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An update on everything(nearly…)

Wow, what a wonderful reception to come back to! Thanks everyone!

Firstly, that picture I showed you last time is a giant slice of cake with eyes! The dark pink is jam between the layers of sponge, and the light pink is icing.

Secondly, I had a great time moving, and I now have a chest of drawers to hold all (most!) of my crafting supplies. Here’s a pic of it. (Usually that bag of yarn would be in it as well, I just needed to get at my crochet hooks!)


The top drawer is misc and cross stitch, the other two drawers hold knitting yarn. Not all of it though, as you can see of what’s storied outside of the drawers! No more yarn for me for a while I think!


Not that that’s going to be too much of a problem, as I’ve started making my own! Meet John, my first drop spindle.


I’m completely loving spinning, although it makes my right arm ache if I do too much in one go! And of course, I’ve bought some fabric to make a cover for it! Even if I can’t use my mum’s sewing machine, so I’ll have to do it by hand! I’m thinking a simple bag made out of the blue fabric on top


I’ve also been knitting socks, and have 2 more finished pairs to show off, another pair of jaywalkers


and some rainbow socks I’m calling ‘Pooling, thy name is wtf’


I’ve also started a scrap blanket to use up all my sock yarn scraps from socks. Can you recognise the yarns used so far?


I’ve done more work on my knitted cardigan, but that totally deserves a post of its own, so that’ll come along later on! Another thing I can’t share just yet are Christmas plans- I’ve changed my mind about what I’m doing again, now it involves sewing. But I think that one of my friends is planning on reading this soon, and she’s getting a Christmas present, so that’ll need to be hush-hush until Christmas!

Although, speaking of Christmas, I have started sewing some Christmassy juggling balls, so here’s one ready to be stuffed!


What I’ve been up to whilst at home

With my mum’s sewing machine!

I’ve managed to sew the main pieces of a dressmakers dummy pin-cushion. It doesn’t really look right, but I’ll chalk it up to experience and maybe make a better one next year. And the year after…I might start a trend here!


This pattern comes from here. It’s a video tutorial, which I found a little annoying, but it’s well explained and the printable is a pdf directly underneath. Now I’ve made it, and brought it back up North to stuff, it needs to do South again so I can borrow the glue gun to finish it! Talk about long-winded!

I also sewed two triangles together, and then hand sewed it into a little container. This is going to be an ort container, and I have some buttons to sew onto the fold over bits.


This pattern comes from here, and I’m really tempted to make myself one as well! They’re just so cute!

But not everything was completed with the machine. I hand sewed the last of the blue jugging balls. Now they’re just awaiting stuffing, and then practise with more than 3! I can’t wait 🙂


I keep forgetting to mention, so I’ll stick it here. There’s a pdf with a load of different juggling ball designs, here. So far I’ve only made the 4 and 8 panel shapes, but after stitching all these, I may try some of the others. They’re excellent palate cleansers, between larger projects.

I also cut out some of my butterfly and orange fabric, to make 7 balls, They’ll get sewn up after my small Christmassy ones, but that is probably going to wait until I’ve finished my mum’s birthday bits. I’ve still got lots to go 🙂


Before I went home, I knitted up another pair of toe-up matching jaywalkers 🙂 This time they even fit! (Not like my zombie ones!)

LoriansocksMaking them matchy-matchy was a challenge, but great fun 🙂 I’ve got this yarn in a darker shade (it’s heart and sole) to do a pair in the same way- toe-up matching jaywalkers, but first I needed a break from matching, so I’ve started another completely different pair. One of them matches one I’ve already knitted, so I’ll get a pair and an odd sock out of this 🙂 I picked up the other yarn when I was in town…I have no idea how the yarn is patterned, which makes it great fun and a lovely surprise as I knit. No doubt sooner or later I’ll get a repeat, which will spoil it somewhat, but hey ho!


I also started knitting a cover for my ear-buds. I’m using cotton sport-weight, and my 1.5mm Karbonz. Yes, I am slightly insane 🙂 It’s taking way longer than I thought it would (big surprise 😛 ) but I’ll get there. I’m loving the colour repeats on it, so it’s all good!

earphonesSo what have you all been up to over Easter? Any tips for getting back into working mode after the holidays?

Why I’m not cross stitching…

Last week, I got my order from Deramores *squeal*.

Naturally, I had to spend more than £25 in order to get the free shipping 🙂

One of the things I got was a set of 1.5mm Knitpro Karbonz dpns. Guys, these things are amazing! Seriously, I wasn’t convinced by the plan of having a rougher middle, to keep the stitches on, and a smoother tip, so they slide really easily over the end as you’re working the stitch. But now I’m convinced 🙂

I’ve even begun swatching to make a sock-yarn weight mitred square blanket. With 1.5mm needles. I’m insane 🙂


These are a couple of different styles- the middle one I did first. It’s a straightforward garter stitch with a decrease of slip 2 stitches as though to knit them together, slip the next stitch as though to knit, put the three stitches back on the left hand needle and knit through the back loop. It’s a fairly basic decrease, which puts the middle stitch on top. I wasn’t convinced about this one, as I quite like the ridge created by the decrease on stocking stitch. (Plus, this decrease is super-easy to do as long as I remember to stay on the slippy tip of the dpns 🙂 )

So the square on the right is the same, but in stocking stitch. Having tried this one, I don’t like it. It’s not square, and rolls too much for me.

So then I tried the square on the left. This has the garter stitch which means I get a square, but I purl the decrease stitch on the wrong side, so I get the line of stocking stitch I like. I don’t really think it works for this, so I think I’ll go with the middle square. I am glad to have tried them all. 🙂

Now I need to decide how many stitches I should cast on for the squares. These were all started with 40 stitches, and they’re tiny! I’ll try 60, 80 and 100, and see what I think 🙂 The 100 stitches might be too big for the needle (they’re only little dpns!)

Of course, I need to finish my other blanket before I start this one… *whistles innocently*. Seriously though, I really want to finish that other blanket.

I also got a 80cm 2mm Addi cable needle, for my socks 🙂 It’s amazing (no photo of it, I’m currently knitting socks!). As soon as I got it, I swapped it in for my other cable needle. My first thought was that it was a bit big, but that was just because I’ve worn the ceramic off the really cheap knitting needle I had been using (I’d had it for more than 2 years, and knitted 13 pairs of socks on it!!!) My second thought was that the cable doesn’t twist and kink at all! Again, my other needle really did, again because it had been used so much! I know I could’ve dunked it in hot water to un-kink it, but effort 🙂 I also love how much easier it is to pull and push the cable around by pulling and pushing the needle 🙂 So here’s to many more socks 🙂

The main point of this was to mention how much I love these needles, and therefore needed to work on my socks 🙂

socks2I know they don’t match. This way I get to knit this pair again, and have two matching(ish) pairs, with the colour repeats going the same way 🙂 Genius idea, even if I do say so myself 🙂

I’ve also been dabbling in some crochet


Guess what? This is a test juggling ball 🙂 I’ve got some sparkly yarn, and some cotton, and you can never have too many juggling balls 🙂 I’m loving it, although it is taking some getting used to to deal with two different yarns 🙂 Totally worth it, they’re going to be some awesome juggling balls, I think 🙂

I’ve also cut out more fabric to make juggling balls. I’ve got some Christmassy fabric, so this is going to become 6 small(ish) balls

juggle6Each ball will have 8 triangles in it- one of each type. I’m not planning on controlling which fabrics go with which others so we’ll see 🙂 Most of these fabrics have some kind of sparkly in them…I wonder how long that’ll stick around for 🙂

I’ve also cut out some fabric to make another 3 balls of the same size as what I already have

juggle5This is so I can start juggling more than 3 balls at a time 🙂 I think that 6 should keep me out of trouble for a while 🙂

FO Friday- finally I manage it!

So for once I actually manage to both have something finished and post about it on Friday!

I finished my juggling balls!!!


Yes, I can juggle. No, you’re not going to get a video of me juggling on here. Yes, those are some Karbonz knitting needles in the top corner. Yes, they will be showing up later, along with some other lovelies 😀

I am pretty darn impressed with my balls:) Some of the corners are pretty damn good, even if I do say so myself


but some leave something to be desired. Ahh well, I clearly need lots more practice!!

juggle4Lots and lots more practice! So, naturally I’m already digging through my limited fabric stash for some more to make some awesome juggling balls with. I’ve got some gorgeous Christmassy fabric I think will be used next 🙂

But that’s something for another post. I’m off to do some juggling 🙂

A flurry of finishes (but still no knitting!)

So, what does everyone think of ‘flurry’ being the collective noun of finishes? I think it suits really well 🙂

I finished the cat, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!


I want to make loads of these now, with different cat styles. They’d be great stash busters 🙂 And then I remembered how much confetti/backstitching there is, particularly in the flowers, and decided I needed to lie down until I stopped wanting to do that!

Then, while high on endorphins for finishing something, I decided that I didn’t really need to press my juggling ball, so got on and finished that (one juggling ball totally counts as a finish, right?) Getting my corners to line up proved to be impossible, but maybe with the next two I’ll improve 🙂


It’s partially filled with rice, to give it it’s weight. I’d better get a move on with the other two, I want to start juggling with it already 🙂

I’ve also been doing more on my ‘love is’ piece- it’s now got their faces! I’m not enjoying all the backstitching for their hands, but it’s so totally worth it 🙂


Hopefully that’ll be finished soon! So quite a few finishes from me, really 🙂 And just a few days ago I also finished the cross stitch for my Mothers Day card. I went to Hobbycraft to get a quilling kit, so here it is in all it’s finished glory 🙂 I loved making the hearts, but I’m certain I need more practice! Lots and lots of practice! The book in the kit I got also has some really cool projects to make, so at some point I’ll have a go at them 🙂

mothercard3Now I’m off to spend the rest of the day on my butterfly…I wonder how far I’ll get 🙂


Hello November!

So, this morning I received the next part of the OUAT sampler, so that’s what I’ll be working on this weekend!

After giving out too many clues last month, this month I’m going to be a lot stingier! Don’t worry, it’s a well known fairy tale!

It was written by a French man, and it was included in the Grimn brothers fairy tale collection (not surprising given the level of violence in it!).

Over the years it has been re-written, and watered down many times. The most notable ‘sanitising’ changes the fate and behaviour of the main bad guy.  In the original version, he ate the main character, and was later cut open (thereby releasing the main character) and stuffed full of rocks, which killed him (but y’know, the cutting open? Totally fine!), but later versions has him merely lock the main character in a wardrobe or some such thing, and then get chased off by a supporting character!

Let’s see what you make of that, and next week hopefully I’ll have finished the cross stitching which will probably give the game away a little!

The other day I was in town, and I found this absolute gem of a book. I had to look online at when it was published (1947!). It’s a general book on embroidery, knitting, crochet, dress making and home upholstery! It’s lovely to look through, especially when it says things like ‘Tweezers […] Buy the ordinary small toilet kind from the sixpenny stores.’!

IMGP0071I’ve also done a couple of lines of stitching on my juggling balls- not very much, but there’s no rush!

juggle2So now I can sew these bits together, and I’ll have half a juggling ball! Which is probably going to have to wait until December, because of the jumper! I might have slightly cheated and started it yesterday… but who really minds? I’m not going to be working on it this weekend because of OUAT, so it all works out :).

Speaking of which, I want to get started on that! See you all next week

Oh… hello SAturday!

So, I completely forgot hat it’s Saturday today, which means another update as to what I’ve been doing

Firstly, I finished October’s block- it feels very strange that I’m onto the bottom row now!

OUAT22And… that is unfortunately pretty much it :/ I’ve been busy working this week, and that’s going to keep stealing all my time until Christmas. On the other hand, I’m now teaching again, so yay for that!

I have joined a couple of clubs here, so hopefully I’ll still get some knitting done on a Friday when knitsoc meets up (as long as I remember my cabling needle…doh!). I also joined jugglesoc, and am planning on making my own set of juggling balls, which should be fun 🙂 So far I’ve outlined my shapes, and so hopefully I’ll get around to ironing and cutting them out this weekend, when I’ve had enough of Stained Glass!

juggle1I’m going to have three balls, made with 8 ‘triangles’ each, I’m going to alternate this stripy fabric(this is the reverse) and the plain red you can just see on the left 🙂 I’ll make some more when I start needing more balls, and then I’ll be able to mix and match 🙂 Can never have too many balls 🙂

Hmm, I wonder if I can finished the page of Stained Glass this weekend… better get my speedy needle out!

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