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Bonus Post!

Because I’m too excited about the fact that I’ve finished my jumper to not share it with you guys!


It’s just a tiny bit too small (so when I put it on it has to go on just right!) but I’m guessing that it’ll grow when I wash it for the first time (nah, it doesn’t need blocking, I’m wearing it already!)

Also, a while ago I mentioned in passing that I would take part in an ornament swap, and yesterday I got mine from Dani, from over at Black Belt Stitching.

It’s gorgeous! The photo really doesn’t do it justice, which is such a shame! I’ll have to get better at taking photos at some point! And it’s beautifully finished too, with some lovely Christmassy snowflake fabric. *swoon* So totally gorgeous!

ornamentSo that’s all from me for mow. Normal posting will (probably) resume next week, the week after certainly!

November is almost over…

… so how is everyone getting on with various challenges? My sweater is nearly finished, so I’m sure that tomorrow it’ll be finished and ends sewn in and all that jazz! It’s finally getting to the point that I’m getting rather excited about the fact that I’ve actually knitted a sweater!!!!

Here is is now (all that is left is 1(yes, you read that right, one!!!) row of colourwork then the cuffs! So excited!)


(Please excuse the cramped photo, I had to put my socks on to dry this morning after realising that I’ve only got 2 clean pairs (and one’s on me!)). I’ve got a plan for December which involves quite a lot of sock yarn…

I realised the other day that I’ve finished 9 (and 3/4) pairs of socks so far this year. It was on track for  a round dozen, but then I had to knit this sweater, so… But anyway, I think that I can knit 2 (and a bit) pairs of socks in a month, especially since Uni is about to break up, thereby giving me about 6 extra hours a week. (I’m glossing over the cross stitch I need to do…, that’ll get done as well, honest!)

But that means that I need more sock yarn, since the sock yarn I’ve got has all been ear-marked for quite complicated socks, and I *do* know better than to think I can knit 2 pairs of complicated socks in a month! So, yarn shopping I must go! (And it’s totally allowed since I just got paid!)

So, next week there will be stash photos, and a finished jumper, and clues for December’s cross stitch block (and you may get it on Friday evening, as I need to cook a massive dinner on Saturday)! Lucky you guys! Makes up for these rather boring posts this month while I plug away at my sweater!

And that reminds me- November’s block. Well done to everyone who guessed Little Red Riding Hood. I’m still rather confused about the snow, but there we go!

See you all in December!


Hey guys!

So, I’m back now. And despite not having any time to write last week (deadlines are a bitch!) I did find enough time to do quite a lot of my sweater. Here is where it’s at now:


I’m doing both the sleeves at the same time, as I need to decrease every inch and I don’t really want to count rows twice! So I’m fudging it, but both sides will be the same because I’m doing them together

I also found time to stitch up this cute Christmas Card- my laptop needed to upgrade to Windows 8.1, so while it was busy doing that I made this little thing! It’s a very quick stitch all in all 🙂


And… that’s about it for me! I’ve either been busy working, or busy knitting (or procrastinating, but let’s not go there!). Which, all in all makes for a rather boring blog post! So, some more hints for November’s block…hmm…

The main characters of this tale are:

the bad guy (a wolf. In some versions, a second wolf is also included)

the main characters (a little girl and her grandmother)

the supporting character (a huntsman on the hunt for the wolf)

Let’s see what people make of these!

Next week I’ll reveal the fairy tale, and hopefully the finished jumper. Wish me luck!


Just a quick post today…

because I’ve got a load of work to do, and I really want to get back to my sweater!

But first of all, November’s block. Clearly the hints given last week weren’t enough, so here’s a photo of what I did last weekend (before I decided that December was plenty big enough to do the rest of November’s block, as well as December’s and finishing the border.

So here’s what has been done so far

OUAT23I’m not really quite sure why there’s snow. I mean, I know that it’s November’s block, and therefore Winter, and therefore snow makes sense, but the story is set in the Summer, because there are flowers. And in the Winter, I can’t see any family being happy with an elderly lady in ill health living by herself ages away! And yes, those are the clues for this week! Let’s see what you make of them, and next week I’ll give some more if people still aren’t getting it.

Most of my spare crafty time has gone into my sweater, and I think it’s looking pretty good so far. This is almost as far as I’ve got so far

11.04Since this pic was taken, I’ve split for the sleeves and done half of the band of stars. I need to get my arse into gear if I want to finish this in November, but with so much stuff happening at Uni it’s difficult to find the time to really get into it! Hopefully I’ll be able to spend lots of time on it tomorrow!

Right, that’s everything crafty from me I think. I’ll see you all next week when hopefully I’ve churned out lots more on my sweater!

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