although that was coming next week anyway…

Hopefully I’ll still have lots of crafting time *fingers crossed*. Hope you’re all well, and see you next Saturday (if there’s anything worth showing you, anyway…)

So. Much. Craftiness :)

So while I was away from home (and The Creature 🙂 ) for a while, I’ve kinda been offline. And then these last few days I’ve been inundated by a desire to create, rather than ramble about what I’ve created. With the upside of getting So. Much. Craftiness done, it’s amazing, but with the downside of not enough sleep, not getting on with the things I should be getting on with and generally not doing anything else at all. Which has been rather strange, but I think that’s all done now, and it’s out my system… hopefully, at any rate. But enough of that. Want to see what I’ve been up to? Of course you do 🙂

Firstly, I knitted a pair of slippers while I was away (in a day, but like, I knit fast 🙂 )

Made using Snowflake chunky yarn, two balls. I started them 4 times- wrong number of stitches (for the wrong size), wrong size, wrong number of stitches, then finally right:). I should’ve made the size down, but oh well

Then when I came back, I finished off my mum’s cards. There are 10 in total, 3 each in 2 designs, and 4 in the third design. They’re really great fun to make(when all the pricking’s done, at any rate!), and I’m kinda sorry that they’re finished :(. But I’ve got another set to make my next door neighbour for Christmas(different design), so it’s not all doom and gloom. Does anyone else feel sad when they finish a (fairly long) crafting project? It’s never happened to me with anything knitted (maybe because I haven’t really knitted anything big…)

Here are the other two designs sewn on

The tail was such a delight to sew. He is eating a nut, but it’s hard to see, even in real life

That toadstool was such good fun to make, I’m glad that this was the design that had 4 cards made of it!

Then I took a photo of all of them together, and I think that the set works really well. I really do love the attention to detail the form-a-lines team show in all their cards

Such a lovely set of cards to give me mum for her birthday 🙂

And, on top of all that, I’ve carried on making socks(I may have ruined a pair on the washing line…), but they haven’t been photographed (I was far too eager to get them on my feet!), so when I finish the next pair I’ll try to photograph them before putting them on!

I’ve also finished my aunt’s birthday present:

All that backstitch was slightly (okay, a lot) irritating, and I decided to not backstitch the word Magnolia on the bottom of it, just because I’d really had enough by then. But I think it looks pretty nice 🙂

So that’s where I’ve been the last few days. And when I haven’t been crafting, I’ve been organising all my crafting things, and finding lots of other things to do. Why is there never enough time in the day?

Anyone else sew cards?

One of the crafty thing I enjoyed more as a kid was sewing cards. You had a set pattern to follow and the results were generally the same. You probably haven’t heard of them(I haven’t met anyone who has, except the people I’ve told about it), but there’s a website (, where you can buy sewing instructions for all sorts of patterns. They all fit on A6 cards(they’ve got a sister website for square ones), and then off you go. There are a few more technical details than that, but not really.

Form-a-lines say that you can sell the cards, as long as you have a copyright sticker on them(also available on their website), which is just awesome!!!!

You have to punch holes into the card to sew; I use a pin and a block of foam behind the card to protect my leg. I use tri-fold cards, so I can stick one side down and cover up all the evidence of my sewing(ends of threads and selotape holding the ends down). One thing I would say is that pricking more than about 3 cards in one go really hurts your fingers, as I find that using a thimble means you don’t have the precision of the pin that you need.

So for my mum’s birthday, I’m making her a set of 10 cards, using the woodland animal set. So far I’ve managed to prick all the cards (in 3 sittings, and boy did my finger hurt after each of them), and sew two. Wanna see? Of course you do.

One of my mum's birthday cards

Isn’t the cute level, like, over the roof???

I like getting all the pricking out of the way before I start sewing, mainly because I don’t like that bit as much as the sewing. 🙂

The gold thread I use for the cards I generally buy in sewing shops (I find mine with the machine threads, but it works fine) rather than ordering it on-line and having to pay p&p.

The only place I’ve found tri-fold cards is Hobby-craft, which is irritating as we live too far away for me to be able to just pop over and get some more whenever I want, but the p&p is a little steep for me, so I have to stock up on cards whenever we do go. But I do tend to nag the parents rather a lot to go, because there is just So Much Craftiness. It really is a shop I want to live near when I move out. Also, if you buy them at Hobby-craft, they come in a pack you can use to keep them clean/give them away in(if you can bear to part with them!)

The beads I got from a shop in Plymouth, where I go to Uni. Most beads would work, as long as they aren’t too big(I think these are a verging on the big side, but they’re what I’ve got), and there are lots of bead shops on-line(haven’t seen that many in brick-and-mortar shops, which is a shame).

Well, that’s everything from me(but I am very close to finishing my first decent pair of socks, so I’ll show that to you all when I finally get around to finishing them ), so see ya!

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