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My new planner

So this (academic) year, I decided to join York Uni DIY and craft soc. I figured it would b a good way to try out new crafts (still in the air about that one), and the first session was decorating a journal. (Yes, this is all I’ve got to talk to you about, since I doubt you’re interested in seeing more pictures of my blanket, and Christmas presents are still under wraps).

So, we were given a planner each, and decorated papers, washi tape, and felt-tip pens, and told to have fun.

I started by writing each month down the side of the month’s page, and then decorating with something to do with that month. For example, July has flowers(and the butterfly to denote my mum’s birthday)

IMGP0401and December has presents and fireworks (which were supposed to go in November’s month, but I must’ve accidentally turned an extra page)

IMGP0402After that, I decided to decorate the front and back covers. Most people started with them, but I wanted to get my hand in before I did that part

IMGP0399At some point I’m going to colour in the roses with different colours, but they only had felt tip pens and they bled quite a bit, annoyingly.

IMGP0400The mathematical part of my brain decided that diagonally putting washi tape on so the stripes ended up vertical was a good idea. It is really, but I couldn’t quite manage to line them up perfectly. I still like the effect :).

If I’d thought about it some more, I would’ve started it in January, and given it to my dad for Christmas. Ahh well, there’ll be more opportunities for crafty things to make as presents 🙂


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