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WIP Wednesday- intention edition

So this is more of a ‘I intend to start working on the wolf cross stitch’ post than a ‘look at how much further I’ve got at the wolf cross stitch’, because my life has been taken over by work at the moment. Lucky me!

So have a cute picture of the wolf cross stitch to tide you over until Friday, when you get to see a delightful FO post!

(Yes, the astute among you will notice that it’s the same picture as the last time you saw this…I haven’t been working on this for a while.)

I reserve the right to change my mind and do one of my Christmas tree ornaments as an instant gratification thing before I actually start working on this again…


WIP Wednesday- Catch up from Chritmas edition

Phew! Christmas really went on for far too long this year (last year?), partially due to visiting friends, which generally I had previously avoided. However, it is finally over (or at least will be when I manage to shift this cough), and we can all get back to normal.

So, let’s get back to business! Kita’s cardigan is coming along a storm, I have 37 of the 50 cm before armhole shaping done now (and 4/5 of the buttonholes), although I still haven’t memorised the pesky back central cable.

The sleeves have been completely finished, but that’s a whole separate blog post (remember my issues with getting matching sleeves? Still got that somehow)

And two pairs of socks have been started. One pair you saw last Wednesday, and they haven’t had any more doing to them since then (just a toe and some of the pattern), but there is also a sock which is much further on, so I’ll show you that one instead.

I’ve finally had enough of vanilla socks, but strong stripes like this generally don’t go with intricate patterns very well, so I’m trying variations. This is a waffle stitch (wich you probably can’t see…I’ll try and get a better pic later on)- 3 rows stocking stitch, 3 rows 3×3 rib (3 because I do 66 stitch socks). Repeat ad infinitum…I’m also trying an afterthought heel, put in when the sock foot length is from the tip of my middle finger to the wrist joint. I’ll keep you all informed how it goes 🙂 This is actually my second attempt at a pair of socks from this yarn- I got through the foot and heel of a pattern which involved slipped stitches, but I hated it so I decided to start again. I am much prefering this pattern, and think that (provided I learn how to count to 3 reliably…) this may become my go-to ‘vanilla’ pattern. We shall see.


And also, bonus update on the Wolf, even though I haven’t been working on it over Christmas. I stopped timing how long it was taking me, because it was starting to stress me out, but I have done quite a lot more than the last time you all saw it!I’m hoping to finish off the top by the end of January (including all the backstitching I haven’t yet done), but we shall see.

WIP Wednesday- shawl edition

Aren’t you all happy it’s not the wolf any more? Well, the shawl has come on quite a way now- in fact, I’ve finished all the lace. Apparently, despite all my grumbling about it, it was intersting enough to keep my attention.

Very pretty 🙂 So, now all that is left is miles and miles of (mostly) stocking stitch, with some faggot stich to keep things vaguely interesting. So far I’ve done 22 inches, which is actually quite a lot since the pattern in total calls for 59. Much better than I was expecting 🙂

So, another 37 inches to go (I take that back, that is quite a lot…) in just under 5 weeks. (Including blocking. I’ve learnt my lesson where that is concerned). So, say 4 weeks to do all the knitting, that puts me at 10 inches a week. *slightly nervous giggle*. Ok, that’s totally do-able, right? There’s a train ride back to Salisbury in there, and I don’t need to hide this project from my mum, so I don’t need to worry about secret knitting. Ok, I’ve got this. (Excuse me while I nervously procrastinate and cast on a new cardigan…)

WIP Wednesday- wolf edition (again!)

Ok, so this is the third week in a row I’m talking about the wolf…next week I’ll probably move onto something else (barring any major surprises!) But some good news: I’ve found the bottom right corner! And I’ve done some back stitch (enough to put me off it again, however much it’s worth it in the end!)

So, we were here, at 12.5 hours

You can’t really tell, but the bottom right brown bit is very nearly the bottom corner(I think it’s like 2 stitches off). The brown bits are branches, and the white snow is actually a combination of two shades of grey. Awkward much…

Anyway, 2 more hours of work put us to here:

Having reached the bottom right, I’m now swinging up and then around. I may change my mind and move off in a different direction, but for now that’s the plan.

Another thing about me and cross stitching- I park (leave the threads there to come back and stitch in later), but only after a while, and I can’t plan to park right from the off. It has to happen naturally. And it doesn’t always happen. *shrugs*. Just one of life’s strange things I guess!

After those two hours, I decided I should probably do some of the backstitching, in a bid to not leave it all to the end.

So I spent an hour and a half filling in some of the bottom right backstitching.

Ok, so I didn’t spend the whole time back stitching, but I think I did a decent amount before I got distracted- and I pretty much did all of it that I could do, given where the gaps are. So in total so far, I’ve done 16.5 hours. Pretty good really, even if I do say so myself. My new guesstimate for how long it’s going to take me is 80-100 hours. Let’s see how we go!

WIP Wednesday- wolf edition

In the last week and a half I have somewhat been focussing on the wolf. Mostly because I want to get it done so I can start the wedding sampler. Great motivation!

So I was on 2.5 hours here:

Another 1.5 hours got us here:

Then 2 and a half to hereAnd finally another 2 and a half to here

So 9 hours total. I may have been slightly optimistic when I thought 50 hours, but we shall see. Most of the background is half stitch which will be faster, but then of course there’s also some backstitching and french knots to do. Lucky me… Does anyone else want to guess how long this will take me??? I’ll include a picture of the finished item as well, so you can see how much I’ve done roughly as a percentage.

WIP Wednesday- jumper edition (again)

So I prefer showing different makes in my WIP Wednesday posts, however when I settled down to do some more on my Hello! cross stitch to show that I have worked on it, I accidentally finished it…well, for some definition of ‘accidentally’, at any rate.

So now you lovely lot get another post about this jumper. And I’ll finally explain the madness behind the sleeve.

But first, I’ve split into the front and back and have started knitting the back 🙂 I decided to start the shoulder shaping on row 11. This was so that the cast off at the neckline for the collar will happen on row 5, which I feel is a good spot with regards to the front large cables. We’ll see how that plays out. It also means that the ‘knit 40 rows in pattern’ for the back starts on pattern row 2. *facepalm*. So I’m counting the rows with my jazzy new row counter and I’ll stop after row 42. (If I don’t forget…) But it’s still so amazing, and quick! I am amazed at how quickly knitting can work up, if you don’t work in 4ply and 2mm needles…

So, this whole sleeve length fiasco. In my binder, I have a 32 inch chest, so I’m adding 2 inches of positive ease and knitting the 34 inch size. The pattern technically calls for 4 inches ease but people who wear binders generally want less ease than people who don’t need to wear them. And I figure that when I get top surgery I’ll lose another couple of inches there as well.

Anyway, getting back to the point. I’m knitting the 34 inch size, and the sleeve length is 14 inches.????? My arms are 20 inches (measuring down the underarm). So naturally I made my sleeves 20 inches before decreasing for the shoulder.(I did however forget that the increases should be more spaced out so all the increases happened before you reach my elbow. *facepalm*. Lesson learnt for next time…) Are my arms unnaturally long for my (bound) chest??? Or is there something weirdly wrong with these sleeve lengths? Like, nearly half as long again seems rather impressively out??? Ahh well, I guess it’s just one of these things!

WIP Wed-Thur-Friday- jumper edition

Ok this post is a little late…it;s been a hectic week with induction events and looking after my landlady’s cats…

That is, the viva jumper edition 😛

Much much progress!

After finishing the sleeves on that thrice-cursed train ride (cheque is in the post), I finally got around to casting on for the body last Wedesday, at the Universtiy stall knitting group. Since then I have knitted quite a lot of it, which I’m chalking up to this amazing yarn sack my friend crocheted for me. I swear it’s giving me an extra 10% knitting speed or something!

(No idea about the yarn- maybe the new tweedy stylecraft??? Pattern is a crochet dragon egg, probably avaiable on ravelry…)

The only annoying thing about this pattern (other than the sleeve length but I’m still going to tlak about that later rather than right now) is that there are two cabled patterns. One is cabled every 4 rows, the other every 12 rows. And while I can tell whether I should be cabling if I’m working flat, I can’t in the round. Excellent excuse for more knitting goodies, methinks 🙂 So I have acquired a row counter off etsy.

It’s taking a bit of getting used to, especially after using stitch markers of the ‘just slide it over’ cariety for so long, but I’m loving it! I’m also loving the gentle tinkling noise it makes, so I’m rather tempted to get some other stitch markers with bells on…we shall see. I should probably be saving more of my money after buying a rather expensive bike recently!



WIP Wednesday, butterfly fairy

There are probably going to be quite a few posts about this butterfly fairy, which I don’t really mind since it’s so gorgeous!!!!!

I’m working this one sideways, so this is the top right corner technically (and boy is that fun!)

I can’t decide whether I’m more annoyed at all the confetti, or all the metallics. Technically Im supposed to be using two strands of #4 braid…I don’t think so. Instead, I’m using blending filament. Much better! Remind me at some point (when I have more time!), to talk about different metallics, Fascinating subject!

Anyway, I must dash. Hopefully there’ll be more of this next week, if I can get back to working on it, my space for this has gone somewhat (we stopped eating in the conservatory, but we’re back in there now…)

Frederick, so far

I’ve had a bit of an up and down relationship with this particular cross stitch piece. I bought the kit off Amazon about a year ago, in September. This wasn’t really the best plan of mine I’ve ever had, since what with starting Uni again and everything that entails, I wasn’t able to work on it all that much.

However, at the start of the summer holidays, I decided to get him out again and see if I could finish him. So he got some loving care and attention until I realised that, what with graduation and then York University coming up, I should probably get a move on with graduation presents (now all finished!) and Christmas bits (still in progress but coming along nicely). So he get put down again.

Now I’ve popped back down to Plymouth for a few weeks to visit friends and what not, I decided to bring Frederick, rather than the Christmas bits. Which of course meant that I needed to take a photo of what he looks like currently. Which I think isn’t too shabby, all in all 🙂

fredThere are a few more books to do next to his head, and then up to the same spot on the bottom. I also still have to do all the backstitch (mutter mutter…), and there’s a shelf above Fred which still needs doing too. But all in all, I think he’s jolly lovely 🙂

And just so you all have another picture, here’s another Christmas card decoration thingy I finished recently

Another beady lovely :)

Another beady lovely 🙂

I’m not quite sure I’m so fond of this one, I think the bugle beads (the long ones) need better placement planning, but all in all it’s a nice little sparkly thing I can give someone for Christmas 🙂

Whew, that went quick

Okay, so it turns out I could finish all the stitching (including the backstitch!) yesterday. This photo just shows what a difference backstitch makes, however much we may complain about it

There's such a difference between the bottom flowers and the top

There’s such a difference between the bottom flowers and the top

I was actually rather surprised that I finished it all, especially that backstitch. I suppose the desire to get it finished so I could spend some time on Spirit and the fact that it was the last one meant that I didn’t faff about or get as sidetracked this time.

All sttched up

All stitched up

And then, I was even more organized last night and started finish finishing them! I didn’t have enough card cut up to actually finish them, and by the time I’d stuck 4 of them down, I was tired and cross, so I decided to stop rather than carry on and potentially make a big mistake rather than just the little ones which were pretty much fixable 😛 Here’s a photo of what I’ve done so far

In the process of being finish finished

In the process of being finish finished

Yeah, you know that old saying; measure twice, cut once? Use it :P. Don’t just assume that they’re the same size just because they’re a similar style :P. All well, I think they look ok, and I’m sure they’ll be appreciated, which I suppose is the important thing.

Well, I’m off to go and finish these, and then spend some quality time with Spirit, which I’ve been neglecting lately. And maybe get some more needles, I’ve gone through all mine. Well, other than the tiny ones used in Spirit, but they don’t really count!


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