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Product crafting

So, after my previous post about process crafting, it’s clearly time to do one about product crafting (the difference between one-project people and those who like having many on the go will be next week :). After that, I’m open to suggestions?)

We’ve all been there. You see something amazing, maybe in your lcs, maybe online, and decide you simply MUST make it. So you buy the materials for it, maybe in a different colour scheme, get it home, eagerly open the package, read the instructions, and…damn. Miles of stocking stitch. Acres of fractional stitches. Metallic thread. Bobbles. (I despise bobbles. Nothing worse). So what do you do? Hide it at the back of your closet, and swear to never think about it again? Or grit your teeth, settle in with a TV marathon, and get to work?

Many of the things I make I make because I want the finished object to do something with. I make socks because I like wearing hand-knit socks. I made the three blankets because I wanted to make things for the people I gave them for (well, the Dick Bruna one I was nominated to make, but it’s the same idea).

When I’m product making something to be used as a gift, I usually think about the giftee while I make it. I tend to not be supersticious, but I think that it adds a bit of love to whatever it is I’m making. It also motivates me to fix mistakes, because whoever it’s for is worth it. (Usually I don’t think they’d really mind, but I like knowing that I took the time to make something as good as I possible could.)

A big subset of product crafting is ‘use what you make’, which I’ve been trying to live with since I first heard it. (Although when I first heard it, my mind immediately turned it around to make what you use…). I mainly make things that will be used. I don’t wear scarves(too bulky under my jacket), so I had to wait for an excuse to start making the Rohan scarf. Presents are an excellent way to get around this, although I try to be a bit careful to give things that people will actually use!

I think that product crafting is one reason why people put projects into time-out, rather than just fixing whatever mistake has just been noticed. (I’m not sure how well I’m going to verbalise this, but let’s see…). Fixing mistakes is time not taken in making things. Additionally, you have to pay more attention to your work when fixing mistakes, rather than being in a meditative state where you just keep going forwards. And so the project gets put in time-out, until it get’s uncovered ages later, and gets fixed really quickly! Usually only a small amount from the end too!

The problem(??? Downside???) with product crafting is that (I think) you don’t get to try as many new techniques. Or maybe product crafters are those people who enjoy crafting within their comfort zone, and don’t want to challenge themselves so much. I feel as though this is sounding negative, which I really don’t want to sound. Having something we can come home to and not have to think about s a good thing!

I can’t really think of anything else to mention about product crafting. Anyone else have an opinion they want to expound about this? I’d love to read about it in the comments.

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