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Having just got back from a trip to Holland, I immediately got stuck back into the crafting bug(not that it had really left me!).

One of my friend’s has commissioned a pair of socks, after seeing my stripy awesomeness, so I really should be working on them. To be fair, I have nearly finished, but I keep getting cramp from the size of the knitting needles :(. this is what they look like so far:

So. Nearly. There

They’ll probably be finished off tomorrow, and then sent off in the post. Must remember to check the toe to make sure the yarn end has been dealt with…

They’re the same pattern as my first pair of socks for me, which I kinda messed up because I used a self-patterning yarn, so you can’t even see the knitting design *sighs*. But I like them. 🙂

While I was in Holland, I finally started a big cross stitch project which I’ve wanted to do for a while. This is what it looks like so far:

And yes, if you think you can see a skull, you can. It’s a design from ‘Twisted Stitches’, which in my opinion is a really good cross stitch book. Fairly unusual designs, and much more modern

Hopefully, I’ll get it finished *before* the middle of September, when I go back to Uni… I’m sewing this onto my Uni bag, using waste. If it’s not finished, I’ll have to walk around Uni looking slightly silly.

Does anyone else find that when they are busy cross stitching, they get really excited about it? I find that no matter which bit I’m doing, expanding into a new area, or filling in the little holes, I get a little *squeee* of excitement about each and every stitch??? Or maybe I’m just a little bit insane? (Okay then, a lot insane).
I can’t wait to get the socks finished, because they’re taking up all my 2.25 mm dpns *mutter mutter*. I just can’t seem to find any in the shops, and don’t have the time to order some more online…Yeah, I know, I’m lazy. Because, while I was in Holland, I bought some more 4 ply yarn. It’s awesome!!!! Wanna see? Of course you do 🙂

I have 6 balls of the yarn on the left, 2 of the yarn in the middle and 1 of the yarn on the right. I’ve also got 1 ball of another colour, but that’s still in Holland(so the people there can get me another two balls of it 🙂 )

So there’s lots of lovely craftiness planned :). But that’s not all. Recently I went to the library where I live, and got several books on cross stitch patterns, so that I could plan everyone’s Christmas presents. Yes, I’m organised- it’s the only way I have a chance of getting everything finished in time, and not finishing everything would be disastrous- shop-bought Christmas presents? *shudders*.

Well, I must get back to my sewing now that I’ve let off some steam raving about all this. Really can’t wait to get into my stripes, I have such plans for everything 🙂

Hope you’re all having a *squeeeeeee day too!


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