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Second top I’ve ever knitted finished!

And rather strangely, it’s the first to be photographed. I just never got around to photographing Sea Breeze, and since she is currently in Salisbury (along with my camera charger, I hope….)you will just have to wait for a bit to see her.
But here is Susan!

Me looking a trifle self-conscious in that photo...

Me looking a trifle self-conscious in that photo…

Hmm, seems a bit far away there. Let’s have one with a bit more zoom, shall we?

Susan4I’m rather glad that it’s over, although it was great fun to knit 🙂 It was blocking (I just prodded it into shape- I don’t think there’s any point using pins since it’s going to get out of shape anyway as soon as it gets washed!) for about 2 days, before I got bored and used a hair dryer to finish it! Not that there’s much point, I need to wait until summer to wear it anyway! Bring on the sunshine!

So, what have you all finished recently? It really is a brilliant feeling, isn’t it?

Don’t Panic! And a nearly finished Susan

According to Douglas Adam’s ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ the fictional e-book by the same name has the words ‘Don’t Panic’ written on the front cover in large friendly letters. And because I love bright funky colours, that, to me, means, well, basically this


The plan currently is to also do a bookmark, with the phrase ‘Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish’, as another quote from the trilogy (of now about 7 books…) for my dad as a birthday present. I’d quite like to do something to do with a pan-galactic gargle-blaster as well, but I don’t really have any ideas about that. Ahh well, I have a couple of months to figure one out… any ideas, anyone?

And Susan is nearly finished! And by that, I mean that I have sewn the seams up, and darned in all the ends. All that is left for me to do now is the border, which, while short and (theoretically) sweet, will take me quite a while to get on with. I may have a push to get it done today, because it is. Just. That. Close.

Second post of 2014!

So, we’re a little less than 2 weeks into 2014, and since this is as far as I’ve got with the cat alphabet, I’m guessing that my plan of doing a letter in two weeks is a tad optimistic!

alphabet1I haven’t got much to do left on him, just his ears and then all the backstitching, I think. It’s just that I was kinda sidetracked by Susan, and all my maths work and things, so just having this as a WIP may be better, rather than stressing out about it 🙂

Speaking of Susan, here she is so far


Front and back top. You can just about see the detailing on the front of the piece, on the right of this photo


Close up of the lace detailing on the main body

The pattern is called Lucy, and was published in a Let’s Knit, several years ago. It’s knit in a sport-weight yarn, and is supposed to be done in a plain colour! But as we all know, boring plain colours are, well, boring! So I’m using a very variegated yarn, and I think it works out well together 🙂

I’m having a bit of a love affair with Susan right now- my January plan was etsy things, and so I’ve decided to swap January and February’s ‘aims’ around a bit, so January is for summer things, which Susan fits into nicely, and February will be for the Christmas market here in York. I think that will be a more sensible plan, rather than diving into etsy. I know, I know, I’m just putting off opening an etsy shop, but hey ho.

How’re everyone elses New Year plans? Still going strong?

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