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Hello 2017!

So, who’s looking forward to 2017? Can we say it starts tomorrow in order to protect David Attenbrough???

I have compiled a list of goals for next year, a variety of crafting/learning new skills/personal development. I’m really excited to start!

There are three crafting(ish) ones I’m aiming for:

1)Have birthday/Christmas presents planned by the end of February

This one is actually mostly done. I need to come up with something for my dad’s birthday, and I currently have a blanket down for my parents Christmas, but I’m not sure about that one… I’ve started a spreadsheet with everyone’s birthday/fav colour and what they’ve had from me previously to make this much easier, and it’s definitely working! I can do a larger post on this later if people are interested?

2) Stitch and finish my Christmas stockings.

I want 24/25 of them to become an advent calender for me, the others I’m not so sure on. Maybe Christmas tree decorations? So far I think I have about 3 done (but they’re currently up in York so I can’t check!)

3) Complete the November crafting challenge. Either NaKniSweMo, or NaCrossStitchMo.

I have a couple of options for this. There’s a butterfly fairy cross stitch I’d like to do from a couple of issues of one of the cross stitch magazines I’ve got. Alternatively, I still have Cockatoo Brae to do (because doing NaKni with a 4ply yarn is such a great idea…). Or I could figure out how many hexagons on my scrappy blanket that would be and do that (this would be the easiest to keep track of whether I’m on track…). Or just a generic blanket, as I totally want a proper blanket for myself!


So what do you think? Any thoughts will be gratefully read! Are any of you planning on anything similar???


4 weeks until Christmas…

…and finally the slight panic sets in. This post is just going to be informative- a reminder to myself of what I have to do, and deadlines for everything, so no pretty pictures (because I went on a long fast cycle ride this morning and I still haven’t recovered enough to make getting up from under a blanket a good idea 🙂 )

So, what still needs to be made, and deadlines:

  1. Cushion for my American pen pal-deadline 1st December to be posted, so really needs to be finished by the end of Wednesday. If I get around to sewing the front together, I can then just make a giant granny square for the back on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and put it all together Wednesday evening.
  2. Advent scarf for my aunt. I’m going to Salisbury for Christmas on Thursday 15th, so really if possible, this should be done by Sunday 11th, so it can be blocked here
  3. Advent hat for my mum. This can be knitted in Salisbury, but I do need to remember the yarn if I don’t start it before then. I also need to figure the pattern, so I should probably start it here in case I need anything funny… Deadline for this really is like the 20th, so it can be blocked.
  4. Cat butt coasters for my sister. This is the third thing she asked for this year, I think she keeps forgetting what she’s asked me for! But this is the easiest option so I’m going with it! Again, doesnt need to be kept a secret, so the deadline really is Dec 25. I’m making them out of acrylic, so blocking them will be with my mum’s iron on the ironing board.

This is ridiculously straight forward. I feel as though I’m missing something…But no, that really is everything. Just have to remember to pack all the yarn/presents when I go home!

I am back!

After spending the summer with my aunt (sho doesn’t have unlimited internets, so I was restricted to just using the web for my work), I am now back and busily crafting away. How is it September already?!? Christmas is just around the corner, and I have nothing finished… (excpet my to-do list!). One of my friends is going to Japan at the end of November, and so her present (a crochet attic24 blanket) needs to be done by around about the middle of November, so I can postit to her before she goes. However, I don’t have the yarn for that yet (I ordered it on Tuesday), and so I’ve been getting on with another Christmas present, this one for the aunt I went to stay with. It’s so pretty! Naturally, I want to keep it to myself, but I’m sure my aunt will like it 🙂


I have also been crafting over the summer, and have a bit to show you all! There is a finished pair of socks (of course!), and a nearly finished other sock, using the longitudonal pattern. It’s so fun! It produces a completely different pooling effect, which is why I’m using it- I didn’t like how it pooled when knitting normally, but this garter stitch is lovely 🙂 I haven’t taken any photos of them yet, so I’ll show them off later.

There has also been some cross stitching- not very much as there was a 5 year old around as well, which meant I didn’t want to get into the technicalities of a pattern and threads etc etc etc, but I have done a few stockings.




Intermittent blog posts the second (and a finish!)

Firstly, I have finished (and washed!) my housemate’s blanket. I absolutely love it, and don’t really want to give it away. *sigh* But I’m sure he’ll enjoy it, which is the important thing. And I think I have enough yarn left over to make me a scrappy crochet blanket. I’m thinking hexagon, because apparently my brain really likes hexagons. Ooh, I could do that mathematical half-hexagon thing. Hmm, that would involve quite a lot of sewing up, I think. I will think on that some more…

Tom5But now this has been finished, I really should get back to the alphabet blanket. *sigh*. It’s nearly finished, so it really could be quite a lot worse, but I don’t want to. I really want to start knitting Cockatoo Brae, but the blanket really should get done first…and if I save it, it would be a rather fun (and slightly stupid, given that it’s 4ply yarn) option for NaNo this year.

So at the moment ~I’m being fairly good, and I plan to continue embroidering the last few letters on the Dick Bruna blanket.

blanket12Not too much left to go! I’ll get there eventually…

More socks! And other news

So, I’ve finished another pair of socks! I think I’ve lost count of the number of pairs of socks I own, but hey, the more the merrier, right?

Roansocks2I mostly used my vanilla pattern, but I decided to add a small amount of decoration with purl stitches in a diamond pattern. Here’s a closeup so you can see.


It’s very subtle, which is strangely nice for a change! Most of my socks are either vanilla, or strongly patterned, so having a subtle pattern is definitely something a bit different.

Now onto the other news! In a couple of weeks, I’m heading to Oxford for a conference. While I will be taking my Christmas presents to work on, I also want to have a knitting project in case I need something easier for poor little introverted me! I have two skeins of this in my stash (bought the last time I was in Oxford, in case you were wondering why I wasn’t going to be taking socks!). It is 100% llama, 220m per 100g (I have 200g). I’m currently thinking a nice hat/cowl set, either for me or maybe going in a gift pile.

stash (2)

The hat choice was easy- ever since seeing this cabled hat with short rows come up on knitty, I’ve wanted to make it. The cowl part was a bit more challenging- I knew I wanted to knit it around the neck and shoulders, rather than up, and it took a while to find a nice pattern. Eventually, I found this one, but I’m still not 100% sure… I don’t even know what it is about this pattern that I don’t like. *shrugs* I’m strange, I guess!

I’m also hard at work behind the scenes working on my Christmas presents. I’m calling Dec 1st my must-be-done-by date, as some of them need to be posted out, and I’d rather they arrive early than late! Ideally however, I’d like to be done by the end of October (3 months away, eek!), so that I can take part in NaNo again in some form (I have a cardigan in 4ply, a jumper in aran and a cross stitch as current options…), which means I need to complete 6 things a month, for a total of 18. So far 1 is finished which doesn’t exactly bode well since I’ve had them ready for more than a week so far I think. Ahh well, better step up my game I guess! I’m hoping that keeping a record here will keep me accountable, even though I can’t show pics yet (and I must remember to start taking pics so I can show you the process later!).

Last post of the year…just!

Whew this has been a busy time of year. Definitely in a good way, but I’m almost looking forward to getting back to work! And I’m going to be thrown in the deep end then, but hey ho, it’s all good.

So, what has 2014 been like for me? Ignoring the number of plans I had (yeah…not gonna try that again this year), I think it was pretty successful all around. I knitted two tops (Susan and my NaKniSweMo jumper), a shawl, 10 pairs of socks (I wonder if I can beat that score next year…), and finished (nearly) all of my presents on time. The only ones which were late were the Cthulhu mittens and Susie the hybrid kangaroo/elephant and her daughter Nellie.

I also stitched the entirety of the OUAT sampler (photos of that to come some point next year (feels very strange saying that…)), a number of cards, and started several other pieces I’d like to finish next year. And the absolutely adorable coasters. Actually, all the Christmas presents this year were very well received, which is definitely a good thing 🙂

As well as knitting and cross stitching, I also started EPP, and made a pincushion (which will be part of my mum’s birthday present this year), and have recently started dress-making (do I have enough time to finish my first skirt this year?)

So, that’s all for crafting (that I remember. Please remind me of anything I’ve missed out here!). On top of all that, I feel that I’ve gotten the hang of this blogging lark- I won my first give-away (thanks Wisher!), and held my own (winners announced later on!), as well as being nominated for two blogging awards (very inspiring and lovely- thanks to those wonderful bloggers who nominated me for them 🙂 )

So, my giveaway. Over the course of the last few months, I was giving hints about the particular fairy tale showcased in the particular block I was stitching, and some of you were kind enough to support my insanity but guessing which fairy tale it was. Some of them were easier than others (the last one is Hansel and Gretel, and I’ll post a photo of that next year when it’s been finished finished), and some of them had some rather amusing guesses 🙂

So, I (fairly randomly) picked two people to win a small collection of goodies from me, and they are:




So well done to those lovely people. While I did this giveaway largely because I won one, and I wanted to pay it forward, naturally these winners aren’t expected to carry on.

And finally, for next year, rather than give myself deadlines and targets to achieve, I have decided to do what I saw some people doing this year(or the end of last year, ready for this year…), and just pick a buzzword for 2015. This year, I have decided that it will be ‘organised’. I hope that by being more organised, I can craft even more things. Additionally, this year I was organised enough to finished all my Christmas presents by the end of October, if not earlier, and I’d quite like a repeat of that( and maybe schedule some Christmas crafty posts so I don’t feel like I’ve just abandoned this blog when it all gets busy?)!

So, on that note, it’s time for me to wish your all a very happy end of 2014 (if you celebrate that), a wonderful beginning to 2015 (if you aren’t too hung-over from the night before!) and I’ll see you all again in the New Year, with a finished skirt!

What a busy week!

So, I didn’t quite manage to finish the page on Stained Glass, but I think it’s fairly close! All that is left now is the bottom right corner, and most of that is blank space!pic8I think it’s coming along very well 🙂 I’m still fairly amazed at how quickly it’s coming together!

This week was also rather productive, and I’m now more than half-way finished with my last Christmas present!

christmasdorothy3This is the second of three designs I’m stitching onto cards for a friend’s Christmas present. This design actually threw me a bit- I don’t really like all the long lines on it, for the stairs, and after I’d done 3, I’d had enough, but apparently this is the design I liked the most and so had to sew it 4 times! Bit annoyed to see the fourth- I thought I’d miscounted the number I’d already done! So I’m now on the final sprint now, just need to finish 3 more, and then stick the backs down to cover the unsightly selotape!

I’ve also cut out the triangles for my juggling balls, but that’s it! I’m not sure when I’m going to get a chance to sew them up, I’ve got so many other plans (with a deadline!) They might end up getting done over Christmas!

I realised the other say that I don’t have a Christmas jumper, and this is a travesty which much be swiftly resolved! The solution: NaKniSweMo- I’m going to try and knit an entire sweater in November. I already have the yarn- remember my aunt gave me loads of stuff back in April? (Ok, I just looked through this and it turns out I didn’t record the sweater’s worth of red yarn in a wool/acrylic/nylon blend which feels quite nice. Doh!) But anyway, I now have a plan for my first sweater- a Christmassy Nordic one with white patterns on (I’ve got some white sparkly yarn for this, so we’re all set! Yes, this will be my third attempt at my first sweater! Ahh well, I’ll get one finished sooner or later!

Also, someone on here asked what I will start working on when OUAT is finished, and I gave a rather vague answer of ‘something crafty’! I thought that I would expand on that a bit. Recently, I’ve fallen into a routine which works really well- one thing during the week, and another thing over the weekend. So far, that has been Christmas stuff during the week, and OUAT/Stained Glass/a tiny bit of the butterfly over the weekend. Obviously, this is going to go out the window when November comes around and I start on my sweater, but ignoring that, soon I’m going to have fewer demands on my time, as Christmas stuff, and OUAT are nearly finished. I like cross stitching over the weekend- I don’t need to put it down to go into Uni etc, so that will carry on. I’ve got quite a few things I want to stitch, but I think the main things will be Stained Glass/Butterfly/Cat Alphabet (yeah, I got this for Christmas and had the brilliant plan to finish a cat every 2 weeks and have it finished by the end of the year! Ha!) with some smaller bits when I get the urge to finish something already! I also think that cross stitch all the time is going to drive me insane, but I’ve got some ideas for what to do during the week- I want to finish embroidering my  skirt, and I still want to finish my cardigan, and figure out what to do with the red yarn which was going to be a sweater and then didn’t (my gauge lied to me big time so I got annoyed and hid it!), and there’s always more socks to knit! And I’d quite like to learn how to quill, and embroider some designs in hoops as decoration, and, and, and (there’s always more I want to do!) But I do think that the first things to do are my cardigan, and to finished the skirt, so when I’ve finished those I’ll have another re-think!

Ok, so while I was just finding the links for those bits in the previous paragraph, I was forcibly reminded of the insane blanket I’m knitting, which I suppose I ought to do first! Ok, I’ll carry on with that after November, and just take my cardigan home to work on over Christmas! I love having this blog, it’s such a good reminder of what I’m working on! At least, I think that’s everything I’ve got going! (Yes, I am ignoring my yearly plan at the beginning of the year to have the same number of WIPs at the end of the year as when I started, that’s just not going to happen!

So, what do you guys think about this plan? Any massive flaws in it that I can’t see?


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