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Start-it Sunday-Wolf edition

Look at this, two posts in as many days! Don’t get used to it, I must admit! But I finally decided to start the wolf cross stitch, so yay for that! For those that haven’t seen it before, this is what I’m talking about

It’s done on 18 count which means that the final design is a ‘normal’ size for framing (5-7 inches), but is rather hard on the eyes! So far I’ve done approximately 2.5 hours work on it, so many many more hours to go! Ive said it before, and I’ll say it again, cross stitch is slooooowwwwwww.

This is the right eye (well, the hole in the middle will be the eye when I use that colour) and the side of the nose heading towards the end(????) of the nose. Is there a special name for the black bit on the nose???

Anyway…I think my eyes need a break from squinting at the fabric, so I’m off to do some more knitting…see you Wednesday (in theory!)


Start-it Sunday and some new stash

So, last Sunday I went to Hobbycraft. Gotta love popping home to visit the parents and them suggesting a trip there!

I picked up three cross stitch kits, and promised to knit my mum a shawl over Christmas (lucky her!)

Firstly: a new start! It will eventually say ‘make today amazing’

I didn’t think the start recording how long it’s taking me to make this but hopefully I’ll remember for the other kits I have! When this one is finished, it will go in a hoop as a Christmas present for one of my friends, who expressed a desire to fill her house with hand-made things 🙂

I also got a similar one for myself

I’m looking forward to making this for myself, it’s so bright and colourful! Again, will go in a hoop when it’s finished.

And finally, a gorgeous wolf head!

This is also quite small- 5 by 7 inches I think. But it’s on 18 count, so detailed and fiddly to do! Again, looking forward to doing this when I get around to it!

So much to do, so little time! (And I may or may not have ordered the yarn for another 2 jumpers, but it hasn’t yet arrived so I can’t talk about that yet…)

Start-it Sunday

Yes, I have just invented this. 😀 Just on the spur of the moment, since I have today started something new, so why not.

More form-a-line cards! This will be the second Christmas set this year, which is useful since I need 12 cards to give various people. And there are 6 cards in each set. I think I’m slightly rambling, I didn’t quite get enough sleep last night!

So, onto the cards. This is the first one I’ve started

This set is three different snowflakes, which is a change from the last set (they weren’t quite finished in time for this Friday, so I’ll schedule a FO Friday post for next Friday. That I hope to schedule today, since my next week is crazy busy. Scheduling posts is so fun and useful!)

This is the front of the form-a-lines book which tells you how to sew each of the cards. It gives a general idea of what the cards will look like, although eagle-eyed readers may notice that the snowflake I’m currenty stitching isn’t aligned the same way. Not quite sure what happened there, quality control missed a bit!

Right, I’m off then. Crazy busy! See you all later

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