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Improve: seaming

I really don’t like seaming. To the point where I knitted the body of my cardigan all together, so I didn’t need to seam the sides. Why I didn’t do the sleeves in the round I will never know…

But I also couldn’t knit this blanket all in one piece, there are just too many colours going on. So it had to be seamed. *sigh*. I also couldn’t figure out what colour to use- it would show when darning in, and I didn’t want to drag that much yarn all the way down if I was using the mattress stitch. So I figured I’d try the crochet method, which I love!

blanketSame idea as the mattress stitch, but using a crochet hook, rather than a darning needle. For some reason I find it so much easier, and I think it looks pretty neat too 🙂

blanket1I still have to finish knitting the last stripe (which I’m massively procrastinating over because it really doesn’t seem to have been designed with knitters in mind- I’m very tempted to knit it plain and duplicate stitch over it, it’s that bad). And then finish darning in the ends, and do all the embroidery. And then block it- and I guess washing it would be a good idea, but I’m not sure that I trust the washing machine, even though it’s acrylic!

But I think most of the letters are obvious- which ones can you guess? Any ones you don’t have a clue about?

One little word 2016- Improve

So, everyone at the moment is busy looking back at their previous year, whereas I’m much more interested in looking forward… ok, I’ll have a quick look back. Let’s see…

I’ve knitted 10 pairs of socks, my favourite of which are these

poolingsocksI (finally!) finished my cardigan

IMGP0423I tried my hand at sewing

IMGP0414and I managed to keep up with the MKAL I was on (but there aren’t any photos of that until I get back to York. It’s amazing though).

Oh, and I knitted a slice of cake for my sister




So, 2016. This is going to be a big year for me. I’m (theoretically) graduating this year, I have a portfolio to write for my YLTA course, and naturally I want it to be an allround awsome year. So, next year’s word will be ‘Improve’. According to the online dictionary I use, improve means ‘to make better’ or ‘to become better’, both of which apply in this case.

To make better is probably easier to explain. To not settle for mediocrity, to put in the extra couple of rows of twisted rib, rather than stretching it and calling it done! To calmly and slowly work on something, rather than rushing to get it finished already. And, to mindfully work on something, rather than trying to work on lots of things at once, or to watch TV while I work.

To become better is more elusive. I think it means (to me) to not settle for mediocrity in myself. To not be lazy, to look at the clock and put in the last 5 minutes work, rather than saying ‘screw it, the time’s up’. To not do anything I’ll look back on and regret (in this case I mean the little things, like rushing through a marking job, rather than big things. I try to not regret the big things, even if in hindsight they were the wrong decisions).But they’re all memtal things, and I think that being better physically is also important- I’m planning on really starting cycling when I get back to York, twice a week, when there’s time.

So, what does improve mean to you? Are there any glaring ommissions you feel I should include?

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