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Salisbury WIPs

So, in the interests of actually blogging (with pictures…) before even more time passes, I’m officially ignoring what day of the week it is (I’ve been turned around so many times the only way I now know what day it is is because I’m dogsitting).

I also forgot to take crafting pictures before I left Bristol, so instead you’re all going to get my Salisbury crafts.

Starting with this giant blanket. I tend not to do anything straight when I can help it, so this is deliberately knit diagonally (or as close to diagonally I can get without turning it into mitred squares).

This has been a WIP for a long long time (I’m avoiding checking ravelry to see how long) because a) it’s in Salisbury, where I’m not most of the time, and b) when I’m in Salisbury I’m usually working on something else. I just fancied pulling it out today. Don’t worry, I have more scraps than what’s left in that WW bag, I’m not about to run out 🙂

The other main WIP I have here is the butterfly fairy.

I’m working this right to left because the pattern is too wide for the scroll rods. It’s going to take agessss to finish (see reasons above). But it’s kinda hard to mind enough to actually move this to Bristol because it’s so big and would still take ages to finish. This way I get to pretend to myself that it would get finished earlier if I actually worked on it…Please note that isn’t actually the bottom yet…this thing is BIG.

And those are my two WIPs in Salisbury. Quite often I bring other projects (like the cross stitch seagull I brought this time), but they really *live* in Bristol and travel with me, whereas these two stay in Salisbury all the time. Next time while I’m still here I might show off what stash is here as a reference for myself!

WIP Wednesday- scrappy pillowcase edition

As promised, here is my current scrappy project- a pillowcase. In winter, I find that my pillowcase can feel rather cold, which I just chalked up to being me and didn’t really think too much of it. Then I ended up sleeping on my poncho once and loved it. So I started a small scrappy project which I will sew onto a pillowcase so that in winter I can sleep on wool rather than cotton and feel better about life in general. (Disclaimer: this one is actually destined to a friend, I get the second one…)

So I’ve finally made it wide enough, and so can concentrate on going up (I think another 5 rows should do it, but we’ll have to wait and see)

(I also actually prefer going sideways on this thing so I think I’m going to add another row and turn it around so what is currently the right side on this picture becomes the top to add more rows onto.)

I also promised a look at the bag of scraps I have on Friday.

I’m trying a system of 1 in 1 out, so everytime I add a new ball into the mix I knit until another ball gets used up. The problem with that is that I’m using up the small balls without really making any progress. So I’ve also decided that knitting random squares at off times from the larger ends is completely fine (Some of you may realise that the big ball by itself is from my fish socks, which does indeed mean that I have finished them. Photos on Friday 😉 )

Who here does scrappy projects? How do you manage to keep the number of ball ends under control??? Any tips to share? Do you go for approximate number of squares, or number of balls or some other system? Or jsut not worry about it and if you run out you knit some other things?

My blanket

So, I’ve had a few interested comments/questions about my blanket, so I thought that I’d write a whole post dedicated to it (isn’t it lucky!)

I am knitting a scrappy sock-yarn blanket using hexagons (this pattern on ravelry). You cast on/pick up stitches, and then knit from the outside in to make hexagons. You finish by cutting the yarn, drawing it through the stitches (like for hats), and then secure the yarn on the WS.

There are lots of different possibilities for scrap projects (mitred squares, hexagons, hexipuffs, apple cores…), but I decided on hexagons after a bit of thought. I didn’t want to pay for hexipuffs, and even though I could probably have come up with a version by myself, I didn’t want it stuffed. I want a blanket rather than a quilt/duvet. I didn’t like the way you keep adding to the blanket for mitred squares, rather than being able to make some on the go and add them later, and I didn’t like the sewing for apple cores. With this hexagon pattern, the plan is to make sets of 3 rows, and then attach them at home with another row of hexagons. It will also be easy to replace individual parts when they start wearing, again without any sewing!

I’m using 144 stitches (6*24) rather than the 72 that is suggested in the pattern, and size 1.5mm knitting needles (I just want an excuse to use my Karbonz, since I didn’t particularly like the double knitting I was going to use them for!)

So far I have 7 and a bit hexagons, and it takes me just over a day to make one. That will drop when I get my act together and start on Christmas presents, but still!



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