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How are we still in November?

Does anyone else think that November has gone on quite long enough, thank you very much? I feel like we should be about half way through December already, maybe it’s just because I’ve been concentrating on Christmas presents?

But, at any rate, this week has been much more productive, with the result that I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed by all the Uni work. Must remember to always set aside time for me, no matter how busy I feel I am. First off, I finished several keyrings:

Made a couple of Oops!, but altogether, I like it 🙂

Ended up using two shades of grey for the ‘dark grey’, as I lost the first lot, and then the second lot didn’t quite match, but I still want it!

Loved stitching this one as much as I did the first time round 🙂

Would it be really bad of me to keep the black and white one and the tortoise shell I already have? Even though it’s supposed to go to someone for a Christmas present…hmm, I wonder if I can get some more keyrings quickly…although having just added to my stash rather a lot, I really shouldn’t…oh well, I’ll just have to make myself one after Christmas, I guess. *sigh* Along with a hundred and other things I have planned…

I also finally got around to starting the beading on the elephant (go me!)

I can’t decide if I like beading or not…I think I’ve got a healthy love/hate relationship going on…

But I am sure that the effect will be worth it, it’s gonna look amazing :). Especially as I managed to get the sequins for the tassels on the edges. (Note to self- remove the gridding BEFORE stitching over it! It’s now a right pain in the arse to remove….*sigh* A few bits I’ve picked up about beading- every fifth bead, sew it in place twice. I’m also thinking that I should have starting doing them the other way around, so they lie on the same slant as the top of the cross stitch…ahh well, it look good anyway, and I’m not going to undo it all! Just something to think about in future. I’m using invisible thread to stitch them all in place, which is, imho much better than changing colour for different colour beads! Did I mention it’s gonna look awesome? 😛

I also started work on a Celtic knot, which was going to be the front cover of a needle keep (which I really kinda need here…) but…

This looks nice. So I figured it would look ever better filled in…

But of course, I’m not really thrilled with it. This is as far as I’ve gotten with it so far

and I’m really not thrilled with it. And I don’t know why. I’ll finish it, but it’ll probably get turned into something and given away, maybe a box top? Any suggestions?

So, that’s what I’ve been up to this last week. I’ve also been doing maths, but I doubt anyone’s interested in that 😛 I did think about starting a maths blog, but I figured that really, no-one would be that interested in it…

I did, however get some more stash 🙂 No piccies, because it’s all relatively boring stuff. I went to the LNS (one of them- I’ve got three!) and got another floss storage box, the sequins I need to finish the elephant tassels, and a small kit, which I’ll probably turn into a Christmas tree ornament for next year( I needed to spend more than £5, and that was the closest thing to hand!)

Yes, you twigged it- the storage box is because I ordered a load of threads for Spirit :). They haven’t arrived yet, but it should be soon…

However, I did get another parcel of loveliness that I ordered. I got a fat quarter of 25 count (again, for Spirit), so I’ll start gridding that, probably this weekend :). I also got the Kreinik to do it(I’m using blending filament rather than the #4 they suggest), some tiny needles which were advised to me since 2 over 1 on 25 count apparently fills up the holes a lot :P. I also got some beads to finish the elephant, since apparently I lost a pack 😦 But at least the elephant can now be finished 🙂 Hopefully it’ll be finished before December, as per my November aims…

Well, that’s all from me for now, hope you’re all having a good time stitching. Any tips on gridding would be appreciated…looking forward to it 🙂







Sit down, calm down and think things through… :P

Yeah, life is just a little bit hectic here at the moment. Deadlines are still falling down around me, my computer seems to be playing up( I’m getting a new one for Christmas, so it’s not as bad as it could be…).

Very little cross stitch has been happening. Seriously, since about two weeks ago (when I finished the cross stitching on my granddad’s bookmark, no stitching has been happening (until earlier this evening, at any rate), and the only knitting I was doing was for a couple of hours on Sunday (and that’s in danger of vanishing if my workload increases any more).

But, I have finished stitching my granddad’s bookmark 🙂

No, I don’t know how those brownish spots appeared. I do have a feeling that they might be dinner, though…

Now all I need to do (since the beginning of November…) is wash it and back it. Not entirely sure when that’s going to happen, maybe this Saturday? I don’t think that’s taken up by anything specific yet (other than maths, and that always needs doing…)

However, this evening I was really irritated by my maths. Some of it wasn’t working properly, and the rest of it was just plain wrong. I’m blaming the laptop, (well, a program I installed on it, and I get an error message whenever I try using it, so the idea isn’t that daft 🙂 ) rather than my programming skills, because I’ve gone through the code with a fine toothed comb, and it seems fine. So ?I started looking through some blogs, and found this gorgeous sock pattern. It’s supposed to be knitted cuff-down, which is why I didn’t see it when I looked for more sock patterns (the only socks I’ve succeeded at were toe-up), but having looked at the pictures, I think I should be able to do them toe-up. 🙂

I saw the post on Tanis Fibre Arts(the link is here), and I think they look awesome :). Not that I need any more sock ideas at the moment, since I have yarn for 4(?) pairs, and I’m half-way through another pair. It wasn’t second sock syndrome that stopped me either, it was my butterfly bag :). Still love that :). No-one’s commented on the skulls through :/.

So I started on some more cross stitch. Yeah, I know that’s crazy- see some socks I like the look of, have some yarn here that I could use really well for it, don’t start them. I thought I’d be good. After all, I still have Christmas stitching to do. But did I carry on with the elephant? Nope, that would be too good of me (it’s still waiting for me to cut off the knots I’ve got…). So I started another keyring, this time a ginger cat. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Going really rather well, but it’s now too dark to see 😦

I mentioned in my (very) brief post last Saturday that I’d bought a HAED. 🙂 Yes, during the 50% sale I decided to buy one. I know, I’m very good. I even intend on finishing my first one before buying another….we’ll see how well that one goes 😛

I bought the Spirit Storykeep. I don’t know how to do that nifty thing of inserting pictures with links into here yet, so here’s a link 🙂

I did finish off one of the handwarmers on…I think it was the Sunday before last, but it’s kindof gone missing (my room here is rather a tip), so unfortunately there’s no picture of this either. Maybe next week, if I get a move on with the other one…

On the subject of HAEDs by the way- the pattern calls for using 2 strands of floss over 1 stitch on 25 count material. This seems like it would be a bit thick to me- I use two strands for 14 count, and that gives sensible coverage. What do other people do? One strand or two??? What do people mean when they say things like 1 over 2?

I think I vaguely remember seeing a chart of how many strands to use for different counts of material. Am I making this up? I know there’s no hard and fast rule, you use whatever gives you the best coverage, I just want to know what other people do???

Thanks for all your help solving this conundrum. Until next time, happy crafting :). And I’m off to cast on some socks 🙂


Annnnnnd crash

It seems so long ago that I had any free time! (Well, the summer holidays did finish about a month ago for me, so I suppose it has been a while!) I feel as though I’m going to bed too late, and getting up too early! But I must be doing something right- I’m managing to do a semi-decent amount of crafting (I’d like to be doing more, but then, who wouldn’t?).

I did manage to get some crafting done last week, but by the time Saturday came around, I was too exhausted to write about it all, so I just pootled off to bed. So, what’s been happening?

I did try to do a bit more on my aunt’s elephant, but I got a knot in the floss which I have to cut out, and I don’t really want to get around to it :/ So no photos there, I’m afraid.

I have, however, sorted out my grandpa’s bookmark problem. Well, I found another bookmark kit I thought he’d like, and have started on that (since the elephant isn’t getting worked on, I figured I might as well be doing something!).

Here’s what I’ve done so far on it:

The bottom bit is going to be a fox. A rather childish one, but a fox 🙂

You can’t really see it in this picture (and if you get any closer it’s too blurry to see anything), but the mushroom on the left looks as though it’s got a really evil expression! Hopefully my granddad won’t notice. This seems like it’s really slow going, but I expect that’s just because I haven’t been working on it much…maybe? Anyway, it’s coming along.

I’m amazing myself with the bookmark, by actually backstitching as I go! This may be part of why it’s coming along so slowly- I’m not that great a fan of backstitch (although I don’t hate it as much as I did!), so I generally can’t be bothered to pick it up if it’s for just a few minutes! but I’m getting on with it 🙂

I also finished the cowl I was knitting. I haven’t blocked it yet (not sure that I will…it seems ok like this, and I don’t have any blocking supplies…something to ask for for Christmas, maybe?).

I think it looks alright like this, what does everyone else think?

That’s a close-up of the edging, which was great fun to do. And guess what- I get to do it all again (twice) for the handwarmers :). Yay! I have done some work on one of them already, too

All that needs doing now is the edging and thumb. And all the loose strands need sewing in too, I suppose

Well, that’s everything I’ve been up to. Not much really, especially for 2 weeks work (especially with Christmas starting to loom rather impressively less than 2 months in front of us all…).

Having read several blogs which have a monthly list of aims, I thought it would be a good idea to start, just so I have more of an idea how much I can feasibly get done in a month in between everything else happening 🙂

So, this month(it’s essentially finishing the Christmas stuff, but broken down):

1) Finish Grandpa’s bookmark (as in finish the sewing and back it)

2) Finish the elephant for the cushion (it will be made up when I go home for Christmas, so that doesn’t need doing now)

3) Finish the handwarmers

4) Cross stitch another keyring for my (now ex) next door neighbours.

I suppose that at the start of December, I need to start thinking about posting everything to everyone… especially the over-seas things. *sighs*.
On the other hand, next week is consolidations week at Uni, so I may get slightly more crafting done! (Who’m I kidding here, I’m going in more than usual…)

Hope that everyone is well and happily crafting 🙂



Well, that’s the first week of my final year at Uni finished with. I’m sure that I was supposed to spend more time actually working on the maths than I was, but meh. If the lecturers aren’t going to teach new stuff, I’m not going to waste my time revising stuff that I’ve seen so many times it’s written in indelible ink in my brain. I CAN’T forget this stuff, so obviously, I can’t see how anyone else can. *sighs*. But, that does mean that I’ve been busy crafting 🙂

So, I finished all the cards:

They don’t seem to fit in with the other cards, but hey, they were great fun to make 🙂

Soooooooo cute 🙂 And great fun to sew

And of course, you have to see the complete set

Really lovely set to sew, may do these again for any other cat lovers in my life

So, they were the first lot to get finished. I did 7 cards in a week. Not including the weekend- some people may have been shouted at on Friday evening, but I wanted them finished dammit! And they were finished 🙂

So, on Saturday, I wanted something small. After all, I’d just spent two weeks on those cats, I wanted something fast. So I got out one of my other keyrings, started it…and promptly remembered why I hadn’t done a second one before now. But, I persevered with the remarkably knotty yarn, the unlikely orange rather than red , and the tiny holes involved in 18 count aida, and got this:

The stitches are *really* squished in this 😦

I mean, seriously, who uses orange for a robin RED-breast??? Ahh well, all in all not the best cross stitching I’ve done *sighs*. This is likely to get sent to my grand-dad’s new girlfriend, just so it gets out of my life fairly permanently :P. Or maybe my mum. We shall see.

I only had a very little bit left on my Uncle’s hand warmers, so they were finished then (since I’d actually been to the yarn shop for the rest of the yarn I needed…)

Yay, finished too!

So they are ready to be packaged up with my aunt’s and sent off (nearer Christmas, obviously!).

So, having decided that that was enough IG crafting for a while, I started my Granddad’s bookmark, which is going to be very colourful. I haven’t really gotten anywhere with it yet (just the gold border), so no pic of that for you this week. However, this is a taste of how colourful it’s going to be, here’s my box of colour

All the colourfulness needed for my Granddad’s bookmark 🙂

Phew! A rather hectic week for crafting, hopefully next week will be too :). And hopefully next week I’ll remember to post on Saturday evening! See ya, and happy crafting

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